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Padded Ponies

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125px These lusers make up a herd of unmilked lolcows, all of whom should have been trolled a long time ago.

You can help by starting a Flame War at their own expense.
even the bronies don't like them.

Padded Ponies are a creation shat out by the Diaperfur community, as even faggots like them can't bear to be around the overwhelming faggotry of the Bronies who happen to share their common fetish. Padded Ponies practice a combination of ponyfaggotry and diaperfaggotry, as they obsess over a show for underage girls, while emulating the behaviors of the show's target audience. Padded ponies also often take their mental illness one step further, and actually believe that they are baby horses. These special snowflakes like to call themselves Adult Foals, as if you needed another reason to hate sharing a planet with these people. Like any sect of Satan worship, padded ponies and adult foals have inevitably spawned a plethora of fanfics, shitty art, and literal shit for you to peruse.

What is this Faggotry?

Welcome to the deepest level of internet Hell. Essentially walking combined memes, padded ponies are diaperfurs who have taken their sexual deviancy one step further by superimposing their fetish on characters from a show for little girls. Their "art" is of the typical MS Paint variety, with the occasional fanfic to mix things up. They are also commonly self-diagnosed with every mental illness on earth, ranging from ADHD to Schizophrenia. All of these diseases occur as a result of their diaper-wearing antics. Occupying the lowest cesspools of the Internet, it is only natural that padded ponies constantly argue with their fellow furfags, and rage at anyone who calls them out as the sick fucks that they are.

Notable Padded Ponies

Shire Green

Owner of the Padded Ponies Failbook page and a frequenter on the FurAffinity forums. Also smokes weed, has self-diagnosed schizophrenia, and thinks he is a girl. How much weed he had to smoke to convince himself that he was a girl, we may never know. Fb-favicon.png Or you could ask him.


Runs a shitty blog on tumblr, where the padded ponies can answer questions about their special condition and convert others to their heresy. 90% of the posts here are shitty fan-art drawn by the basement dwellers for their idol.


Admin of several FimFiction groups, such as "My Little Fetish" and "Padded Ponies & Adult Foals". Was kind enough to post some delicious dox on their user page. The high priest of the heretics, spreading their vile hexes and runes on all forms of pony-friendly social media.


Padded pony "artist", who often goes one step further in their faggotry by anthropomorphizing their diaper-clad monstrocities. In other words, a haven of fapping material for furfags of all shapes and sizes. Seems to act as an ambassador, spreading peace and understanding between padded ponies and their furry counterparts through their common love of art.

Deviantart-favicon.png hourglass-sands


A walking sack of shit, both literal and figurative.
Moar info: Sonmanic.


Whatever happened to accepting each others ideals in this fandom? I mean, I know that most say love and tolerance is dead, but this idiot could at least let it be and say he doesn't agree with it and let that be that.


—Typical padded pony reaction to other bronies calling them sick fucks.

Padded Ponies IRL About missing Pics
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How to Troll Padded Ponies:

  • Call them out as the sick fucks that they are.
  • Flag their art on other furry websites.
  • Show them some real scat, then spam their Deviantart pages with it.
  • Start arguments between padded ponies and bronies/diaperfurs
  • Be someone other than a padded pony.


Better Get Some Eye Bleach About missing Pics
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Anthro Padded Ponies About missing Pics
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