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    PROJECT CHANOLOGY/LEAKED DOX is part of a series on

    Project Chanology

    Visit the Anonymous Portal for complete coverage.

    // Church of Scientology

    Top Secret Documents


    New COMPLETE Basics and Congresses

    1 small-unopened boxes.png

    WhyWeProtest | Torrent | RapidShit (below)

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    ACHTUNG, Due to Angry Bankers Ragefucking Wikileaks and Scilons Ragefucking the internet, most of the links in the bottom section are broken.
    Scilons in Mah Interweb? Its More Likely than You Think.

    (now that the moralfags are bored with protesting Scilontology, some of the more embarrassing stuff is dissappearing down the memory hole.)

    Source of Life Energy (Basics Lecture) (incl. 2 FIX FILES)

    Thought Emotion and Effort (Basics Lecture) (FIXED)

    Part 1 - The Logics and Axioms

    Part 2 - No Title

    Phoenix Lectures (Basics Lecture)

    Clearing Congress

    What a Scientology Invoice looks like ... holy shit pricey bullshit is pricey

    David miscavige.jpg

    This article is part of a series of articles on Scientology and as such, may expose you to confidential materials on subjects such as R-6, Incident 1, Xenu and Body Thetans. If you do not feel like losing your position on the bridge to total freedom, we advise you turn back now. Additionally did you know that all Scientology courses are freely available on the internet WITHOUT being regged??

    Major Dox

    Scientology pricing, 2007 Page Gone.
    Command Channels of Scientology Page Gone.
    ACHTUNG, Due to Angry Bankers Ragefucking Wikileaks and Scilons Ragefucking the internet, most of these links are broken.
    Scilons in Mah Interweb? Its More Likely than You Think.



    A very hush hush lecture/tape that was sold in the 70-80's for a bit with the OT lectures. 100% Pure insanity all the way. This puppy is Rare indeed. Earth as a dumping ground for aliens, taking over political leaders bodies, invader forces, space installations etc.

    The Class VIII Auditor Course Lectures(Xenu Lecture)(Confidential)

    some of these early leaks on file-sharing sites may be dead, WikiLeaks will be posted when they are Published.

    The holy grail OT III lecture
    Enjoy getting shot into lrh's space opera ladies and gents...
    Supreme ruulaah xemu, dc-8's, Christianity was an implant, there was no Christ, obscene dog shitting a thetan out incident, body thetans, it goes on and on.....
    The xemu fun really begins at about 46:00min

    The Time Track of Theta(More On The History of Man Lectures)('88 Tape)

    MORE leaked lectures, these are more history of the universe type shit....

    Wikileaks : Scientology cult Hubbard Class VIII Assists Xenu lecture recording 1968

    "Classified" Scientology cult recording of founder L. Ron Hubbard from Oct 3, 1968, "Assists" course VIII.

    The recording, in Hubbard's own distinctive voice, expounds Scientology's dissembling alien creation myth, whereby the earth is created by the evil "Galactic overload" "Xenu" (or "Xemu") and people are parasitized by alien spirits called "body thetans". Scientology reportedly exposes the alien basis to its beliefs to only 10% of its followers.

    Contrary to Scientology statements about the compatibility between Scientology and Christianity, Hubbard maintains that, "There was no Christ" and that the stories of Christ are alien mind implants.

    Scientology cult Can we ever be Friends recording

    given to members of Scientology as to explain their need to disconnect from friends and family if they do not agree with Scientology, or their friends&family being a member of the cult.

    Scientology Goals Problems Mass recording


    *Scientology cult Hubbard Class VIII Xenu transcripts 1968

    * Scientology PIP lecture recordings 1954

    It is the printed intensive picture lectures, which discuss additional processing techniques for Scientology auditors. Tape fourteen includes a discussion by Hubbard outlining how brainwashing works and how easy it is.

    New Dox

    New Dox

    * Scientology cult security checklist

    * cult waivers Policy Directive Attacks on Scientology 2000 and 1966

    Scientology Policy Directive, 22 August, 2000, Issue 1, Enrollment Form Lines in Your Org, requotes HCO Policy Letter of 18 February 1966, Attacks on Scientology.

    * Scientology cult Case Supervisor Class VIII secrets (1969)

    * Scientology cult confidential files legal agreement and four others

    The PDF file holds scans of five original documents, presenting legal agreements between CoS and anyone getting involved with work for the church. The documents focus mainly on two aspects: the first one freeing CoS from any responsibility of basically whatever that person runs into in life, the second being a formal acknowledgment of the person signing such a contract, to the standards and doctrine of CoS. Each document starts of with a formal agreement that "Scientology is a religion. the Church is a church of the Scientology religion.".

    * Scientology cult Hubbard Communications Office Bulletins (1950-1984)

    * Scientology cult OEC sales patter

    The ZIP file contains two images, presenting scans of a CoS-internal document. The document serves as a sales-guideline for the OEC Vol. 0. The document relates to the "Material Sales Manual" and provides additional tactics for a CoS representative to successfully sell the OEC Vol. 0, even to people that already possess an older revision of the document. Starting off with a tale on taming a lion, the pattern advertised in this pamphlet is highly manipulative, promising the eventual buyer "guaranteed success in any activity!"

    Some Linx from Operation Clambake

    Ruth Lorenzen

    • Ruth Lorenzen, former maintainer of the above iTheta mailing list. She's left the cult and is talking.====
    * This is what a Knowledge Report looks like. Here's another. And another.
    * How about an Ethics Summons? How about an Ethics Hearing Notification?

    Some Moar Leaks

    • only available to Scientologists

    Anyone who wishes to attend or participate in one of Scientology's religious services MUST sign this document before they can do so.

    Introspection Rundown

    The Introspection Rundown is a controversial Scientology procedure that is intended to handle a psychotic break or complete mental breakdown. The first step of the IR is to "isolate the person wholly with all attendants completely muzzled (no speech)." Auditing (psychological interrogation) sessions are given frequently, otherwise the person is not spoken to.

    IR has been implicated in a number of cases, including the wrongful death of Lisa McPherson and the January 2008 kidnapping of Martine Boublil.

    Lisa McPherson (February 10, 1959 – December 5, 1995) was a member of Scientology from 18 until her death at 35 under the care of Scientology's Flag Service Organization shortly after isolation on the Introspection Rundown.

    Frank Oliver of the OSA


    208 scanned pages relating to the Church of Scientology's former "Office of Special Affairs" employee and subsequent apostate Frank Oliver. The documents are dated between 1986 and 1992 (inclusive), when, according to the file, Frank Oliver was declared a "suppressive person" and ex-communicated. Fank Oliver should be able to verify the material and has appeared in the media before on subjects relating to the church. Starting on page 107, the document shows that at the time of writing the Church of Scientology was actively engaged in black propaganda (especially concerning psychiatry), "fair game" and infiltration.


    662-page PDF File
    1. Available as part of bittorrent compilations of Scientology documents that have been floating around but not available on the web or to the public.
    2. Explains almost all of Scientology's internal jargon, which pertains to information in many other Scientology documents on WikiLeaks.
    3. Likely audience: activists, journalists, etc.
    4. Former high-ranking church officials (such as Tory Christman, Jesse Prince, Arnie Lerma, etc) can attest to the document's veracity.
    5. As with most such documents, it was initially leaked by former church officials with the intention of exposing the internal workings of this very secretive cult. Scientology's internal documents have reached a saturation point with the recent groundswell of church criticism.
    6. Document should be published ASAP in accordance with WikiLeak's mandate to publish more Scientology documents following the cult's recent legal threats.

    297-page PDF File (Description as above)

    pdf Linx Broken

    1. Uniform The RPF members wear BLACK boilersuit, or ethnically acceptable cleaning outfit in very dark blue.
    2. Has no Liberties.
    3. Is restricted to FH (Fort Harrison) at all times except when on authorized work cycles in other Flag buildings. Any travel between buildings is accompanied by a Security Guard. Additionally each week one RPF member as authorized by RPF MAA and Security Force MAA, amy make necessary purchases for RPF members (e.g. toothpaste, deodorant, etc.), accompanied on foot by a Security Guard at the convenience of the Security Guard.

    Background: Brainwashing in Scientology's Rehabilitation Project Force (RPF) (University of Alberta)

    • The False Purpose Rundown Auditor course.
    A kind of an extended "security check." Reveals that [according to Scientology] the true source of all crimes (and pretty much everything else that's wrong with the world) is in fact psychiatry.
    This document exposes the lengths that Scientology is willing to go to in their paranoid attempts to keep their followers in line, even the children of the church.
    579-page PDF File containing HCOBs that detail the cult's brainwashing procedures (Description as above)
    "The Organization Executive Course: An Encyclopedia of Scientology Policy"
    767-page PDF File containing all information on the internal organizational structure and operating procedures of all Scientology corporations and institutions (Description as above)

    This file consists of an archive of www.lrh-books/mailings. These files, until recently, were available to anyone who knew to browse to that particular URL (which would present an Apache directory listing of the contents). This zip file consists these web pages, which were used in HTML mailings to people who were on Church of Scientology mailing lists. These are mostly marketing emails, but contain some level of detail about CoS operations. Inside the zip file, there is a README that goes into this in more detail.
    #This is the first time this document has appeared in its entirety, although parts have appeared online before.
    #This document exposes the lengths that Scientology is willing to go to in their paranoid attempts to keep their followers in line by getting them to admit to any past wrongdoings.
    #Anyone who is interested in the Church Of Scientology, and with the recent protests of the church worldwide interest about the church has grown exponentially.
    #Former high-ranking officials in the church (Tory Christman, Jesse Prince, Arnie Lerma) can verify.
    #To provide the public with a look at how the church treats their members.

    Summary here

    #This file has never been publicly released, since it contains information the Church of Scientology considers secret.
    #This file is important since it contains essential texts of the Scientology religion, which should be free from the grip of the "orthodox" Church of Scientology.
    #The likely audience is either Free Zone scientologists or any member of the general public who is interested in the subject.
    #Verification should be done via the Religious Technology Center

    #This file has never been publicly released, since it contains information the Church of Scientology considers secret.
    #This file is important since it contains essential texts of the Scientology religion, which should be free from the grip of the "orthodox" Church of Scientology.
    #The likely audience is either Free Zone scientologists or any member of the general public who is interested in the subject.
    #Verification should be done via the Religious Technology Center

    #This is the first time this document has appeared in its entirety, although parts have appeared online before.
    #This document exposes the lengths that Scientology is willing to go to in their paranoid attempts to keep their followers in line, even the children of the church.
    #Former high-ranking officials in the church (Tory Christman, Jesse Prince, Arnie Lerma) can verify.
    #Provides the public with a look at how the church treats their members.

    This document is a return made pursuant to English companies law by the Church of Scientology Religious Education College Inc. It is important because it shows that (1) the Church of Scientology in the UK claims to not be liable for corporation tax (2) the Church of Scientology in the UK is exempt from requirements to file audited accounts. It also shows the income of the group.

    Summary Here after Wikileaks analysis.

    CCHR Email Leaks

    Dr. Dave's Docdrop

    Dr. Dave Touretzky has webbed a number of other Co$ contracts and documents:

    • Agreement and General Release Regarding Spiritual Assistance
    • Religious Services Enrollment Application, Agreement and General Release
    • Agreement Regarding Confidential Religious Files
    • Attestation Regarding the Scientology Religious Film called "Orientation"
    • Application, Declaration and General Release Declaration of Religious Commitment and Application for Membership in a Scientology Religious Order and for Active Participation on Church Staff
    • Enrollment & Disclaimer Form (with Waiver) for Field Preclears/Student
    • IHELP License Agreement for "Marks". Includes "Contracts respecting certain religious documents", "Trademarks and service marks", "Enrollment & Disclaimer Form (with Waiver) for Field Preclears/Student".

    These can be downloaded here

    Also from Dave Touretzky

    Six pages of boilerplate that says "whatever happens to you, it's entirely your own fault, not Scientology's fault, so don't even think about suing us."
    This document contains what some call "The Lisa McPherson Clause": the signer agrees to involuntary imprisonment, and isolation from friends, family, and medical care, at the discretion of their Scientology case supervisor.

    Confidentiality of the Advanced Technology

    Scientology really doesn't want anyone talking about Xenu the space alien or what goes on in NOTs auditing after they leave the cult. So they're making people sign this confidentiality agreement to gag them for all time. Notice that there is a $100,000 penalty for disclosing this "proprietary" information!

    Page 1 - Page 2 - Page 3 - Page 4 - text version

    • Orientation Film Contract
    Scientology now apparently requires a signed release form even to view the promotional film Orientation. What are they afraid of? Answer: the next Lisa McPherson. The most significant factor I can find on this form is the agreement that all churches of Scientology are independent of each other and individually responsible for their actions. This is what will allow Scientology to gut a local church of resources if it gets sued (as they did with the Church of Scientology of California after Wollersheim sued them), and preclude the plaintiff from filing suit against any other tentacles of the Scientology octopus. Of course, at the time they sign a release to see Orientation, the average person would know nothing about the intricate corporate organization of Scientology or the legal implications of what they are agreeing to. Similarly for the attestation that the "application of Scientology's Ethics and Justice technology" is exclusively religious in nature, which I suppose is a nice way of saying "arbitrary, capricious, and beyond the reach of either logic or the courts."

    Orientation Contract text version

    CoS IRS documents + Bank Statements


    • 1990-KB-accounts.pdf
    • Accounts-scn-to-irs-all-transfers-but-bank-costs.pdf
    • Accounts-scn-to-irs-commercial-transfers-but-bank-costs.pdf
    • accounts-scn-to-IRS-payments-within-reserves-123to135.pdf
    • Accounts scn to irs.pdf
    • accounts-scn-to-irs-same-entity-transfers-81to122.pdf
    • advanced-technology-assignment-agreement-lrh.pdf
    • advanced-technology-covenant-estate-rtc-1988.pdf
    • csi-rtc-1023-supplemental-submission-image.pdf
    • csi-rtc-1023-supplemental-submission-text.pdf
    • csi-to-irs-1023.pdf
    • csi-to-irs-all-missions-have-same-status-q1-b.pdf
    • csi-to-irs-analysis-of-financial-money-flows.pdf
    • csi-to-irs-answers-to-first-questions-1991.pdf
    • csi-to-irs-applied-scholastics-form-8718-and-pieces-1993.pdf
    • csi-to-irs-ASI-and-new-era-q1-d.pdf
    • csi-to-irs-associations-expenses-percents-q-4h.pdf
    • csi-to-irs-bridge-bpi-nep-q2.pdf
    • csi-to-irs-csi-form-8718-and-pieces-letter-yingling-etc-1993.pdf
    • csi-to-irs-form-1024-able-09-1993.pdf
    • csi-to-irs-ias-revenues-q9.pdf
    • csi-to-irs-ign-form-8718-1993.pdf
    • csi-to-irs-lists-and-status-of-scientology-associations-1992.pdf
    • csi-to-irs-payments-csi-csrt-q4-d.pdf
    • csi-to-irs-question-3-b-embezzlement-1993.pdf
    • csi-to-irs-question-3-f-most-important-csi-providers-1993.pdf
    • csi-to-irs-question-4-a-1993.pdf
    • csi-to-irs-question-4-c-1993.pdf
    • csi-to-irs-question-6-1-extent-of-central-reserves-1993.pdf
    • csi-to-irs-question-6-3-a1-central-reserves-committee.pdf
    • csi-to-irs-question-6-3-a-central-reserves-committee.pdf
    • csi-to-irs-questions-4e-and-4f-1993.pdf
    • csi-to-irs-relationships-ias-to-other-scientology-entities-q-9a.pdf
    • csi-to-irs-relationships-ias-to-other-scientology-entities-q-9.pdf
    • csi-to-irs-reserves-use-q6-3b.pdf
    • csi-to-irs-salaries-of-some-scientology-heads-1993.pdf
    • csi-to-irs-scientology-commercial-orgs-q1-c.pdf
    • csi-to-irs-sdp-transcorp-mcl-q1-j.pdf
    • csi-to-irs-smi-form-8718-and-pieces-1993.pdf
    • csi-to-irs-sor-q1-d3.pdf
    • csi-to-irs-trials-lost-by-scientology-viewed-by-cult-managers-q10c-and-d.pdf
    • csi-to-irs-trials-lost-by-scientology-viewed-by-cult-managers-q10.pdf
    • csi-to-irs-twth-donations-by-donor-1993.pdf
    • csi-to-irs-use-of-reserves-q5.pdf
    • rtc-to-irs-cos-ecclesiastical-structure.pdf
    • rtc-to-irs-description-of-some-scientology-properties-1988.pdf
    • rtc-to-irs-form-1023-08-1993.pdf
    • rtc-to-irs-form-1023-and-long-declaration-re-scientology-entities.pdf
    • rtc-to-irs-form-990-1983.pdf
    • rtc-to-irs-form-990-1984.pdf
    • rtc-to-irs-form-990-1985.pdf
    • rtc-to-irs-form-990-able-1998.pdf
    • rtc-to-irs-form-990-cchr-1997.pdf
    • rtc-to-irs-form-990-cchr-clearwater-1997.pdf
    • rtc-to-irs-form-990-cchr-clearwater-1998.pdf
    • rtc-to-irs-form-990-foundation-for-religious-tolerance-1998.pdf
    • rtc-to-irs-form-990-narconon-everett-1999.pdf
    • rtc-to-irs-from-990-cst-1986.pdf
    • rtc-to-irs-fsso-form-1023-08-1993.pdf
    • rtc-to-irs-fst-form-1023-1993.pdf
    • rtc-to-irs-hca-form-1023-08-1993.pdf
    • rtc-to-irs-hdf-form-1023-08-1998.pdf
    • rtc-to-irs-ign-form-1023-08-1998.pdf
    • rtc-to-irs-ihelp-form-1023-08-1993.pdf
    • rtc-to-irs-ihelp-payments-to-cofs-1993.pdf
    • rtc-to-irs-narconon-everett-form-990-1998.pdf
    • rtc-to-irs-narconon-form-990-1997.pdf
    • rtc-to-irs-ranks-of-officers-directors-and-trustees-1993.pdf
    • rtc-to-irs-response-to-first-series-of-questions-04-1991.pdf
    • rtc-to-irs-sirt-form-1023-08-1993.pdf
    • rtc-to-irs-twth-foundation-form-990-1997.pdf
    • rtc-to-irs-twth-foundation-from-1023-08-1993.pdf
    • san-donato-corp-charter-agreement.pdf
    • scientology-denmark-redegorelse-om.pdf
    • scientology-flag-ship-org-re-incorporation-netherland-antilles-1989.pdf
    • scientology-fsms-profits-q3a-c-i.pdf
    • scientology-managers-salaries-q3a-c-iii.pdf
    • scn-central-reserves-declarations-to-irs-question-6-2-a.pdf
    • scn-san-diego-irs-letter-for-exemption-08-1980.pdf
    • scn-to-irs-1023-freewinds.pdf
    • scn-to-irs-1023-partIV.pdf
    • smi-articles-of-incorporation-07-1982.pdf
    • smi-bylaws-with-sectarian-word.pdf
    • smi-mission-invoice-greece-1994.pdf
    • smi-statement-of-corporation-11-2000.pdf
    • statement-of-incorporation-narconon-int.pdf
    • swiss-scientology-creditreform.pdf
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