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    The natural flow of technology tends to move in the direction of making surveillance easier, and the ability of computers to track us doubles every eighteen months.


    Phil Zimmermann

    PGP also known as Pretty Good Privacy is an encryption tool used to hide your files and emails from the Partyvan. It was created in 1991 by some random Hippie named Phil Zimmermann who wanted to have lulz at the NSA's expense.

    Due to the lulz he was having at hiding his CP, the Partyvan decided to pay good ol' Phil a visit and investigate him for exporting munitions without a license as key generating encryption programs that create keys longer than 40-bits are classified as munitions for some strange reason. Perhaps someone can throw a PGP key at you and you'll die.

    Basically, PGP allows you to create what's known as a Key Pair, a Public Key which gets posted on a Key Server and you email to all of your non-existant friends, and a Secret Key which remains on your device and is protected by a passcode other that Password123 or something really lame like that. In order to read your encrypted emails, the a user needs your Public Key, so be smart and post it to a keyserver or include it as a signature attachment.

    Your Public Key is also used to digitally sign your emails so no one can DISREGARD THAT I SUCK COCKS you. So basically the Public Key verifies that you, the shmuck and loser that you are, sent the email, therefore it's legit.

    If your Secret Key gets compromised because you, like a moron, wrote it down and taped it underneath your keyboard, you can revoke the key and a revocation certificate and create a new one. It's not Rocket Science but of course anything that doesn't involve fapping, torrents, or stalking is obviously too difficult for you.


    How to use a Keyserver with OpenPGP - Demo
    BlackHat USA 2003 - Keynote Pretty Good Privacy

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