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    A PFFA moderator inspects the noobs.

    Poetry Free-For-All is a forum for sadists who wish to explore the erotic potential of verbal poet abuse. Using "You're not as good as you think you are" as their motto, the moderators have been responsible for the deaths of over ten thousand teen poets by responding to their lyrical suicide notes with merciless editorial criticism. If a poet fails to spread his butt cheeks with sufficient speed and humility in response, he is ball-gagged and whipped while his post is moved to the Interpersonal Friction Area for further mockery and drama.


    • "The whole idea of 'poetic license' is generally misused and abused by beginners simply to justify ignorance and laziness, as here."
    • "Your poem is badly written, grammatically unsound, needs proper proof-reading, and doesn't make sense (except maybe to you)."
    • "Standard-issue beginner's self-indulgent, self-immersed prose journal-entry writing loaded with ungrounded and therefore meaningless abstractions and 31 first-person singular pronouns which makes clear that the real subject is you, a subject frankly devoid of interest."
    • "This isn't poetry; it's a standard-issue beginner's journal entry expressed in tired, boring, and unimaginative language virtually devoid of anything concrete, supposedly profound meditations but actually trite and superficial thoughts of the most obvious and generic kind. The 19 first-person singular pronouns only serve to make clear the focus is entirely on the writer and to rub the reader's nose in the writer's ego. Doubtless, all this is of intense interest to you, but you fail to make it either important or interesting for anyone else...This is..."self expression" at its worst and shows us nothing other than the writer totally self-absorbed in himself/herself, staring with rapt fascination into the complex lint-laden intricacies of his/her own navel as if it were the only subject of interest in the world -- and to the writer, it doubtless is. Not so, alas, to to anyone else, since there's absolutely no reason to care anything about the writer or the writer's navel fuzz. This is writer-centered writing, in which the writer's only concern is himself/herself."

    The Criticized

    • "You people suck. You lifeless bunch of maloderous imbeciles. Your criticism isn't meant to help people it's meant to degrade and put them down. Screw encouragement, let's make them feel like their writing is crap. Marvelous! -Dan- P.S. This message will self-destruct in five... Four... Three......
    • "i will not be posting anything else here-it stinks big time."
    • "I wasnt aware of the fact that poetry had rules. I know your just doing me a favor by telling me I should use proper spelling and puntuation, but theres also something called poetic liscense that lets poets change words and puctuation and even spelling at their will."
    • "Im sorry but this isn't a lazy presentation... I spell my words how i want to. If yoo dont like it, Dont read it. Dont bother to view any more of my poems. =) thank yoo."

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