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P.A. Palace is, IRL a store serving the needs of the gogo community in Washington, DC and black person, Maryland. This would be boring and unremarkable except for the fact that their message boards contain epic amounts of lulz and drama due to their high amount of e-thugs and internet tough guys leaving all caps and altcaps rants like WHO IZ DA DEEPEST HOOD IN DC????. It is incredibly likely that most of the posters are 13-year-old boys who have nothing to do all day but talk trash on the internet and huff jenkem.


The Roll Call section of the community forum is frequently the biggest source of lulz. The posts on the Roll Call forum usually follow a similar pattern:

1. Prima: My crew is superior to all others.

2. Secunda: Prima's crew is a bunch of pussy ass niggas. In fact, my crew is the one that is superior.

3. Tertia: The previous posters are incorrect, for I have the superior crew etc.

4. ????


Of course, all of these posts demonstrate that everyone on P.A. Palace knows that Caps Lock is Cruise Control for Cool. But the truly remarkable thing about P.A. Palace is that unlike most other sites on the internets, the majority of the people who post on P.A. Palace are trolls, albeit IRL Trolls who actually go out and commit crimes. The other possibility is that the most of the posters are actually white 13-year-old boys fapping about their OL toughness. In fact, the irony is that many of the posters to P.A. Palace openly acknowledge the fact that many users are probably only internet tough guys who would be too scared to back it up IRL.

The posts usually then delve into threats of violence or death before some faggot steps in with pleas to remember their dead nigra best friend who went down in a blaze of gunfire last Thursday.

Very few posts are actually about gogo music.

Trolling P.A. Palace

Trolling P.A. Palace is still unknown, since whitey is frequently too scared to visit the website. However, a number of theories exist:

'The 4chan' Calling out the users on being mere internet tough guys and calling them pussy faggots who have never even killed anyone, and that their gangs are composed of entirely of white kids who take it in the ass would effectively troll P.A. Palace. However, it is more likely that since most of the discourse that occurs on P.A. Palace is forum users trolling each other, any actual concerted trolling effort on the message board would just be like pissing in an ocean full of piss.

'The racist' Fifty Hitler posts and postings of the DAMN NIGGA image, as well as pictures of chikins and Verbose Threads would likely produce a great deal of drama and lulz.

People who post on P.A. Palace

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