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    Candid shot of Owlsamantha in her Night Elf cosplay outfit.
    Mommy? I'm hungry

    File:Lj-favicon.png Owlsamantha (LOL, BALEETED) asks what she thinks is a seemingly innocent question in this wow_ladies post. The question she asks is how can she make meals faster/earlier/more efficiently so she can feed her kids early enough and still make her 5pm World of Warcraft raid.

    She says, "The problem? We have two small children who need to eat dinner and raids start at 5pm. Ack! How are we going to make dinner?!"

    Now a normal human being with children would think "ACK! How am I going to make the raid?!" but no, to her feeding her children dinner is an inconvenience and she needs tips on how to set it up so she has to do no actual work. She's already moved their dinner time back an hour and allowed them to just "snack whenever they're hungry" from then until bed (she also writes in her personal journal that her one child enjoys snacking on mustard) and "run around the computer room while we play". Folks, these children are not even old enough to read.

    Her husband is also a worthless sack of garbage, as he is raiding at the same time she is. She mentions that they are in the same guild and both *NEEDED* (Or thinking that they're *NEEDED* as not to give in to the fact they're both worthless basement dwellers, or perhaps not miss out on a "LEET +15 INTELLECT BELT") so they MUST play the same time while the kids run around and play. A bunch of strangers on the internet in an MMORPG need them more than their not even school aged children.

    Ethiopia or suburbia; all is same when Warcraft played.

    "Ack, who'd of thunk that the social problems of parenthood in America would follow me into Azeroth :o"

    You heard it here folks, feeding your children and spending time with them instead of playing World of Warcraft is now a social problem of American parenthood.

    World of Warcraft: 1

    Owlsamantha's kids: 0

    It is worth noting that Owlsamantha has now taken her ball and gone home in the form of deleting her LiveJournal. Maybe she'll take her ball and play with her kids...unless it's a Heavy Leather Ball

    This ED entry was edited with the following:

    It amazes me that morons are unable to see someone asking for assistance to make their hobby and their home life work together. Suggesting moving dinner time up a bit for small children is not unreasonable. Slandering some poor girl until she deletes her livejournal account I bet makes you feel much better about yourself, prick.

    (You can tell someone didn't read that rule about reading at least 100 entries before creating/ruining one)

    As you can clearly see, some people not only can't read (the OP was not really about pushing dinner time up, that was a side note of her "solution" to a 5pm raid - force the kids to eat early) but think it's completely okay to 100% call feeding your children a SOCIAL PROBLEM and they think it's okay to ignore them for an MMORPG. The woman asked for advice not on how to manage her children and hobbies but how to make sure cooking her children dinner didn't ruin her raids. Apparently she likes her guild too much to pick one where she could play when her children are in bed. Instead she lets them run around the computer room playing on their own (please keep in mind they are under age 6) and takes random breaks (only lasting a few minutes) to get them juice and hand them snacks. Basically, Pedobear makes a better parent.

    This is your brain. Ignoring your children and changing their schedules so you can play WoW with your boyfriend (and a bunch of randoms on the internet) is your brain on MMORPG addiction. Any questions?

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