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    Dreams can come true!
    Fish fingers, made simple.

    Ovamiat (also known by his 7 other aliases) is a furry whose fursonas are a variety of large, female, sex-crazed dragons, all of whom are "Internet mistresses" who do not take "I'm 13" for an answer.

    Ovamiat says that he is, IRL, "A 7ft, Red Indian Female Body Builder with 74WWW cup breasts from the Fabulous City of Detroit." Of course, being a lie, this is easily rewritten as "a male 30-something D&D fanatic." She also has a "Sexual death toll" of 17,201,332

    Ovamiat on the Internet

    At least 100 years ago, a starry eyed furry took his first graceful steps onto the internet, with a smile on his face and a dream in his head. He had subnormal artistic talent and wasn't much for fetishism.

    He was then probably raped by Ova, or one of her other "sisters". Like the seven dwarfs, they are as follows:

    • Tiamat (Bashful)
    • Raimiat (Doc)
    • Vyrriamiat (Dopey)
    • Ovamiat (Grumpy)
    • Skylamiat (Happy) - Which is ironic, because you won't be fucking happy when she's about.
    • Valvamiat (Sleepy)
    • Ciaminiat (Sneezy)

    All of them are ready to mindfuck you. Your web hymen will be popped.

    Ovamiat's Arch Nemeses

    Everyone here: [1] (and thus, they fucking rock), anyone who dare defy his opinions and, of course, The Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan.

    Where he hangs about (For the lulz)

    The Lingr Rooms, a place where many internet predators Pop their clogs from time to time.

    His sex dungeon (password is "egglayer"), The Amaz0ns chat room or, his personal favorite, The FMMF chat room

    Remember, everyone in these rooms needs to know that it's a trap.

    Famous Ovamiat quotes

    • "You wanna yiff me?"
    • "*fingers herself, wanting Tomb more than ever*"
    • "her slit is almost 40 feet wide now"
    • raaarawargrrrhaawaraahrr
    • Having a incestuous lesbian orgy in front of the comp IRL ATM
    • -pulls a 25,000 lb. weight out of her snatch-
    • Cyrus ha. ok. Ha so what goes around here?
    Ovamiat Sex and muscles
    Cyrus ha but it says no sex
    Ovamiat Sex makes the world go 'round
    Cyrus ha it some circles... This place seeems boring
    Ovamiat *sucks him off*
    Cyrus -blankss- -bops Ova-
    Ovamiat *gives him deep throat*
    Cyrus -bopshumpsbophumps-
    Ovamiat ~You like that, don't you?~
    Cyrus I donno

    Scientific Diagram of Ovamiat


    Picture supplied by Professor John Docmoss of the University of Cardiff.

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