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    Ouran High School Host Club

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    Kind of says it all. There is no Ouran, only Zuul.
    They think that they're doing it just to attract girls, but they have ulterior motives
    The authoress is the one with the pink bow
    This would explain pretty much everything.

    Ouran High School Host Club is one of the more recent fandoms to be created in Japan and 16-year-old girls around the world immediately latched on like a 13-year-old boy to Beastie Boys. Of course, it's one of the most popular animes on YouTube.

    Main Premise

    A bunch of rich teenage gay boys (they're all gay by the fangirls' standards) attracted to some random poor Mary Sue dressed as a gay to scam fangirls (who deserve it as you will see). Clearly, this show has the same effect as reading Wikipedia.

    The Most Important Characters Evar (apparently)

    The Hitachiin twins, Hikaru and Kaoru. They are the center of attention of 11 out of 10 fangirls.

    Srsly, go check the forum members page on For Richer or Poorer. You'll see at least 100 variations of Hikaru and Kaoru in their names.

    These twins are gay for each other and make moves on each other at every opportunity and has had hawt bishie buttsecks too many times in too many fanfics.

    In the series nobody can tell them apart except Haruhi, thus leaving the regular otaku butthurt.

    Also they dye their hair pink and blue for retarded reasons no one wants to know or even care about.

    Other Characters No One Cares About

    • Haruhi: Just like Rukia Kuchiki, Haruhi gets mistaken for a boy for some reason. It could be because she has no boobs and enjoys putting her strap-on in the ass of the rest of the Host Club members. But since the Host Club is one big sausage fest anyway, she fits in quite well with the other flaming fruitcakes.
    • Tamaki: The very definition of fag. Flowers and sunshine shoot out his ass everywhere he goes, and tries unsuccessfully to hide his gayness with a "crush" on Haruhi, which he then tries to hide by dubbing himself her father (in short, he has issues). Some French girl even tries to fuck him in the anime, but Tamaki cried like a little bitch and went to Haruhi for moar buttsex. Rates an 11 on a gay scale from 1 through 10 for starting the attention-whoring club to begin with.
    • Hunny: A plushie shota who pretty much exists for the sick fucks who get off on shotacon. Although, it's techinically not since he's the oldest member of the group, which is just a shitty excuse for the handsey old men.
    • Mori: Hunny's uke cousin, despite being at least three feet taller. As Hunny's dick is always in his mouth, it makes it pretty difficult for him to say very much, and thus gets a total of three lines of dialog in the anime.
    • Kyouya: A future e-lawyer in the making, he is Tamaki's longest butt buddy. He, too, tries to hide his gayness by trying to rape Haruhi, but doesn't. Pussy. He also gets slapped by his father! zOMG!

    The Authoress

    The authoress of this series is a desperate fangirl herself (apparently of her own animu) and hasn't had sex in at least 100 years.

    If you somehow get forced to watch it and make AMVs of it... (Aka: I've seen and lived the horror)

    Then most likely the bitch that dragged you into this will fuck you in the ass. Eventually you can post here about the trauma and rape it has done to your mind:

    My dick fell off


    —Mr. Feet

    WARNING! Show my cause negative epiphany, if not homicidal twins.


    —Stabby Joe

    Well, the sex in, during, and after watching it ALMOST made up for all teh gay I've suffered



    I can't believe I let her drag me into this... Now, I must repent by creating this to piss off her 16-year-old girl gang.



    Bah! You lie. I watched the entire show in a little over a week. It was great and Haruhi looks like my girlfriend... And I'm a guy, obviously not gay.



    Yeah, I know that wasn't really supposed be the kinda thing that goes here, but I just really like the show.


    —Same someone

    As anime goes, it's pretty tame. That still makes it completely fucked in the head (Think about it like this: The people that made this page? They watched it. Yeah, it's that damaging to your health)


    —Some newfag

    This show fucks with your mind. It puts shitloads of eye candy RIGHT in front of your face, and then mocks you for enjoying it. You try so hard not to be like one of the squealing dimwit customers in the show. It becomes your life mission. And should you fail this mission... you go off alone, wallowing in shame, and you masturbate cry. It's a slow, sad downward spiral. But I would like to thank this article for giving me a good kick in the hoo-ha and reminding me that I do, indeed, have a life. Excuse me while I go have sex with my boyfriend. No, he's not a Tamaki hug-pillow.


    —Salvaged Fangirl

    Allright, I am a guy. And I watched it, from start to end. Two times. One of my animu fangirl friends tied me to a chair and taped my eyes open. The gay.. well, it just penetrates your eyes and rapes your brain. I feel guilty for watching it. And I feel a lot more guilty for watching it again and actually enjoying it. FACT: I had to beat up some random guy in the street and watch snuff to reassert my manhood. And it worked. Well, almost



    The twins are not gay? A lie!


    —Mr Honeycomb

    PS: Why does this show has a reverse trap in it?


    —Also Mr Honeycomb

    Possibly one of the worst aspects of being a girl is that somewhere, somehow, you've managed to make an immature fuckwit friend who you know masturbates to this show on a nightly basis. In order to make themselves feel better, they will force you to watch this show for at least twenty minutes of your life in hopes that you too will commence epic 'twincest' masturbation. It is a fact that in this time, you could have instead taken mass amounts of sleeping pills to escape a cruel world where such utter faggotry is produced. The first line of this show's intro should really be changed to 'gay fap fap, cum buckets.


    —some faggot that didn't sign his contribution

    overall pretty good 4/5 stars




    Gender: Unknown
    Two of three of the Lobelia Acting Group
    1. Fangirls will more often than not pair up two of the club members not including Haruhi (pictured right).
    2. There are no fans of the Lobelia group because they're all lesbians. Some argue that the leader is not just a lesbian, but a trap.
    3. If nobody licenses this anime for the rest of the world, they are fucking stupid because they'll probably lose out on at least 100 units of every currency in the world.
    4. Then again, every 16-year-old girl and her friends already have every episode of the anime downloaded and have made at least 100 AMVs.
    5. The reason Haruhi is able to dress up as a guy so successfully is because azns all look the same, and all girls are flat-chested.
    6. Against the wishes of yaoi fangirls, every host club member falls in love with Haruhi. Except Honey and Mori, since they are occupied with buttsex.

    Last words

    Many fangirls hate Renge, the ultimate otaku, but they don't want to admit that they are the same.

    This anime is the stereotype of every fangirl's wet dreams.


    Lulz: 6

    Action: 42, considering the twins (see above)

    Gayness: At least 100, considering the twins (see above); but more than At least 100+42 when featuring those god awful lesbians. But definitely not anywhere near 9000.


    See Also

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