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    Why can't real life be anime!?
    Crimes against nature.
    Summoner Yuna demonstrates how many Otakukin see nothing wrong with cosplaying anywhere other than pathetic anime conventions.
    [03:11] <@tamara> otakukin are like the walmart of furries


    Otakukin are pretty much like otherkin but instead of believing that they're reincarnations of elves or dragons, they believe they're creatures from the movie Avatar or from asperchu comics. Otakukin are universally despised and shat upon by Otherkin who consider them to be delusional people who make otherkin look bad.

    Okay, but what's the difference between otherkin and otakukin? Otherkin, for instance, believe they're elves, but the specific style of elves found in modern fantasy elves, which all came from the version of elves that Tolkien made up for Lord of the Rings and his version is completely different from folklore and original mythology. Same with otherkin who claim to be European dragons, the modern pop culture image of European dragons is completely different from the image it had been previously. Also for thousands of years, faeries were basically demons that people feared and did human sacrifice to and people only called them "the fair folk" because if they called them by an accurate description they feared their wrath, but then in the Victorian era people went Twilight on the image of faeries. And of course all otherkin faeries are based on the Victorian distortion of the mythology.

    Okay, so again, in a nutshell, what's the diferent between otherkin and otakukin?

    Ten years.

    Yes, that's right.

    Basically otherkin claim to be reincarnations of 20th century fantasy fiction whereas otakukin claim to be reincarnations of 21st century fantasy fiction. That's the only difference.

    Wait, what?

    Otakukin is an internet fad and mental disease wherein the afflicted (most often obese, socially outcast basement-dwelling otakus) attempt to take control over their favorite anime and video game characters by claiming to be the direct, real world embodiments of said characters. While hated by otherkin, otakukin are more or less embraced by its cousins soulbonding and people pretending to have multiple personality disorder.

    The phrase "Otakukin" was originally coined by Kinjou Ten, and is derived from the Japanese pejorative "otaku", meaning to indulge in surreal and poorly drawn children's media until you become chemically sterile and unfit to sustain life under the constraints of your swiftly accumulating bodily girth. The suffix, "kin", is hijacked from the word "Otherkin", a term that refers to yet another Asperger's fad that affects to delude its members into believing they're something other than a clearly defined failure at life.

    However, despite Otakukin's close relationship to a subculture completely comprised of people that believe they're all reincarnated dragons, majestic white werewolves, elves, kitsune and other attractive icons completely of human origin, Otakukin is universally despised and shat upon by Otherkin, and is more or less embraced by its cousins soulbonding and people pretending to have multiple personality disorder.

    Similar to what L. Ron Hubbard said about Space Opera, many otakukin believe that there is no such thing as "fiction"; when some some shit is made up, its creator is merely tapping into an alternate universe where the 'fiction' is a reality, thereby justifying their claims of reincarnation. It also makes them feel better about being uncreative fucks, seeing as the implication of this is that all creative people are just inter-dimensional psychic plagiarists whether they know it or not.

    This also leads Otakukin to believe that sometimes writers or television show producers get the story wrong, namely when their character of choice dies and/or doesn't buttsecks everyone in sight, because they're the incarnation of the true soul of other peoples' characters so they would of course know best. Usually, otakukin choose Axel from Kingdom Hearts, two more characters from all 150 Final Fantasy games, alternate reality fanfiction sex stories based on Star Trek, and anime almost too stupid even for /b/.

    LiveJournal Communities


    Originally created by nina_anilina (also known as johbeckemi and akemileena) in an attempt to disassemble her malformed personality and be reborn into the regal form of a soul-mangling female android. Whether operating under the assumption that inserting enough banal anime-derived platitudes into her Schizophrenic transformation philosophy would cause her her flabby, penis-addled body to magically follow suit, or simply believing that she would be considered less insane if other idiots bought into her overly generous method of self-obnubilation, she soon realized that she could never escape the reality of her 98% genetic similarity to a bag of Cheetos, and forsook the community, placing it into the hands of the equally as batshit coeur_de_rien.

    Even in her oblique insanity, nina_anilina later decried her involvement with the Otakukin subculture, acknowledging her decaying empire of lunacy as little more than a group of roleplayers who had gone over the edge. In spite of this, the community continued to engorge itself under coeur_de_rien's slovenly hand, she herself being the reincarnation of dozens of Inuyasha characters, a wolf, a psychopathic child-raping murderous wizard, and Sephiroth.

    However, due to From_fiction's virginally close-knit structure, few overt lulz occurred here. It existed for the most part as a shallow haven for mentally disjunctive fangirls to expand on their autistic daydreams of being launched through their own psyche in a trans-dimensional crystal phallus.

    NotSoFictional (Baleeted!)

    File:Lolworthy tomeitwas.JPG
    ...because spending five minutes of your day poking fun at someone is SO much more pathetic than living your entire life thinking you're a cartoon character.

    In the beginning, NotSoFictional was a glorious Eden for Otakukin hidden in the dark depths of LiveJournal. It was a promised land, untouched by the hands of trolls. Unafraid of the scornful mirth of the unenlightened, the Otakukin gleefully went about their Otakukin business, such as bragging about how many souls of Bleach characters occupy their bodies, or fantasizing about having magic animu powers. It was a bit more active than From_Fiction, but the members still lived in perpetual paranoia.

    One day, hoyvinglaven64, a prepubescent hermaphroditic Jew with Asperger's Syndrome that believes he is the reincarnation of Himura Kenshin (along with several other "confirmed" Otakukin identities, lulz), singularly caused the downfall of NotSoFictional. In an Aspie-riddled social meltdown, he attempted to vandalize the Otakin article to make it more flattering. Unfortunately for their stupid asses, his ineptitude brought the ED locusts to their doorstep, creating an abrupt end to their paradise. The few entries that remained public were swiftly locked, hidden within the deepest bowels of the Internet.

    Days later, Rukia's prophecy was leaked (see next section). They had plenty of reason to freak out over it as it either meant someone was hacking their community, or worse, there was a mole. What they didn't know is that there were at least five infiltrators. In fact, some sources indicate that 99% of communities like these are populated by curious observers who just want to see what the hell is going on inside these insane "secret clubs", with only 1% actually believing this shit. Instead of responding rationally, and carefully investigating the leak, the Otakukin were so afraid of the slight possibility of being made fun of on the internets that they decided to go and delete fucking everything.

    Members of the pathetic community reeled in confusion, and those who had not been on during the drama were completely lost. What had happened to their haven? Some of the wiser Otakukin expressed their disapproval of this move, while the more batshit ones screamed for blood. After plenty of flames and racial slurs were thrown things eventually settled, the Otakukin stopped throwing their hissy fits and moved on to a new community. While not search-able, the whereabouts of this "secret" community are easy to find if one is smarter than the average escapist asspie; however, security is tighter than ever.


    Not much is known about this community, except that it is the obscure mecca to which the troubled otaku from NotSoFictional paraded in exodus after its downfall. While the likely blathering fucking insane content of this community remains mostly unsullied by the cruel gaze of judgment, it is theorized that it contains many entries whining about this article. According to some sources, it has become less active as of late, probably because the Otakukin will inevitably take their anal abrasions with them wherever they go, universally stymieing their minuscule potential for productive thoughts. The only time the community witnesses a decent amount of activity is when someone tries to start drama.

    Otakukin Armageddon

    File:Big Fat Shelly.jpg
    This Otakukin can't wait for her body to change

    Like most cults, Otakukin are now getting worked up about an "Otakukin Armageddon". A time when they will shed their oily, fat ridden bodies and become beautiful animu characters who can kick the 2012 Apocalypse right back into Mayan legend.

    First things first: It's very important to watch out for Physical changes. It can be anything from your height to your weight to your breast size. Hair color, eye color even skin color could be effected by this. It's not because your SICK or you have some kind of disease. It's because your body is prepearing it's self for what's coming. Don't get paranoid over it, or freak out. But both Hime and I have agreed that if one of you wakes up one morning and you look completely different we want to have a video camera near by so we can video tape your reactions to it XD Yes we're both cruel but it's all in good fun and out of love <33

    Third: The bonds Like it or not. Will probably become physical. If you need testiment to this. Orihime has recently had an experiance with Grimmjow. They had gotten into a drunken wrestling fight and he ended up kicking her in the leg and it hurt her. She even has a bruise where he kicked her. XD Now, it's nothing to really freak out about either. Just be warned that while they aren't physical right now you will still be able to feel them if they are out in the physical world through their energies and if they touch you. For example at night when I go to bed Lavi lays next to me and wraps himself around me as I sleep. Or when I'm awake during the day he'll sit behind me and play/tickle my neck just to let me know that he's there and I'll feel it through tingles. So look out for things like that <33 There's also a chance they will be around your house/room/ext ext ext. Dogs can pretty well sense them from what I understand. There can be no one in a room in my house and Chillie will freak out like crazy barking. Then I go to look and it ended up being on of the bonds. Only by the time I get there they're already gone and they tell me later when I go on a rant in system. XD

    Okay now that everything has been said and I've talked about it with Orihime and we've both agreed that what has been said is good. I'll post this now. Just remember NONE of these things are things to freak out about


    "Rukia's" (also known as Kakyuu kou) prediction for 2010.

    From Fiction (Website)

    The Mighty Digimon Emperor??
    And this is the faggot she thinks her soul is.

    From Fiction is a site which we will assume is the leading authority on filthy otaku who just had to take it to the next level and decide they're reincarnations of anime people. The website is run by overlord_mordax, a.k.a File:Deviantart-favicon.png greer-the-raven, a member of the Otakukin LiveJournal community and self-proclaimed reincarnation of Ken Ichijouji from Digimon.

    Many people when faced with the phenomenon of Otakukin simply jump to the conclusion that Otas are simply sad little fanpeople who broke their brain watching one anime too many and, no longer able to distinguish fact from fantasy, began to latch onto an anime character or characters in order to supplement their obviously feeble personalities and low self esteem.In truth most Otas are fairly stable people who have come to their beliefs and conclusions about the nature of their identities after long, and often times unpleasant periods of souls searching and self-discovery.


    —Denial isn't just a river in towelhead county.

    In a word, no. Otakukin is not a delusion any more than any other belief or spirituality is. A delusion is defined as “an erroneous belief that is held in the face of evidence to the contrary”. There is no evidence to the contrary with Otas. You may not personally believe in worlds where anime exists, but you can’t prove beyond a reasonable doubt that they don’t.


    —because the burden of proof isn't on the people who make the claim, apparently.

    [-+]tl;dr version

    I’ve run this site for a bit less than a year now without including any information about myself on it, about who I am, and whether or not I myself am an Otakukin, like I describe on this site. The truth is that I haven’t felt comfortable putting such personal information about myself here where people from my day to day life might possibly stumble upon it. However, that’s pretty much a moot point now, since I’ve posted and boasted and defended it else where on the web, in places plain to see. I wouldn’t say that its necessarily common knowledge, but its certainly not a secret. And so I’ve decided that its more important to include it here for my readers, than to keep it back out of misplaced fear. Before I came to be born here, on this earth, more than twenty-one years ago now, I was the denizen of another earth, and of that earth’s digital world also. I was Ken Ichijouji. Maybe you’ve heard of me. But I won’t start the story with that world, I’ll start it with this one. To begin with, I’m a girl. I was born to fairly normal lower-middle class parents- I have a younger brother. I was a very bookish child, intelligent, inquisitive, kind of a brat. From the time I was two I was rarely without a book, except when I was watching TV or a movie. My favorite stories were always ones about gifted young people with extraordinary talents, or with extraordinary friends, especially the latter. On the other hand, I was never really the social outcast I might have painted myself as. I wasn’t by any means the most popular kid, but I was an extrovert, and good at making friends. The only really ‘unusual’ behavior I exhibited as a child was that I had this feeling of foreignness, of not being home. And when I was upset, I used to demand to be allowed to “go home” even if I was in my own room. I couldn’t tell you when exactly I was first introduced to the concept of multiple dimensions, it must have been early though since it’s a popular theme in the marvel comics I read. I do remember that I thought it was certainly possible that the choices that we didn’t make here were choices that occurred in other worlds. When I was ten or so, I read Heinlein’s ‘The Number of The Beast’ where the main characters travel to other universes, some of which are ‘fictional’ that is, portrayed as fiction in the universe that the main characters came from. I didn’t really absorb most of the story, but that idea stuck with me. I think I believed it, even then, though I wouldn’t have said so. I was fourteen when Digimon Adventure 02 started broadcasting where I live. I had seen a few episodes of the first series but it had never really caught my interest, and was on at an inconvenient time for me to watch, besides. My younger brother was the one who was really interested in the show, and he was the one who was seated in the living room, with the television tuned to Fox Kids on that Saturday morning. It wasn’t the first episode of the series, maybe it was like the second or the third, I don’t remember any more. I just remember walking into the room, and my attention being immediately drawn to the screen. On screen was Ken Ichijouji, straight, dark haircut around her chin, wearing his school uniform. ‘That’s the bad guy’ I told my brother. He said something along the lines of ‘you don’t know that’. But I did know it. Over the next few weeks I watched Digimon with my brother with some regularity. As he could attest to, however, watching it always made me feel strange and oddly abstracted, and I had powerful, visceral emotional reactions out of proportion for just watching a TV show. Sometimes it got to me so bad that I’d arrange for myself to miss it, or to miss most of it, even though something was drawing me to it. Then we got to episodes 20, and 21; episodes that focuses heavily on Ken, the Digimon Emperor- the strange and subtle ways his mind was being manipulated, the fall of all of his empire, and the revelation that the Digital World he ruled with an iron fist was no game, that the pain he caused was real. The episode crashed as heavily on my shoulders as it did on his, and when I was clearly distraught, my brother finally asked me what the hell was wrong with me. I couldn’t tell him. I didn’t even really know. But something had struck me like a blow, and I was reeling. I didn’t watch any more Digimon. I don’t remember whether it was that very night, or a night or two after when I had the dream. It was the single most powerful dream I have ever had. In the dream I relived details from Ken’s life, some of which I had seen in Digimon, some of which were included in episodes I hadn’t seen but later my brother confirmed, and some which were never in the show but sprang wholly out of what I know now to be my own memories. I dreamed of the night of Ken’s brother, my brother’s death. I dreamed of the dark sea, of the digital world, and of Wormon’s death, and of when I finally found him again. It was a Pandora’s box of memories, most of them I would have rather left forgotten. I woke up in tears, with my arms wrapped protectively around nothing. The dream itself frightened and disturbed me more than enough, but when I confirmed many of the details with my brother, days later, and found out that details I hadn’t seen, like Sam’s death, and the return of Wormon had actually happened in the show, I was even more concerned. I had the terrible feeling that these things hadn’t just happened to some invented character, they had happened to me. But how could I accept that? It was impossible, totally impossible. I tried to shut it out of my mind, and to pretend that it didn’t concern me. But like Pandora’s box, the contents of that life once released could not be put back, and echoes and memories and strange feelings would accost me in the years to come- things that I would try to ignore, downplay, and put out of my mind. It was years before I came across other people who had beliefs like mine, totally by accident, while I was kicking around Encyclopedia Dramatica on the internet. Otherkin, Otakukin. I was shocked to find that there were other people who believed like me, that myth and fiction really exist, and can affect us in our world. I was comforted, but still not comfortable with my own identity. I was unable to resist interacting in the Otherkin and Otakukin communities, but still scared of myself, I invented another identity, and tried to convince MYSELF of its validity, that I had memories of being this other person Xelloss, powerful and cool, instead of, as I knew in my heart, Ken Ichijouji an angry powerless kid who could never be brave on his own. Now that I was more open to the idea though, my memories started coming back more frequently, and it was harder than ever to ignore them. Finally, after a lot of soul searching, and a lot of help from my friends, I accepted who I was, and gained a measure of peace with my identity. I’m very grateful to have a community of people with similar experiences to mine to rely on in times of trouble and of joy. And now when I remember my life in the past it’s a little easier. I don’t have to hide it from myself any more. And maybe someday, my beliefs on the matter will be just as valid as anyone’s. Though I have a new body, and a new family, a new world, and a new life, I am Ken Ichijouji, then and now.

    Notable (And Not So Notable) Otakukin

    Neo and Trinity

    Here we see the blubber-enshrined faces of the new world order exhibiting the pinkish flush of good health. These two may be capable of shredding the fabric of our profoundly diseased society, but probably can't stop shoving fist sized wads of fried hamburger down their own throats hourly.
    File:Neo and Trin.JPG
    Neo and Trin. Aren't they sexxay??
    Note the shooped lettering, female attire, and conveniently removed middle name. However, the most important information provided by this image comes in the form of Neo's complete date of birth. She's 31, people.
    Tools of the Revolution.

    Neo and Trinity are a pair of tubby, deluded lesbo Otakukin doomsday cultists that reside within the foul-smelling city of Tacoma, Washington. The duo made headlines on the Internets when they had abandoned their bewildering, haphazardly created brainwashing tool on campus grounds somewhere in Seattle, which prompted a call from the bomb squad to dispose of it.

    The device, pictured to the left, was expertly crafted by the two batshit Matrix fangirls. Having been fashioned from stolen cardboard, Jell-O, and the sticky, palpable bilge of their own self-deluding end-times bullshit, it contained a gelatinous beating heart controlled by a crudely assembled device which was mistaken for an explosive by the Seattle bomb squad.

    According to the "sermon" left by Neo at the crime scene, this crude parody of societal reformation was designed to force a collective awakening upon the ignorant and indistinguishable herds of Seattle and liberate them from their "prepackaged reality".

    No, really.

    Neither lesbians were apprehended or charged for their crime. Even baroness of Otakukin lies, overlord_mordax, doesn't want to be associated with these people.

    Read more about their insanity here, where Neo elaborates on...whatever the hell's supposed to be going on here. Beware of high school-level flash scripting and a writhing pile of dime-store intellectual blather.

    Jen and Hojo

    File:FOR REAL GUIZ.jpg
    Cloud: It's moving… …still alive? Barret: Where's its #%$*#&$ head? This whole thing's stupid. Let's keep goin'.
    ...which just goes to prove that too much FF7 will in fact turn you fat.
    File:Cosplay del1.jpg
    This is Hojo. He enjoys long walks on the beach and being completely batshit insane.
    "Vincent Valentine" fits in well with her grease mop.

    In the depths of some stupid furry's website there is a collection of first person accounts that weave a mind-boggling and lulzy yarn. Several people write of their encounters with two batshit bitches who used to run some shitty FF7 fansite, the stories often overlapping but still offering no clear picture of this insanity.

    The gist of it is there's a crazy bitch who thinks she's Jenova from Final Fantasy VII, she's lesbians with another crazy bitch who thinks she's Hojo from FF7. The two of them went around contacting other FF7 fans, calling them by the names of FF7 characters and insisting they were part of the long lost group of real incarnations from the game's universe.

    They got some of these people to visit them and got at least one or two to live with them for a time and mooched off them horribly before those individuals realized they were in a fucking cult and escaped. Jenova never bathes and thinks she has magic powers. With that in mind, here's some first-hand batshit:

    at the busstop, hojo met me in a labcoat. hojo was, i knew by now, actually a girl- not a transexual, just a girl... when we arrived at the apartment, jen (who insisted i call her jenova and would often refer to herself as 'jenny-nova') came storming up to hojo and i, screaming in hojo's face. i have no idea what it was about. she was wearing a purple skirt pulled up around her breasts. it looked like she had just got out of bed and i was, to say the very least, intimidated... that purple skirt pulled over her breasts i mentioned jen wore the first time i met her? she wore it every day. every. day. she never washed it. she didn't bathe, either, she just dabbed herself in scented oils and glitter. god the smell in that place. it was like a miasma of filth with sparkle sunshine fairy aritficial sugar scent sprayed over it.


    jen had made aeris sit in a bathtub full of ice cubes and green food colouring as part of her 'cetra training.' it's a wonder the poor girl didn't get hypothermia...apparently aeris called one evening when hojo and i were at the used bookstore (stealing books. yes, that poor.) and said she wanted some of her things back that she had left at the apartment. jen exploded. she called hojo's cell phone in tears, screaming she was going to kill herself.


    Perhaps the most telling part of the entire site is JENOVA's own autobiography, gleaned from f-locked posts by the INTERNET DETECTIVES:

    Hi, my name is Jen, and I help rehabilitate vampires and assist in spiritual awakenings. I also take care of metaphysical emergencies and, oh yeah, I do exorcisims and banishings too. I'm quite versed in ancient ritual and I often use my own blood to seal spells. I'm not catholic, but I'm not wiccan. God talks to me and tells me that the end of the world is at hand, she says. I'm married to Metatron and, oh yes, I'm the physical embodiment of the angel Uriel. In past lives I've been Integra van Helsing, Sephiroth, and Dilandau Albatou, amongst others. I've been to many theripists, but they all keep telling me I'm okay. Aside from catholic priests wanting to exorcise my house and my husband, things are pretty normal. Unless you count having 20 some kids live in the mental realm that my husband and I share as NOT normal...


    The tards that were hoodwinked into living with these unwashed Otakukin psychopaths for up to several months at least now admit how retarded they were, but their faggotry is still unforgivable. However they should be praised for bringing this epic tale to the internets. Like most rapists, some individuals who were and continue to be in-the-goods with these otaku cultists claim that those who were involved with the aforementioned story deserved everything they got. (True).


    The newest blister on the ass of insane otaku cultists everywhere, The Sarah Saga (see article for more details) chronicles some crapulous zoophile's experiences after inadvertently inviting a nutty whore named "Sarah" into his/her/it's shared household.

    Appearing normal at first, Sarah claimed to have a job, from which she was swiftly "laid off" after moving in with her new hosts. Sarah's behavior became increasingly more bizarre, and it was soon discovered by her housemates that she believes she is a reincarnated character from the video game Suikoden and draws money from her brainwashed e-worshipers in order to "spread the news of her religion".

    Instead of looking for a new job, she chose to leech off of her housemates, playing Suikoden on their TV every day for hours on end so that she could "get lost in her world", picketing their backyard barbecue, and letting her obese lesbian sycophants loaf around in their expensive antique house until they finally threw her ass out.

    A handful of people who were new to the internet (though none more relevant than this keen-eyed cyber sleuth) jumped on the story, claiming that it couldn't possibly be true. Unfortunately, they were unaware that it is both an accurate portrayal of Otakukin behavior, and that historically there have been even worse examples of their idiocy than what this fag alleges to have experienced.

    Thanks owed in part to a discovery made by the pathetic scopophiliacs at Something Awful, it is now believed that "Sarah" is in fact the "Aeris" from the FFVII House group mentioned above. More condemning evidence for the truth of this story arose when nina_anilina (now known as midnightteatime), the original begetter of the filthy otaku religion, appeared on the victimized furfag's "disclaimer" entry in hh_discuss bearing a profuse apology for her hand in the propagation of this retarded fad, claiming to have known "Sarah" before "Sarah's" bugfuck dementia had fully eclipsed her already asthenic perception of reality. Many lulz would have been had, if not for the fact that this tripe is so pitiful as to deserve a moment of relative silence.


    Her poorly designed murder child soul bond.
    Shooped with mazoku magic to add desu glow!

    One day, a 24 year old Otakukin cunt, Canadian failure and member of various Otakukin LJ communities known as File:Lj-favicon.png Sletia decided that the best way to deal with the moles leaking info to ED was to try and join in the "lulz". Unlike some other Otakukin who tasked themselves with countering ED's article point by point and trying to exorcise the website using magick, her main method was simply calling attention to herself. Some ill-advised noob Dramatician decided to create this pitiful section about her and Sletia promptly appeared as Selbelis determined to add to the already mounting pile of unfunny and fail.

    Sletia can only express the pain and turmoil of cartoon past living through her beautiful "art".
    An example of her mental stability.

    As typical basement dwelling Otakukin filth in every way, Sletia has a LJ filed with fangirl ramblings about her beloved Phibbrizzo (pronounced "Febreze") from some old anime nobody cares about, and a DeviantART account overflowing with tons of shitty fan art and doodles of dragons subpar by even tartlet standards. According to her she is one of two un-named and unseen servants of her chosen Otakukin guy, who are only mentioned in passing in the animu. That's right, Sletia is such a lulser that she decided to be an inconsequential slave even in her most wild, deranged fantasies. And of course, like most stupid fangirls she takes a murderous, evil villain and decides he's all squiggy iggy full of kawaii lurve.

    I am an otakukin...If you wish to call me crazy, you may as well defriend me now because if you can't accept me for who I am, go the hell away.

    Quite frankly, if you were sharp you'd pretty much figure out a normal fan wouldn't tattoo Lord Hellmaster's symbol on her arm.


    —No...you're right. A normal, stable, well-adjusted, not insane fan certainly wouldn't do that.


    "Blazey" as he likes to be called, believes himself to be the incarnate of the bipedal, purple, foul smelling furry creature known as "Blaze the Cat", an animal that is as full of fail as the Sonic video game series that spawned it. He is also an aeternalae. Which is a mix of Otakukin, Otherkin, and transsexualism in the worst way possible. And has a couple other identities. One isn't nearly enough for these guys. When he isn't rambling about anime or sick fetishes, he's sending mad props and worship to his "mother", Amy, who in all likely hood, is probably a 40 year old man with a neck beard.

    Not much is know about about this brainless fantard, as the madness that is his LiveJournal is about as easy to understand as David Lynch on cocaine.

    One thing is certain...his deranged mind believes that in 2010 he will be rewarded with a harem of brightly colored emo furry bishounen.


    Similar to the Otakukin complex in nature, Soulbonding is when a person believes that they can travel through psychic means or magic powers into fictional universes, and that one of the characters is their one true love. Invariably, they believe that they are married to or dating this character.

    Soulbonders will rage if you even imply that the love of their life doesn't love them back. Ironic, considering that they themselves will attack one another for liking the same character. Many are quoted as saying that they are okay with other people being in love with the character, but hate it when other people claim to be married to them.


    A very notable example of this is Sephirothslave. As per most examples of Soulbonders, her username contains the name of the character she thinks loves her as well as a synonym for wife. She seems to think that being on "the medical cocktail from hell" is a valid excuse as to why she totally isn't insane.

    Another excellent example of this is Realmrsoptimusprime, who believes quite firmly that having a ceremony with a pillow makes her the wife of Optimus Prime, and ends every post with "Signing Out, Optimus Prime's Real And Only True Wife". She's been a recent source of drama on DevianTART, as she's known to rip off everything from fanart to published novels to fuel her love.


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