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Otaku trying too hard.
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A Typical Otaku Admiring Haruhi.
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Otaku is a term with an extremely negative connotation used by the Japanese to describe basement-dwellers, usually bordering on sick fucks, obsessively stalking their graven idols, or anime/manga series, although the true meaning of Otaku started by the Japanese has been watered down, thanks to 16 year old girls, 30-something basement dwellers, and 80 year old Chinese man in panties slinging the phrase around in America in a futile attempt to scream about just how big a fan they are of anime. For the most part, they are unwashed monstrosities who can't stop masturbating over Loli pr0nz.

Otaku is to anime as Trekkies are to Star Trek, only they are more annoying, and infinitely more deserving of a shiv between the shoulderblades. The more hardcore Otakus argue that Japan should have won World War II. A self-proclaimed otaku can be identified on livejournal by its numerous posts full of anime-related quiz results and/or delusional rants about anything that has even the slightest possibility of being anime-related.

FUN FACT: "Otaku" is the masculine form. So, if you're scouring Google for Inuyasha fanfiction or hot otaku ass to rape, beware, they will be traps.

Origin of "Otaku" in Japan

Typical otakus desk.

Otaku, in its literal sense, means "honourable house" and used to be very polite term for people who are relative strangers; in the fandom sense, it was lightly insulting and used sarcastically in Japanese because it involved using a cold honorific on obsessives who probably don't deserve it, kind of using the phrase ironically. But Japanese people are all amnesiacs and require constant reminding of who they are anyway.

Originally referring only to train-spotters and the like, the "house" part has caused it to drift into also being used as a heavily derogatory term for basement dwelling virgin geeks who don't leave their houses, kind of hinting that it also refers to hermits. This was mainly because it was discovered that a suicidal serial child rapist in Japan sometime last Thursday had an extensive collection of lolicon and only ever left his house to get more. It is generally written only in katakana, to distinguish it from the non-derogatory use of the word, and to emphasize the fact that only stupid foreigners would ever take pride in such a label.

In Malaysia

In Malaysia the term otaku also means a pedopheliac anime freak or other Weaboo. The local type are easy to spot; just show the otaku a few pictures of girls and ask it to choose one, the selected is sure to be the most under-aged. One Malaysian state, Melaka, has become a particular breeding ground.

Chihara Minorin Incident

Something which stays true to even this case, as the seiyuu Chihara Minori, known as Minorin to her fans, became the victim of a stalking Otaku who ultimately was after her water bottle.

The entire event took place at the recent Daicon anime convention, held in Melaka, Malaysia. Minorin, who was there for a singing appearance, was completely unaware of the predator around her, who had seen her drink out of a bottle of Evian mineral water. When it was left “unattended”, he seized his chance.

In the world of those who never really had their intimate moments with the opposite sex, a moment like this is highly considered as a chance to have a one-on-one session of indirect kisses. The proud Otaku was enjoying himself to such an extent that he exposed both his story and photos of himself having a most depraved sexual relationship with the bottle which had once touched the lips of Minorin, on his blog.

It seems Minori herself is as yet blissfully unaware of this liquid theft, though with the propensity of such scandalous news to propagate wildly across the Internet, true fans can only hope that she be spared from the knowledge of just where her fluids ended up.

Typical Otaku Expressions

How Otaku react to sex
  • ^_^
  • o.o
  • "I am not attracted to girls over 17"
  • -_-U
  • ""User has made no constructive changes to the encyclopedia in a month" -Ryulong
  • ¬¬
  • xD
  • ^3^
  • >w<
  • T.T
  • 3D PIG DISGUSTING!!! (If shown pictures of real women, mostly found on SankakuComplex)
  • "Japan is the best Country in the World "
  • du_ub
  • ^_~
  • @[email protected] DESU
  • "My Mom thinks I should stop watching it so much, and do something more "productive" lol"
  • \m/
  • owo;;
  • "Naruto isn't a cartoon, it's an anime."
  • (^o^)
  • (^_^)
  • >^..^<
  • >:3
  • >;3
  • =^.^=
  • >'o'<
  • >'.'<

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