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Typical orgy.

An orgy is what happens when people think that sharing man milk with other people will heat up your world. This is an exaggeration though, since it tends to only heat up your crotch. Orgies never go right, since there's always that one person who pushes things too far, and starts whacking people with a ball and chain, calling it 'fore play'.

Orgies are held for many different purposes. Usually they happen when everyone has snorted too much crack rock and like the sensual feeling of rubbing their naught bits against each others' nipples. Other times, married couples hold them because their sex lives are about as entertaining as watching Baseball. The last instance is when a bunch of gay niggers want to catch AIDS as fast as possible, so they can stop worrying about getting it in the future. "Thank God I have nothing to worry about anymore! Now to enjoy my AIDS...wait, wh--?" There isn't really a need to mention porn since that one is a given. Either way, it's a lustful, dirty sin that will send you to Hell under the hand of the Lord your God.

You Will Never Have an Orgy

Everyone dreams of having an orgy at some point in their life, but it'll never happen. This tends to happen for a number of reasons;

  1. You're too chicken-shit to risk getting fresh AIDS from a niggercock.
  2. Not even one person would have sex with you, let alone three.
  3. You're a goddamn pussy.
  4. It would cost you at least 1000 dollars, since your friends are probably as ugly as you.
  5. You know someone is going to reveal the creepy fetish that they have, no matter how much you didn't want to know.

Bottom line: Have an orgy when you hit 50.

Orgy: The Show

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