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    Org Infinity

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    Well, at least it's accurate. That's a nice change of pace.

    Another retarded club on DeviantART dedicated to the steady flood of mary sues running around in Organization XIII coats with anagrammed names, Organization Infinity isn’t just thirteen idiots, nor is it simply an orgy of fat whores. Organization Infinity is an orgy of fat whores with about 275 members signed up, spreading the plague all over DeviantART. No one is safe from the OC spam, and you can even find occasional talented artists in there as well.

    About Org Infinity

    It is to be made a fact that Org Infinity will turn your brain into shit, and corrupt any good artist. One example is Imagec0rrupt3d, who now runs around with long pink hair, raping other female Mary Sues and fighting crime with a ferocious, pink hairdryer. Just like every other Org Infinity member, Imagec0rrupt3d insists her character isn’t a rip-off because it has boobs, and longer hair. We can all probably agree that this isn’t the first example of genderbending of the original characters, and naturally all of the offenders claim it's an OC, when it really is a poorly designed Mary Sue.

    The Club

    Now, whose idea was it to concentrate this mass of fangirls sick creations into one club? Whoever it is needs a good beating. Obviously the handywork of 16 year old girls, as the world would be doomed should mature people begin futher parodying an Organization full of fags. And of course, in an organization that big, we need two superiors. These two, Xelcan and Shirix, might be some of the more original characters of Org Infinity, and are the crown of their massive fail.

    Unlike the original in-game Organization, these fangirls have divided their members into several grades. If you are a good artist you might get the grade of General, and if you are a popular artist you might become Assassin, etc. This is of course, so they can divide those who are actually whoring for Xelcan and Shirix from those unknown artists they really don’t want to associate themselves with. Every single one of the members, also called Privates, can be found on this list] of faggots. Do us all a favor and help them realize their fail.


    Subtility is their middle name. Don’t think Org Infinity will make you famous.

    Not only would browsing the club's gallery take fucking forever, it would also render you blind. Every female OC is bisexual, with the few exceptions of a small number of unknown artists. The truth is that any popular artist simply loves to see their OC(s) eat pussy.

    In Org Infinity you will find a policy much like “A good artist gets away with anything”, which is very familiar all over DeviantART. And who knows? If you are good enough you might even get a mission!

    The Missions

    As a member of Org Infinity there’s a tiny chance you will get a mission from one of the superiors, where you will be forced to whore out Org Infinity on DA. A cunning ploy indeed, since it brings even more shitty OCs. Naturally this is something they only provide for their more popular members. As said previously, the club has about 275 members, but in their gallery there are less than 10 deviations in the mission’s section. Considering the missions that has been given out, one could wonder if the founders of Org Infinity ever played the game. The only thing that actually seems associated with the Organization XIII is the bad habit of anagramming names and the taste for leather uniforms.

    Specifications of a Nobody

    There is one rule when you enter Org Infinity, that you must have an element, weapon, and home world, and the element MUST BE UNIQUE(unless it's not, like say, magnetism and electromagnetics, or code and cryptography, for example). This of course, makes most of the "elements" quite lulzy.

    The Elements

    It’s the final proof that teenagers have no idea what an element is when they sign their original characters up with powers like:

    • "shard"
    • "wolves"
    • "storytelling"
    • "alcohol" (okay, MAYBE we could give them this one, if they were fucking doing it right.)

    The Weapons

    This section is fucking hilarious, and it explains why we have no superheroes these days. Again, referring to the members list we see things like "flyswatter", "tattoo", "chopsticks", and our personal favorite, "My Little Ponies". Yes, there are people who actually believe they could fight with objects like these, simply by labeling them as weapons and make them shoot angry specters.

    The Worlds

    This is the section that should anger the common Kingdom Hearts fangirl. Not only have they "dispatched" members in about eighteen worlds that don’t appear in the game, but a few of these worlds aren’t even Disney. By this it is highly unlikely that they have even played the game.

    The Superiors

    File:Pedo fagloves his shota.jpg
    Xelcan is a pedofag who loves little loli, though otherwise he’d be glad for a good pegging.

    It really is tragic that the two leaders of Org Infinity are so degenerated as they are. Then again, who fits better to lead the army of Mary Sues than two fake bisexual attention whores?


    Now, the less horrid of the two is most likely Xelcan, who is probably one of the only males in the whole club. Considering most of the OCs are either dykes or bi women with huge ass boobs we can tolerate the faggot to some extent.

    Sadly, our hopes are crushed with his weapon. Not one, but two fans, neatly disguised under the name war-fans. His main goal in the orgy is to become a geisha that rapes little girls.

    According to the list of members he resides in the Disney world of Pocahontas, and his element is temperature.

    It really makes you want to puke, until you see the other superior.


    File:Whore with fuzzy ass.jpg
    Shirix is not only a cheap rip-off, but has a fuzzy ass as well.

    Shirix is perhaps the worst Mary Sue we have yet to see in the org, and her only equal would be another Mary Sue she is whoring on. Shirix looks like a fusion between Marluxia and Sephiroth that went horribly wrong, followed up by the common genderbending, and of course, having two different eyecolours, commonplace to any Mary Sue with no respect for herself.

    Shirix can often be seen humping on Sexla, the Mary Sue created by our ever so loved Imagec0rrupt3d. Shirix’s element is white magic, and she wields a wand, in Halloween Town. Her originality is simply dazzling.

    Even though she wields a wand, she is often depicted with a banhammer. No, wand and banhammer is not the same. It’s actually a means of internet justice, which really doesn’t exist in such a place as Org Infinity.

    For great justice, troll the fuck out of them, at full force.

    The Horror

    Goodbye Org-Infinity

    After the Trolling began to kick in, Windnstorm and Nayruasukei quit being the leaders of the club and have not returned yet. They say they have "dropped-out" but we all know it's due to the bawwwwing that went on. Rumor has it and recent posts from either party say that the founders have abandoned the shithole and moved to a new club known as Rogues of Axiom where they can be free of the fuckheads that took over the club. However, with the inability to amass a personal army of fantards due to not running RoA themselves, the've fucked off from there and started a newer club in Org-Infinitus with all of the original founders where they can once again as rule as lesbian demigods. All of the founders have revamped their OCs and have become even more insulting to the already gay Kingdom Hearts.

    The club as of now is being run by any given retard that happens to get their hands on the password, leading to the further downward spiral and eventual crash.

    But godfuckingknows when applications might actually start. tardlets are practically bending over in a firing squad line waiting to get the long-awaited ass slap that the group's up and running again. They're gathering dust just waiting, all the while farting out about a million possible bisexual characters ready to go. On a positive note for all who are too stupid to figure out that shitting unicorns isn't an element can go to a minichat to get their hopes and dreams shot down one at a time (or all at once if endurance isn't just a problem for them with their mothers).

    See Also


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