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    Operation Onymous

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    criminalfags worrying about where they're going to buy drugs from

    Operation Onymous is otherwise known as the attack that scared e-criminals to death for at least 2 weeks. Our glorious leaders and protectors the FBI decided that their e-dick just wasn't big enough so they struck out to do something important for once and took down around 400 or more .onion links. This included websites such as Doxbin (which came back online shortly after) and the beloved pinkmeth which were really the only two .onions anyone ever cared about. Reports also show that SR2 was deleted but nobody gives a fuck.

    Shit people will tell you


    And they're right!

    What actually happened

    “As illegal activity online becomes more prevalent, criminals can no longer expect that they can hide in the shadows of the ‘dark web.’


    —Manhattan U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara, Trying to be relevant and showing how much he actually knows

    Sometime during the aftermath of the operation, a group of neckbeards got together to compare lists of .onions the feds had collected to see what went down. Much to their surprise about 3/4ths of the .onions that were seized were either just clones or scam/phishing links of the original .onions while the originals are still left up and running. This suggests a broad and un-targeted sweep of servers and hosting companies that were allowing tor connections. Basically the feds went over to shady hosting companies, wrecked shop, and hoped for the best so that the world could continue to see what true bad-asses they are.


    • Out of a total of 276 seized onion addresses found, we identified 153 of the addresses as belonging to either clone, scam or phishing sites.
    • Of the 153 clone or scam sites, 133 were clones and 20 were scam or phishing sites.
    • In a number of cases the FBI has seized the clone or scam version of a site while leaving up the real site.
    • Of the 8 websites mentioned in the FBI press release, 2 are clones and 1 is a scam site.

    The FBI have no idea what they're doing.


    As more information is dug up about the hilarious lolstories of the different onions taken down they will be added here.

    + Jihad Funding

    Lets all commend the FBI on what a great job they did at taking down this currently up and running website. gg.

    In the eternal struggle to remain relevant during this operation the FBI failed in the most hilarious way possible. Despite all their claims and efforts to control all americans due to muh terrorism, the government attempted to seize an onion dedicated to anonymously funding the islamic movement but somehow only seized the cloned version of the website which was bc3nbr42tdnqamvs.onion. But thankfully Allah our lord and savior is watching over our people and protected the real site teir4baj5mpvkg5n.onion in order to further our cause. So please, donate to the righteous cause of the islamic people as they continue to bomb and destroy you all until until you cannot refuse to worship Allah as his true and chosen children.

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    + Doxbin

    RIP the king of onions

    Doxbin was an onion responsible for hosting thousands of peoples personal information such as social security numbers, medical and isp information. Doxbin was taken down because the FBI attacked the hosting company they were currently running on. I wont say too much here as it is very well explained at the Doxbin article found here.

    For more information see: doxbin

    + Silk Road 2

    Nothing really needs to be explained here please move along. Silk Road 2 was a blackmarket dedicated to selling drugs, fraud related information, and other shit but got taken down by the FBI because the site admin defcon and the devs were absolute retards. The FBI claim to have leaked the sites real ip by "fiddling around with the login page they found a misconfiguration in an element of the Silk Road login page, which revealed its IP". Since this is coming from the FBI this could be complete and utter bullshit however if its true than that just means that the entire SR2 crew really did have no idea what they were doing and that it took the FBI this fucking long to figure out the bug.

    "Hey guys, what's jail like?" -famous last words of defcon
    "Court docs show Defcon (site admins name) was not using tor but Google chrome. They used that including NSA helping him with admin to locate his server location sure you can fig the rest out. Tor needs help $ someine with business at stake needs to help them $ we are going to lose this whole operation soon if the minds and $ DONT stip to take a time with basics in this darkweb game"


    —Anonymous on the TOR press release

    It should also be noted that Defcon as well as many other of the admins and employees were doxed long before this takedown even happened. This should be a lesson to everyone on how to not smoke massive cocks.


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