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It is up to you all whether to take me seriously or not, just take note of the clues along the darkened path to the abode that is the light far beyond your grasp, take note of the candles along the road to perdition, for you will see what lies beyond the eye.


—(LordPhantom !3GqYIJ3Obs!!fcA/1TZCq1K) LordPhantom 19:16, 13 October 2008 (CDT)

Basin Hills, FL.

The Basin Hills Project (aka Operation Falcon Punch) was a gay endeavor by /b/ to follow the clues to a challenge thrown down by a mysterious, creepy, and possibly black person who posted as !!Gutm29O5FPS -and later Oversight- in mid-June, 2008.


Original image

Project 905 is basically a scavenger hunt on steroids. It comes complete with creepy stalking action, high speed car chases, and bombs, and is providing some meaning to the lives of basement dwellers everywhere.

Participants find a package, decode it, and use the information they reveal to find the next package, thus continuing the cycle.

The project is currently on the third package, which is located in South Florida.

Further developments are being discussed on: irc://irc.rizon.net/FalconPunch

The Bait

It all started with the following post, made on /b/ on June 15th.

No doubt you've found yourself alone on a weekend.

We've all felt it. Striving to do something with yourself, and definitely knowing WHAT to do. Of course it's for some reason or another that you can't get out and live life; break the umbilical bond with your computer monitor. You don't have friends, THAT'S why you spend your days here.

What if I presented you with a challenge? Not only a challenge but salvation at the end? A chance to leave your house, to jump head-first into something you don't fully understand. The first and last time you'll ever endeavor into the unknown. And at the end of this, you'll find exactly what you've been looking for all along?

Your life will flow with the same ease as do the lives of all those you envy. This seems nonsensical, impossible perhaps, and nothing I say here will change that, the only way for you to prove me wrong is to find what lays at the end.

/b/, I present you with Basin Hills. A gentleman's challenge. Should you come to solve it, everything I've promised will be yours. Your first step is attached, everything you need to know is here. Good luck, and I hope you've filled your tank.


—OP's post on /b/

File:Basin hills meta.png
The meta data of OP's pic
A map to package 1.

/b/ responded to this at first believing it a troll. However, interest was sparked when /b/ found this upon opening the file in a text editor:

Oh, do mind the contrast. The desired few mingle with the many


—- Oversight's super secret message

Sparked by this discovery, /b/ began to get serious.

This data can be viewed with Firefox's EXIF data viewer, or alternativly, you can save the image and then view its properties. In the Details, this same clue is in the Subject and Comments field, and the Author is listed as "Aiken."

Soon after the first discovery, a set of co-ordinates was also found:

  • Decimal Degrees:
  • Latitude: 25.1811
  • Longitude: -80.3624

These co-ordinates lead to a specific point located over what seems to be a building off of a small highway off the coast of Miami, Florida.

By altering the contrast of an image provided by the OP, the detectives of /b/ have ascertained not only the co-ordinates, but also a code of some sort:

A-U-G-1. This is widely accepted to be the date August 1st, and the OP confirms this.

On June 16th, the OP made another post saying:

A package awaits at the Cradle.


—- Oversight

This indicated that the date August 1st might have nothing to do with the Cradle.

After the initial buzz died off, the project laid dormant for several months. Until August 9th, when OP made the following post on this very ED page:

The package is still there, Anonymous. I'm disappointed in you.

They're going to demolish it soon. Oh, and before ED goes down forever, we have a website: Project905.com


—- Oversight

905 most likely refers to the highway that runs through Key Largo that the trail juts off of.

The source code of the above webpage contains an email address.

You'll know when to contact me:

[email protected]



The website contained the original image, but in addition to the coordinates, a url was also hidden. The url pointed to an image containing a detailed map: [1]

This album contains all the pictures that are flashed in the video numbered in order of appearance.

EDIT: This now also contains pics of the 1st location package area taken by November when he ventured there after the package had already been taken: [2]

Package One

A now confirmed post on /x/ reveals that Package One was found on August 15th by a poster later on/ He is simply known as Tom. He went alone and unarmed to the location and posted this account of his journey and findings:


''Floridanon here:''

''Good news and bad news.''

''Bad news:''
''Apparently, some Anonymous thought it would be funny to call in a bomb threat on the package. As I speak, the Monroe county bomb squad is in the process of destroying package #1; there's at least a dozen police cruisers and two bomb squad trucks in front of an alternate entrance to the location. Of course, once they finish their controlled demolition, all they'll find is a lone CD and a note from Oversight.''

''The good news:''
''I got the package! I headed out earlier today around 8:00am, and after braving the bugs (Which were terrible), I found the building specified. If I were in a hurry, I wouldn't have noticed it. Just a small black box placed under some sort of metal apperatus. Pic attached is the package...more in next post.''

''Inside the box was a plastic bag containing 2 identical blank CDs, and a note from Oversight congratulating me on finding the package. I took one of the CDs, put the note back in the bag, closed the box, and booked it. The place seems to be under demolition, so there were work crews around and I didn't want to get caught.''

''As I got into my car, I saw the first of several police cruisers blow past me with sirens blaring towards the alternate entrance (Which I assume was used for the demo crew). I went to get something to eat, and on my drive back past I saw all the cop cars and bomb squad.''

''So upon arriving home, I debated on whether to actually put the CD in my computer, lest is be some hueg Rickroll or virus that would make my computer catch on fire.''

''It was a video, a strange video with numbers and shit. I don't know what to work of it, but maybe you guys can do it. I will post the youtube link in a few mins as soon as it's done processing.''

The above video shows a series of math equations and a secret hidden picture.

These are the equations in the vid:

3+5=10 9-2=12 2+2=7 5-4=7 7-4=4 4+6=11 10+5=7 2+2=4 11-3=13 1+3=9 1+1=10 3+6=14

By subtracting the correct answer from the one given, the numbers 25.3611 and -80.5585 were derived. If used as GPS co-ordinates these numbers points to a certain building in a complex southwest of Homestead, FL.

After news that Package 1 had been retrieved, Project905.com was changed. The site appeared to be blank at first, but upon highlighting the page, the message "It's in the math'" is displayed. The title of the page was also changed to: "Hope You Don't Mind Getting Wet".

As details of the package findings came in, one anon by the name of 'Madpill' called bullshit on the findings because he was in contact with a friend (who wants to be called 'November') that was around the area and heard no reports of a bomb squad being called in. November then decided to have a look around to see if he could uncover any truth or find the other CD that was left behind. The friend reported that the area was 'burned'. Whether this is evidence of a bomb squad investigation or not is still unknown It is now widely accepted that there was some kind of demolition going on there. Perhaps someone indeed called in a bomb threat, or perhaps these were the demolitions that Oversight warned about earlier. Although apparently nothing was found the November took pictures of the area, located here (note: this photobucket also contains the stills from the original youtube video posted by Oversight himself)

Tom later reported in IRC that there were no burns when he visited the site. The bomb squad/demolishion crew showed up while Tom was on the site recovering the clue. It is speculated that the bomb squad destroyed the remains of the clue that Tom left behind and this is why November did not find anything.


Some time after Madpill's announcement that November was at location one, these pictures were posted by Oversight in the same thread. They show November walking along a road, in addition to his car. Apparently, Oversight had stalked and captured pictures of November as he was leaving Location One.

Tom is the only package-seeker who has not yet been stalked by Oversight. This could be because Tom did not announce to anyone he was leaving. He also did not report any sightings of a blue CRV (Oversight's car).

Gallery of Babyfur About missing Pics
[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

Package Two

Clue #2, found by November and company
Exact location: US route 41 and Bass road
So far, Site 1, 2 and 3. Note the almost perfect straight line

After hours and hours of waiting patently in IRC and on the /x/ threads, a member of the group that went to find package #2 finally decided to discuss their story. After questioning madpill in IRC, I present you this article that summarizes the events of the findings of package #2.

It is late in the morning of August 16th when Madpill and November set out with a female friend of theirs who currently has no known name (other than femanon). It was a long drive for them but an even longer drive for the people they met up with. Two other anons from north Florida drove 9 hours to meet up with them and participate in these events. Their names are Da_Novice and SurgicalStrike. All of these brave anons are around the ages of 17-19. They set up headquarters in a nearby hotel so they could easily maneuver to and from the 'complex'. The complex is location #2 and madpill describes it as "huge and bitchin". Only 3 went to the complex: madpill, november, and SurgicalStrike. Da Novice and femanon stayed in their cars to keep on the lookout.

Once again, Oversight stalked and captured photos of the retrievers.
Two individuals, presumed to be the drivers.

While madpill, november, and SurgicalStrike investigated the complex the other two watchmen had a surprise of their own. They thought they noticed someone in the bushes...but before they could thoroughly investigate, the sight of Oversight darting away in his dark blue Honda CRV passed before their eyes. But these two anons are not just going to sit back and let him get away! Femanon and Da Novice set out on a high speed chase for two miles to try to catch the elusive and mysterious Oversight (November later revealed that the pursuing vehicle reached 130 mph) . Unfortunatley it is not to be, Oversight--always being a step ahead--was able to escape through the tight traffic of the hour. But all is not lost! Femanon says she got a quick glance at him and we can now reveal some new details about this mysterious man: He is white with short dark hair. This chase is the reason why Oversight later changed his website to say "Why is the man more important than the work?".

Meanwhile back at the complex the other 3 anons were having no luck and they were forced to drive back to purchase a better flashlight. They did so and headed back out arriving at night. Previous rumors of police involvement turned out to be unrelated, but Madpill and company did see them fly down highway 905. Back at the complex, the anons went in and finally found the room pictured for a split second in the youtube math video clue. Madpill says the picture described where the package was quite accurately. They had to brave the freezing cold water, but they did indeed discover uncover package #2.

They all headed back to headquarters at ther hotel room to celebrate their successful mission and discover the contents of the new package. It contained a note which had a message that is quoted later in this article. This clue seems quite straightforward compared to previous clues, but Madpill and company say they are not sure if they are up for the next challenge. He says there is the possibly some subset of this group will go, or perhaps an entirely new group will venture out to see what awaits at the next package. But whoever goes should be wary of the mysterious Oversight. Is he a friend or a foe? We may never know...

If you are curious, the chatlog is Template:Pastebin

Pictures of the expedition can be seen here

Teh note

Package Two was a note in a waterproof capsule which was submerged in the flooded lower floors of the building. It reads as follows:

  • Bass Rd on Tamiami Trail
  • Take first right
  • Take second right
  • Look for the flag
  • Package #3 in the woods
  • behind the flag

After the team recovered Package Two, the Project905.com was once again changed, this time it read "After August 21st".

Package Three

Madpill, November, and femanon went to location three at around 4 am but found nothing after wandering around for 2 hours.

The reason for their failure could have been the darkness or it could be because Project905.com changed to say "after August 21st", implying the package cannot be found until after that date. It is thought that he wishes us to wait until after August 21st because of the incoming hurricane. However anon would welcome a daytime expedition if anyone is daring enough to go. (and take pics and videos of it)

A team of anons headed out to package 3 on Friday August 22nd. The team consisted of JanusZeal, habeebit, atreestump, chicaoanon, and slampig.

The following is from chicagoanon:

Taken by chicagoanon while driving into p3 in the rain. On the right side of the road is the flag marking p3.
Taken by chicagoanon after stumbling upon oversight.

We took two cars. A Jeep and a Toyota. As we headed down Bass road, we took the first right turn. From image taken just after that moment through my car windshield, you can see the flag on the right side of the road. (p3-1) It is easy to see how easy it was to miss the package due to this diminutive flag, that it was raining, and the fact that /x/ and this ED page had the second right turn pinpointed as the location where oversight was hiding.

We traveled down the road and came upon oversight since we missed the flag. This is where he was hiding to take pictures of us, etc. We looked at him and he looked at us. Pictures of him were taken, Atreestump got out of the Jeep Liberty in front and stood there motionless. Oversight said: "You've gone too far". We heard: "Get back in your car". It was at this point he started smoking a cigarette and sped off. We made no attempt to follow him, but we noticed he had removed his license plates.

At this point we were where we thought the third package would be so we began looking for a flag. This of course not the correct area so over an hour was wasted. After dicking around and getting eaten up by bugs we decided to leave and re enter the area to retrace our steps and see if there was anything around.

We pulled over at the location in picture one and found the flag and behind it, the USB flashdrive. We ran to the back of my car and viewed the contents of the drive.

Package 3 is a flash drive with a song on it - 905 by The Who - was found. The song can be found here: [3]. At 1:52, there is a splice in the song which is a recording from the black box of Flight 592. Apparently if you went to [4](found in the song's metadata), and typed in 592 into the text box, it revealed a set of coordinates along with a date and time.



8/30 2:00AM

As a side note, these coordinates mark a location near the crash site of ValuJet Flight 592 on May 11, 1996, Disregard that, I'm a fucking retard and can't use a map.

Package Four???

Despite the fact that Oversight announced to the world that the project was "over", he set up a meeting for only ONE to attend. That one was atreestump. It would seem, however, that he fails at life because on his way to the 4th site atreestump locked himself out of his own vehicle and never made it to the site. Yet another bang up job from this brave band of anons.

�03[23:27] * januszeal changes topic to 'atreestump is is less then 20 miles from the site as of

EST 23:55. At this point he is out of cellular range, so there will be no updates for a while.�'

�03[23:55] * januszeal changes topic to 'atreestump got lost for a bit, he is now back on track. - 0:50 est�'

Session Time: Sat Aug 30 00:00:00 2008

[00:05] <@januszeal> 22222222

[00:11] <@januszeal> how do you unlock a car door from the outside

[00:11] <chicagoanon> remotes

[00:11] <SirShaggsALot> Break the window

[00:11] <@januszeal> not an option

[00:12] <@januszeal> how do you unlock a car door from the outside

[00:12] <chicagoanon> Slim-Jim

[00:12] <@januszeal> not an option

[00:12] <@januszeal> how do you unlock a car door from the outside

[00:12] <@januszeal> not an option

[00:12] <@januszeal> fff

[00:12] <@januszeal> not an option

[00:12] <@januszeal> im not good at up-enter

[00:12] <SirShaggsALot> Is the window rolled down a little? If it is, you can use a coathanger . . . maybe

[00:12] <chicagoanon> Call the cops, sometimes they will use a slim jim

[00:13] <chicagoanon> I locked my keys in the car one time and the town I was in had cops with slim jims

�03[00:15] * januszeal changes topic to 'ffffffffff - 1:10est�'

[00:17] <chicagoanon> you could also use something to pry the door open slightly and use a coathanger to push the unlock button

[00:17] <@januszeal> atreestump doesnt carry coat hangers in his wallet

[00:17] <chicagoanon> but if it's a newer car with side airbags you could do some damage doing that

[00:19] <SirShaggsALot> Find a black man

[00:19] <SirShaggsALot> He might know how to do it

[00:19] <chicagoanon> the black man is already doing it, tell atreestump to turn around an look at his car

[00:20] <chicagoanon> if a treestump is standing outside his car without anything other than his cell the only thing he can do is call the cops

[00:21] <SirShaggsALot> Or break the window, if he's willing to do so

[00:22] <chicagoanon> breaking a small windows that allows you to reach in and unlock the car is oftentimes less expensive than using a locksmith if the cops won't slimjim it

[00:23] <chicagoanon> replacing a little window in a car (like the ones behind the rear seat door) generally don't cost more than around $50

[00:23] <@januszeal> chicagoanon: he drives a truck

[00:23] <@januszeal> also i dont think he is anywhere near the location

[00:23] <@januszeal> fuck

[00:24] <chicagoanon> do the back windows open?

[00:24] <chicagoanon> he could force them open

[00:24] <SirShaggsALot> How the fuck did he lock himself out of his car?

[00:24] <chicagoanon> the rear windows above the cab

[00:24] <chicagoanon> or break one. seriously, they don't cost much

[00:25] <SirShaggsALot> Or is he breaking into Oversight's car?

[00:26] <chicagoanon> auto glass is typically cheap to replace compared with windows on a house

�03[00:39] * januszeal changes topic to 'well we fucked up - 1:34�'

[00:39] <SirShaggsALot> We fucked up?

[00:39] <SirShaggsALot> Who fucked up?

Oversight Quotes

It is difficult to get Oversight to talk about the project, but some have succeeded. Here are some interesting quotes from Oversight when questioned in e-mail. If you have gotten Oversight to say something interesting via e-mail please update this section.

A user in the IRC by the name of 'Scalpelexis' reported this creepy e-mail from Oversight:

Tell them the truth, tell them if they choose to participate in the project, it will begin the worst chapter in their lives. They will walk until they can walk no longer, they will think until they can think no longer. Tell them that they will probably die at some point in the project.

I emailed Oversight to find out the validity of this statement. The reply, "While I am limited in how much I can say, everything said is truth."

Another user in the IRC by the name of Guest14356 wrote the following: (this is referring to the location of the second package)

<Guest14356> i asked him to confirm or deny the location we think it is so as not to get in trouble with the police

<Guest14356> "Law enforcement should not be an obstacle."

No, that's not my work -Oversight's response to being asked if the graffiti in Location#2 is his work or important to solving the mystery

What if the package you have left is taken by an anon not interested in sharing their findings? Wouldn't that be a disappointment.-Sneakypete Email
It would be difficult to solve it on their own. At some point I would imagine they would require the collective knowledge of the internet. -Oversight's response.

New Development: High-Res Youtube Pictures

Remember the first Oversight youtube that flashed pictures at you? Well apparently those pics were posted in a /p/ thread a long time ago in higher resolution and some people had saved the images. Oversight had censored some of the images by blacking out faces. I present you now high resolution and uncensored pictures of what is flashed at you in Oversight's youtube vid:


With these new pictures perhaps some people out there can recognize some of them. Some of these pictures are of places or cities. Maybe if someone knows where these places are we can get a step further is figuring out what the hell all of this is...

Here are some sample pictures:

but please check out the whole thing and if you have any info on any of the pics report it or update ED.

The tank in pictures 18.jpg here and 15.jpg here appears to be an M47 Patton, meaning the photos predate 1990, when the US military stopped using them.

Update on the yellow plane: Found the exact same plane (and picture) whilst browsing the Library of Congress's Flikr (lol history). Apparently, the picture was taken in Bar Harbor Maine at Civil Air Patrol base #20. Here's the link.


  • Oversight
  1. is a serial killer.
  2. is a troll.
  3. is a faggot.
  4. has a power level of over 9000.
  5. knows bout your dick.
  6. has no friends, much like everyone else on /x/.
  7. likes to suck the shit out of a cat's asshole.
  8. was b& from his Wii, so he is sending 4chan on a fucking wild goose chase for the lulz.
  9. knows that this section is fucking pointless, and doesn't add an ounce of information to the article. See Below.

Oversight's Identity?

Guys, leave the Aikens alone. I can guarantee you 100% that it isn't any of them. Blueskieth called and aim'd the guy, and I called as well. The father was dumbstruck as I was calling again regarding a Honda they never owned. I mean, they have nothing to do with anything, they probably deserve some privacy. Oh, and Oversight doesn't even know the guy either.


It's all over

A photo snapped of Oversight in his car when retrieving Package #3.


Oversight: "It's over."


A man named RS-A0001 entered the #falconpunch chat and announced an update to the Project905 website, which currently reads:

"My name is oversight, and I made a mistake.

Before I tell you what Project 905 was, I will tell you what it wasn't.

It wasn't an elaborate troll, a psycopathic attempt to kill participants, nor was it a quest to find a bad of shit. 905 was a test of MY mind. A test of my ability to plan, improvise, and execute. A test of my sanity. And I failed that test

I had convinced myself my subjects were flawless, I didn't anticipate their mistake.

So I was caught out of my element. I made a mistake in a game where mistakes are unacceptable.

The project is over.

I've met with the other members.

We have agreed to donate the money to a defense contractor, hopefully used to manufacture bombs.

You will never find me.

It's over."

He explained these details further and confirmed the reward was money and they are calling it off due to mistakes on their behalf.

The plan for Location 4 was for someone to meet RS-A0001

A youtube video was also linked from the project's site showing someone claiming to be oversight paraphrasing the same message from above. The face is obscured.

The chat in the IRC channel has been logged and a cleaned up version is below.

- RS-A001 is [email protected] * Anonymous RS-A001 on @#falconpunch RS-A001 using *.rizon.net Where are you? RS-A001 End of /WHOIS list. -

[22:54] * RS-A001 ([email protected]) has joined #falconpunch

[22:54] <RS-A001> I'm a stranger.

[22:55] <RS-A001> Would you believe me if I told you I was Oversight?

[22:55] <RS-A001> Check the website

[22:55] * Descent sets mode: +o RS-A001

[22:55] <@RS-A001> Hello

[22:55] <@RS-A001> I don't have much time

[22:55] <@RS-A001> I came here to thank you

[22:55] <@RS-A001> All of you.

[22:56] <@RS-A001> Janus, good job.

[22:56] <Sevenless> Janus isnt here :D

[22:56] <@RS-A001> Chicago then?

[22:56] <ober`> To prove you aren't a troll

[22:56] <Sevenless> Chicago isnt here, hes Fapsturbating :D

[22:56] <@RS-A001> Hold on thisis

[22:56] <ober`> Change part of the website

[22:57] <@RS-A001> Once again

[22:57] <@RS-A001> Check the website

[22:57] <@RS-A001> I am on borrowed time

[22:58] <@RS-A001> I'm sorry

[22:59] <@RS-A001> None of you who participated made a mistake

[22:59] <anonmosity> who did then?

[22:59] <@RS-A001> Me

[23:00] <@RS-A001> Your reward will come late, if it hasn't already

[23:00] <@RS-A001> Okay

Session Close: Fri Aug 22 23:00:42 2008

[If someone could fill this time, it would be appreciated. Incomplete log.]

Session Start: Fri Aug 22 23:00:49 2008

[23:01] <@RS-A001> Why give a time and date

[23:01] <@Descent> RS-A001, where were you going with the project>

[23:01] <@RS-A001> Money

[23:01] <@RS-A001> This was a test

[23:01] <@RS-A001> Of our faith

[23:01] <@RS-A001> We've lost it, needless to say

[23:01] <pbc> Was Aiken one the people?

[23:01] <Teh> how much money did you get?

[23:01] <JoeAnonymous> The final reward was money?

[23:02] <@RS-A001> Yes

[23:02] <JoeAnonymous> How much?

[23:02] <@RS-A001> Upper five figures

[23:02] <pbc> Haha

[23:02] <Teh> wowzers

[23:02] <Teh> why bombs

[23:02] <DeafAnon> But, it wasn't about the money.

[23:02] <@RS-A001> No

[23:02] <@RS-A001> It was

[23:02] <JoeAnonymous> So what was on the second disc in the first package

[23:03] <@RS-A001> It was the same

[23:03] <@RS-A001> The reward was the experience, the money just motivation.

[23:03] <pbc> What was going to happen at the next clue site?

[23:03] <@RS-A001> Nothing

[23:03] <@RS-A001> I will not be there.

[23:03] <@RS-A001> I expect there are individuals who are prepared to kill me

[23:03] <@RS-A001> And making a personal appearance would be foolish

[23:04] <@RS-A001> I am not going to make another mistake.

[23:04] <@Descent> Will you ever try anything like this again?

[23:04] <@RS-A001> In a few decades

[23:04] <@RS-A001> I am not prepared I'm afraid

[23:05] <@RS-A001> I'm sorry, I have no more power

[23:05] <@RS-A001> I have to go.

[23:05] <@RS-A001> None of you made a mistake.


  • June 15th: mystery OP by the name of Oversight posts a mysterious challenge on /b/. Anon figures out it is a clue which gives a set of coordinates that is located in south florida
  • August 15th: Everyone was too retarded and couldn't find the package until 2 months later when a brave anon named Tom finally went and got it. It turned out to be a new clue. Anon figures out this clue and it is another set of coordinates near the first location. Also another anon named November scouts out the 1st location after the packaged had already been obtained. Oversight turned out to be hiding and taking pictures of November which he posted.
  • August 16th: A new team of 5 anons (including November) go out to obtain package #2. They have success but Oversight stalked them again and posted more pics. Also some of the team chased Oversight but he got away.
  • August 17th: A subset of the 5 anons who went to location #2 went back out at around 4am that same morning to search for package #3 but they have no luck, possibly because Oversight has said we must wait until "After August 21st"
  • August 22nd: The third package is also recovered, providing a new clue. Rumor has it that photos of Oversight were also taken.
  • August 22nd, later: Oversight claims failure and calls off Project 905. He admits the prize was money, and says it will now be donated to a defence contractor. He is NOT Aiken.

The Stone Mountain Challenge

On September 25, 2008, an anon claiming to be Oversight posted a thread containing another challenge: The Stone Mountain Challenge

"Hello /b/. Earlier in the year i created a game. A game where anons joined together to test their wits to gain the ultimate prize. It was also a test to see how skilled i am for creating events. It failed. It failed not only on my behalf but on the anons. I said a while ago the project is dead and i will try it again in a few decades. I apologize but i have lied. I was concerned about my safety. This time around its different. There will be rules and regulations and if one of them is broken the project will be OVER. The rules are: Dont do anything you know will be stupid. That will be up to you to decide. Well without any further ado let me present you /b/ with the Stone Mountain Challenge."


The zip contains a picture, what seems to be four corrupt pictures, and a text file, inside the text file...

"Have fun Anons, Oh yeah and remember Oversight sees all! Dont be stupid, follow the rules or there will be prices to pay!"

More to come.

Update: This has been deemed to have been a trolling. Good Day, sirs.

New developments, I posted some findings based on further investigation into the package on /x/. It could all still be a troll, but if this is new to anyone, let me know. Here is my original post on /x/:

Ok, OP here.

If you do a file comparison in WinMerge of each photo to one another, you end up with two coordinates in the end. Anyone with the original package who knows how to use WinMerge can verify this for themselves.

I got these:

33.8086418955767, -84.17430639266968

40.97575093157534, -73.9874267578125

And the images together are named such that they spell: Which is it

Not counting the other two pictures. One of the coordinates points to an area on Stone Mountain:


The other points here, which seems to go nowhere really, thus the question: Which is it?


Maybe it's all bullshit, but I don't know if anyone else found these before calling it a troll. I was just reading the article and dicking around when I found these. Make of them what you will anon.

Operation Foresight 7/15/2009

A challenger appears

While /b/ was busy fapping to illegal child gore porn and dreaming about getting out of their basements, Oversight made another post. Of course the thread was lost to the filthy anus that is /b/ and another thread was promptly put on /x/ (Which is also a filthy anus, but this one's filled with ghosts and moves slower.) GPS coordinates were found cleverly hidden in the picture that was posted by "Oversight !bUSQqYpY.A" (note: this is NOT the same tripcode he used in the last incident. This was later determined to be because it was a different Oversight, who was nicknamed Foresight.) The coordinates, (25.118042, -80.420292) led to a clearing near the Largo Lodge Motel in Key Largo.

In addition to that, a few anons (primarily "ploop" and "FireHawk_") managed to contact Foresight electronically. Names from the last incident were dropped and comparisons were made with people who were in the IRC at the time. It turned out that Foresight had been lurking in the IRC monitoring our progress. This is confirmed by chat logs from the anons who managed to contact him. Foresight's IRC identity is unknown and isn't really pertinent to the investigation. /b/ was hit up for volunteers to search the site and very few people answered the call, one anon (Corporal Freegard) volunteered and apparently ventured out to find the package, possibly hoping that it contained win or dicks. When he returned, he gave the following post.

Corporal Freegard here (again) I checked out the site but couldnt find anything I saw a couple of homeless guys wandering about so one of them may have taken whatever it is, theres aslo the possibility it may of been buried but to be honest i doubt it im gonna head back now good luck to nayone else whos gonna go look for it.


—Corporal Freegard

The project is moved to California.

Later that day, Foresight posted this is the same thread:

You have failed this challenge, anonymous. You took too long and... the package is, well, let's say it's a bit washed up.I think it's time operations moved. To give others a chance... ...in another state."


—Oversight !bUSQqYpY.A

As if they had a say in what was going on, anons all over /x/ shouted that their state was superior and they promised to find a way to unfuse their asshairs from the computer chairs if Foresight would just please pick them. Then the Mexicans took over and the thread died.

Later, another reply to the same thread was posted, once again by Foresight with the tripcode. He accompanied his post with a picture of a landmark in California. It simply said, "You know what to do." Coordinates were quickly pulled from this second picture. It identified the new location as Long Beach, California. The almighty Google Earth had spoken, and it had told us to go west.

Early in the morning on July 17, a brave anon by the name of helloworld made the exhausting (15 minute) journey to the California site. The rest of the internet awaited with bated breath and fury that this anon was able to crawl out of the basement. Once he returned, helloworld told us that it was a bottle with a notice inside. The notice read:

House ~.~ cc.gf0bd -aah.aid0ea ~.~ SHED SOME LIGHT ON THIS
Location number 2, Lions Lighthouse for Sight

Top CIA agents worked countless hours and finally realized that not only were assholes tasty, but that a simple system of a=1, b=2 c=3 etc could be used to decipher the code. This returned the coordinates, (33.76024 -118.194051) which led us to a lighthouse in Long Beach, named Lions Lighthouse for Sight. Later the next day, operatives Shadowz and Jessi traveled to the location to search for the package, but after a combined total of nearly 6 hours of searching, no note or package was recovered.

After several days, amidst the tide of fucktards trying to throw off the game by posing as Oversight, the possible true Foresight finally returned on IRC to up the ante:[[Collapse IRC logs][Expand IRC logs]]

[00:42] <Chemo> ok, is the package in the lighthouse location, then?
[00:42] <@ar2> so he is a trol?
[00:42] <OV3RS16H7> No, the package is not. I asked for silence, and did not get any.
[00:42] <OV3RS16H7> Yes, ar2.
[00:42] <OV3RS16H7> May I speak without interruption?
[00:42] <@ar2> yes, go on
[00:43] <OV3RS16H7> Helloworld is an agent. That is not his name, but it is what you know him by.
[00:43] <OV3RS16H7> He aided the progress. The first package was in fact package 0.
[00:43] <OV3RS16H7> It was expecting to "kick off", if you will, the search.
[00:43] <OV3RS16H7> The rest of my packages will not be so easy.
[00:44] <OV3RS16H7> I will tell you now; I am not the same Oversight.
[00:44] * keioloaf ([email protected]) has joined #FalconPunch
[00:44] <OV3RS16H7> I will also tell you this: I work for him.
[00:44] <OV3RS16H7> No, we are not some secret organization.
[00:44] <OV3RS16H7> We are, though, an organization nonetheless.
[00:45] <NegiSpringfield> I feel so foolish listening to this tripe
[00:45] <OV3RS16H7> Then perhaps you should remove yourself.
[00:45] * NegiSpringfield was kicked by ar2 (NegiSpringfield)
[00:45] <OV3RS16H7> The package will arrive at LEO LAS.
[00:45] <OV3RS16H7> That is for you to figure out. Thank you, and goodbye.

According to this, the current Foresight and helloworld work for the original Oversight, and the difficulty of the following packages would be increasing from here on out. Shortly afterward, he appeared to make a statement:

Now, on to business. It seems that "operatives" have been unable to find the package. This might be because it isn't there yet. LEO LAS



The meaning of "LEO LAS" is theorized to mean the lighthouse "Lions Lighthouse for Sight" (shorthanded to Leo L4S), and the sign Leo, beginning on July 23.

Two unknown persons descending to lighthouse(?) basement. HAHAHA DISREGARD THAT, I SUCK COCKS

Surely enough, new messages have arisen on July 23 with this accompanying image. The post reads:

Some people tend to forget that lighthouses have basements. ... Go now. 5:13 EST. Post ends @ 5:16



Haha disregard this, another search revealed there is no basement and that Foresight is quite possibly a gigantic faggot.

The game changes once again. A mysterious fellow by the name of IenzoRellim appeared in the IRC to help with the LEO LAS puzzling, leading operatives to several conclusions. LAS may stand for Leo, Aries, and Sagittarius; Leo representing the lighthouse, Aries representing Aries International a few blocks north of the lighthouse, and Sagittarius representing Archer Pipe Co some distance away in Long Beach.

[[Collapse IRC logs][Expand IRC logs]]

02:54<IenzoRellim>: They say Aries and Leo get along better than Sagittarius and Leo
02:54<Damascus>: you're blowing my mind man
02:54<Damascus>: i'm Taurus
02:54<IenzoRellim>: so I guess it makes sense that he would be a little further away from the couple.
02:55<IenzoRellim>: I guess the smoking Sagittarius doesn't want to interfer with the Aries/Leo couple.
02:55<Damascus>: my head is starting to h-...
02:55<Damascus>: waaaaait
02:56<Damascus>: is sagittarius a centaur?
02:56<IenzoRellim>: Archer
02:57<Damascus>: smoking Sagittarius
02:57<Damascus>: archer pipe co?
02:57<IenzoRellim>: Ding ding, Damascus.
02:57<IenzoRellim>: Congrats.
02:57<Damascus>: thank yew
02:57<IenzoRellim>: Now, what does this mean?
02:58<Damascus>: all three signs are in the same area of long beach
02:58<Damascus>: sagittarius being the furthest away
02:59<Damascus>: aries and leo being right close together
02:59<Damascus>: but sagittarius is an archer
02:59<IenzoRellim>: Two people close together?
02:59<IenzoRellim>: One far away?
02:59<IenzoRellim>: Odd.
03:00<Damascus>: two people close, one far away
03:00<Damascus>: enemy?
03:00<Damascus>: o.o
03:00<IenzoRellim>: Dingding
03:00<Damascus>: sagittarius is the enemy
03:00<IenzoRellim>: -sigh-
03:01<Damascus>: wut superdriver
03:01<Damascus>: shine some LIGHT on this
03:01<Damascus>: i wonder if that has to do with sagittarius since leo is a lighthouse
03:01<Damascus>: i don't think the light would reach that far though
03:02<IenzoRellim>: The lighthouse's light doesn't reach the Archer
03:02<IenzoRellim>: He's cloaked in darkness.
03:02<Damascus>: okay so it's not that
03:02<SuperDriver>: it's obvious we are the darkness, we are anonymous after all
03:03<IenzoRellim>: DINGDING SuperDriver
03:03<Damascus>: so perhaps we are supposed to go to Sagittarius
03:03<Damascus>: if we are the darkness :D
03:03<Damascus>: but oversight said the package would arrive at LEO LAS
03:04<Damascus>: wait... LAS
03:04<Damascus>: couldn't be
03:04<Damascus>: Leo Aries Sagittarius
03:04<IenzoRellim>: :D
03:04<Damascus>: oh god i shit brix

Shortly afterward, unfortunately, the chat went dead, clues ran dry, and before long, the operation was ended. This was all that would be heard from Foresight.

Operation Cardinal

The third game is afoot.

The date is September 24, 2009. The game starts anew only weeks after Foresight vanished. This time, a fellow by the name of Cardinal offered up yet a third challenge in the theme of Oversight.

"/x/, I am here to issue a challenge. We will finish what Oversight began and what 'Foresight' failed to even begin."


—Cardinal !!x00d0yIsvVI

Package 1 - Greed

Package #1: Greed

After the standard initial 4chan cockbaggery, someone finally got serious and pulled a set of coordinates from the posted image's EXIF data: 28.061594, -82.353398. The coordinates pointed to an overpass just outside of Tampa. Acting outside of its usual habit, 4chan quickly rounded up operatives within a couple hours of the initial post to head to the site, including veteran januszeal.

Upon arriving, the initial report came in that nothing was found, but after a few others joined and the search went on longer, a package was eventually uncovered.

A small box labelled "To: Charity, From: Greed" contained a set of pennies with a number on the back of each. On site, operatives lined them up by minting year to get the second set of coordinates: 40.009286, -76.116372

The second package points to a location near Lancaster, PA. It is confirmed that this is a nationwide game, and there are possibly going to be seven clues, based on the seven deadly sins, which was hinted at in the previous game. Some have also taken to calling Cardinal "Insight," an apparently less faggy name.

Package 2 - Envy

Package #2... Isn't that nice?

In his latest post, Cardinal states that the package will be placed on September 29th, and only shortly afterward, /b/ caught on to /x/'s exploits and tried hard to bring the game down. At least 100 people pretended to get the package, only for Cardinal to shoot down the fakes, and Over 9000 operatives were supposedly sent to PA, only for us to never hear from them again. At this time, the game was moved to a more secure site.

At long last, a loyal friend named Skimbosh ventured to PA in the wee hours of noon and successfully retrieved the package, which was quite obviously still there.

Protip: Add fake blood splatters for dramatic effect!

In addition to the broken cellphone, the mirror, and broken glass that may or may not have been laced in SARS, there were a few strips of crumpled paper that read the following:

"Our path has already been determined, /x/." - Cardinal

"Broke Greed's Bank, he can't use it. Broke Pride's Mirror, cant't look in it. Gluttony Wrath Sloth They have nothing that I want."

The coordinates gathered from package 2 were 47.470901, -94.879367, pointing to an Injun statue in Bemidji, MN. While we wait for Minnesota operatives, we have plenty of time to decode interesting pictures left by Cardinal, and think up interesting stories to tell our children:[[Collapse IRC logs][Expand IRC logs]]

[11:17]	<Anonymous357>	cardigan waited
[11:17]	<Anonymous357>	the bottles above him crashed and smashed out of the air
[11:17]	<Anonymous357>	there were operatives in the target area
[11:18]	<Anonymous357>	he didn;t see them because he wasn't a faget like oversight
[11:18]	<Anonymous357>	but he had expected them now for days
[11:18]	<Anonymous357>	his warnings to cernal anonymous were listened to and now it was not too late
[11:18]	<Anonymous357>	far too not late for now, anyway
[11:18]	<Anonymous357>	cardigan was a mysterious twunt for fourteen years
[11:19]	<Anonymous357>	when he was young he watched the oversight and he said to dad "i want to be a mysterious twunt too daddy"
[11:19]	<Anonymous357>	dad said "NO, U WILL BE KILL BY /b/tards and set fire to and shat on"
[11:19]	<Anonymous357>	there was a time when he believed him
[11:19]	<Anonymous357>	then as he got oldered he stoped
[11:20]	<Anonymous357>	but now in the paul bunyan weird ass statue farm of minesotta he knew there were operatives
[11:20]	<Anonymous357>	"this is jz" the radio crackered
[11:20]	<Anonymous357>	"you must confuse the retards"
[11:20]	<Anonymous357>	so cardigan got his fake blood and made a box
[11:21]	<Anonymous357> HE GOING TO KILL US shouted the anonymous
[11:21]	<Anonymous357> I WILL FIND THE PACKAGE said soup and he fired the get lost in PA
[11:21]	<Anonymous357> cardigan did nothing at him and tried to blew him up
[11:21]	<Anonymous357> but then the night fell and they were trapped and not able to irc
[11:22]	<Anonymous357> NO, I MUST CONFUSE THE OPERATIVES said cardigan
[11:22]	<Anonymous357> the radio said "NO, PSA, YOU ARE THE CARDIGAN"
[11:22]	<Anonymous357> and then saligia was envy

Package 3 - Wrath

Late the night of October 1st, a brave geek INTERNET SUPERHERO by the name of Carter, aka clutch!cDHwwwva1A, aka Carter the Clutch, aka the fucking man, aka the president of the computer club [citations needed], was contacted in Bemidji, MN, who offered to get the package near the Indian statue in the coordinates. The location was reportedly covered in police tape, and a bunch of bloody paper towels were found near a voodoo doll, hidden under a rock. Stitched inside were the coordinates, cut to pieces. There was also a note accompanying them that we have yet to learn the details of. Package 4 is located here: 40.86492, -74.074795. As we await further details and pictures, Cardinal posted again with another cryptic message.

"Some of you have noticed the oddness of this next location. Of course, when things go exactly as planned, it's not very interesting, is it? This package is much more different than the previous ones. For example, you will need more than the coordinates to solve this puzzle.

Consider everything up until now freebies. They were to make sure that people were taking this seriously. I won't so easily hand out the coordinates from now on."


—Cardinal !!qvAwqxZJR4

Package 4 - Pride

Libraries are for quitters.

The coordinates that were recovered by Carter pointed to Cardinal's secret hideout the Free Public Library of Hasbrouck Heights. PSA was able to contact Carter to verify what the slips of paper said (the one's other than the coordinates) which, in addition to repeating obscenities, said, "Shhhhhhhh" and "Careful". Clutch Carter returned to IRC tonight, and after telling us tales of being in car accidents (and taking it like a man) and starting fights with cranky old men he relayed to us this message:

"Turns out the doll was too wet to find a note that was inside it, one of my club members discovered it while picking through the stuffing of the doll. here goes:

"Margaret + Letty were best of friends until my friend broke them apart. It was too easy. One wants to be great, and the other IS. If I were her, I'd just kill the other, anger fixes all.

You'll need my virtue for this one""



After much internet sleuthing one of the operatives in IRC figured out this corresponded to the book "All Is Vanity" which just so happens to be in stock at the Hasbrouck Public Library. The virtue that the clue refers to is believed to be Pride.

The design is driving people insane.

An operative by the name of KyodaShiro gathered a friend, living only a few blocks away from the library, and ventured to the library, quickly finding the book and discovering the clue. It was a folded over piece of paper and mirror; on the piece of paper was a strange circular pattern, as well as a picture of Yotsuba and "E Seerley" written backwards underneath it. It was marked "To: Humility, From: Pride."

After OneEigth pointed out that Yotsuba meant 404, Operatives tracked the address to 404 E Seerley Blvd, Cedar Falls, Black Hawk, Iowa, the address of a park/swimming pool. It is still unclear what the significance of the image in the package was, but there is much speculation on what the image's origins might be. Some say it's a 15th Century French foliate pattern which was a wildly popular art style in that period, while others say it bears semblance to the Rosicrucian Cross used by the Rosicrucian Order.

Meanwhile, Cardinal is posting stranger and stranger messages:

The operatives among us have more in common than meets the eye. Everyone feels the common bond. Everyone sees the monotony of everyday life, and is less than pleased. This is why the operatives are gathered here, and one of the reasons we have assembled this game. Here are the people truly meant for these tasks, as you will continue to see.

To say that the first three packages were to make sure people were serious is a bit of an oversimplification. Perhaps as a better way to put it, it was to gather people of like minds. The true game starts from here. There are still many questions left to be answered, and the answers will come to you as the game continues.

My next question is partially rhetoric, as I have a considerable suspicion I already know the answer. However, it is a question that must be asked anyway.

Members of Anonymous, /x/, our operatives: Are you Truth-seekers or Wealth-seekers?


—Cardinal !!qvAwqxZJR4

I certainly see more Truth-seekers. As expected. Those who take part in a game like this tend to be those driven to solve what is placed in front of them. Especially the dedicated ones that we have gathered so far.

Truth-seekers, if you overcome the challenges, we hope to thoroughly satisfy your drive for knowledge.


—Cardinal !!qvAwqxZJR4

Only three more to go. You've displayed your virtuousness very well, and the sinful are proud. The time for the end is coming, and we seven are sad to see it come.

Even this game is a part of something much bigger. You know it isn't the beginning, but neither is it the end. Our purpose is part of an even bigger purpose. Your virtues guide the way. Soon, members of anonymous, we will meet.

Pride got a new mirror. As such, Pride is happy, but has been acting in a risky way quite a bit. Gluttony doesn't trust Envy. He's missing something important, and Envy's claiming innocence. Lust is a little paranoid. He wants complete privacy and doesn't want to be seen. Sloth has been silent for quite a long time. What is he thinking?

Continue seeking the truth, Truth-seekers. Your virtue leads us all to it.


—Cardinal !!qvAwqxZJR4

Package 5 - Lust

It took a while, but finally The Brave Sir Nego was coaxed into venturing hundreds of over 9000 miles to what would have been the 5th package. Unbeknownst to him, however, some GIGANTIC FAGGOT saw it fit to steal the package before the brave anon arrived on the scene. Instead of finding packages all he found was underwear, bra's, used condoms, and some writing on a wall that said "It's not here anymore".

An artists rendering of Nego's return to IRC.

So, since the package was stolen Cardigan decided to throw us a bone and give us the following message:

Evidently, two hours is enough to expose and violate and take my package before a potential Chastity may arrive. As such, I am disappointed, but not in you. I will give you another chance.

I have strewn the clue across a wide imageboard you used to be familiar with. Gather the clues, post haste, Truth-seekers, before they suffer the same fate as Lust's package. Gather them to reach the package here: (see below)

I trust you to do well with this one. Gluttony is anxious, yet Sloth is still silent. The rest of us six wonder what is afoot.

After this, there are only two more. Then, you can find out who we really are.


—Cardinal !!qvAwqxZJR4

The site he was referencing above (which couldn't be pasted in the quote because wiki quotations sucks) was: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=????????

A sample of the clues in the video.
The supposed location of the next package.

Long story short, after sifting through all the CP, gore, and other miscellaneous porn in the file downloaded from the site, it revealed the clues to locate the next package. The clue came in the form a video:

Embed isn't working, just go here

The clues in the video, albeit creepy, pointed to a quaint little track housing patch in Vallejo, CA.

Package 6 - Gluttony

Several of our operatives lived in California, but seemed to have trouble making the trip, as they were far too poor. So, as Anonymous were forced to just hang around and fuck as they waited, a lone rebel named bob made the solitary journey to Vallejo to recover the package.

Looks yummy.

What was found was a red box containing several food items, as well as a coin marked with the phrases. "Two in the bush," "Nonchalance," and "Ni estar perd, sed ni estas ripar tempo." After racking their brains to figure this one out, it later turned out to be a massive red herring; it was a clue from another ARG in California called EPWA.

However, an actual clue was recovered from the jar of jelly inside the package; a crumpled up map that pointed to a lighthouse in Mt. Dora, FL. Shortly after the clue was recovered, Cardinal returned:

Cardigan suspect #1.

And now Sloth is all that remains. You venture into the unknown as you return to a familiar place; even we six know not what Sloth has in store for you. It is time for you to show your Diligence and bring this game to a close. This is all I can offer you for this final package:

You must go on October 17 or 18. As far as we know, any other days are useless.

The game has gone well; it has served as excellent preparation, tame though it may be. Greater men than you could have failed easily at even the simplest of tasks. You may not have shown perfect Virtue, but I trust in your Diligence. I am certain that if you found even all six previous packages easy, this one will be quite different. If you manage to solve this one, we seven will show you who we really are. You have come to know most of us very well already. You may have suspected it. After Sloth is conquered, you will find out which of your friends are sinners.


—Cardinal !!qvAwqxZJR4

Package 7 - Sloth

januszeal and his ragtag group of heroes have gotten together to trek to the final package on the 17th. Upon arriving, they found a telephone wire and a note with a sixth graders hand writing telling them to look for all the pieces.

The seekers are not calling everything into question. Don't give up. Keep looking, keep thinking, and treat everything as thought it were suspicious.

One of the pieces is a bit out of reach. Stand by the large sign at the end of the peninsula and look back. Then, figure out how to get it. You're just not thinking things all the way through.


—Cardinal !!qvAwqxZJR4

After much searching and much straightforward clues from cardigan, all the pieces were found and contact with cardigan was made. It turned out that sloth was a gigantic faggot and decided to defy cardigan. As such, this leads to another game involving egyptian heads. Some believe it will be called Yugioh GX.

[[Collapse IRC logs][Expand IRC logs]]

<jz|mobile> he said 
[jz|mobile] there was a vote 
[jz|mobile] and it was decided they didnt want to give us a prize 
[+DJIDDQD] what 
[+DJIDDQD] really 
[+keioloaf] wut 
[jz|mobile] sloth didnt like that 
[bob] wow 
[jz|mobile] and is taking over
[jz|mobile] see us in a few months 
[jz|mobile] *click*
[bob] ...... 
[+keioloaf] wat 
[+DJIDDQD] what 
[+keioloaf] WAT 

In the meantime, cardigan has promised that the names of the sins will still be revealed.

The rest of us six have spoken. Sloth has defied us, and refuses to give up his identity. We have chosen to respect his wishes. He was upset that we were not leaving a material reward, but as you chose to be Truth-seekers, that is what we shall give you.

Despite Sloth's defiance, you have shown yourselves very capable. Congratulations. You have won our game. How it goes from here is up to you. Sloth says he will return in a couple months. Where and how even we do not know.

I will gather the other five sins that have remained loyal, and within a few days, we will reveal ourselves. I wish I could show you now, but I must wait until I can have the sins introduce themselves personally.

Once again, your reward will come soon. You have won this game. How it goes from here is up to you.


—Cardinal !!qvAwqxZJR4

So far, we know that chemo, the person who couldn't stop bragging about being pride, was in fact pride, and that Damascus was lust (he must have loved collecting all those used condoms there or something).

  • Cardinal/Envy - IenzoRellim;
  • Lust - Damascus;
  • Pride - Chemo;
  • Greed - Bluebomberx1;
  • Wrath - PSA;
  • Gluttony - CaptKing

This marks the end of this game. Cardinal admits that even the sins do not know what Sloth is planning. Stay tuned for Operation Cardigan 2: Electric Boogaloo, starring Sloth.

For further information hit up IRC channel #falconpunch on irc.helldive.org where it's always been.

Project905 Revived?

The picture that's up now. "Almost" in black text

Out of nowhere http://project905.com reappears, offering another challenge. Much is not known at this point but will continue to update.

We got the first package for project 905, found the location for the second - a tower in Clearwater FL. JanusZeal and others spent a long time searching the site, found nothing. Went back again, since we were thinking maybe it hadn't been dropped off yet. Package wasn't there. 'Oversight' posts on 4chan's /x/ saying THE PACKAGE HAS BEEN FOUND, and that the people who found it had contacted him. It was nobody from the IRC. Nobody's come forward saying anything about the package, so we obviously can't get the clue to the next location. We, or at least I'm assuming a /b/tard got it, since it was posted on 4chan /x/, which is /b/ lite.

tl;dr package found, not by one of us. We're boned.

New Info:The site apparently displays a string of Morse code that translates to "CONGRATSONTRANSLATINGTHISSIMPLECIPHER,IT'DBEONCOMEFEB"

Viewing the source, one can find this picture: http://project905.com/reminiscence.jpg , which seems to be an altered version of the original pic from the last operation. It pertains to one of the first packages of the redux, and is old news at this point.

It's February 27th, and Oversight hasn't done shit. Way to go.

      • UPDATE***

16th March, Oversight returns to /x/ posting some number shit, along with a hex message which read "g00d?luc|<?it\'s not?easy?once?you?get it?go there......"

the coded numbers were decoded and the message read "purple wiretapped do what i say and you wont fail go to the old mill ! its easy to find, hwy 95 dont fail me"

leading clever anons to the Old Mill on highway 95, accross the street from Andy's Trucking and Equipment. co-ords: 27.095172,-80.25942 (these are provided by anon, and probably do not show the exact place of the package, just a general idea of where the Old Mill is) The meanings of 'Purple' and 'Wiretapped' were not found. "Oversight" performed some magical faggotry in the /x/ thread, by deleting his posts which confirmed the location and that the package will have to be found by the 20th of March. That afternoon, several internet superheros drove from FGCU to the location, only to find that the "mill" was, in fact, an active water treatment facility, and that the new package was, in fact, a hoax not perpetrated by Oversight but by some lonely /x/tards according to email conversation, thanks to these brave anons with nothing better to do with thier time, the lonely /x/tard's plan was foiled.

Something new also seems to have appeared on the horizon.

"Authorized personnel can check rendezvous info here: http://project905.com/comatas.html Unauthorized personnel should know that I have full license to use any means to protect the security of these transmissions. I believe that punishing even minor transgressions with shockingly excessive force is the best deterrent. I am relentless, and I have absolutely no conscience when it comes to executing my mission. Make your[5] decisions accordingly."

The last three links posted by Oversight on the site--bbs, comatas, and humptydumpty--all result in a 404 error.

June 16 - The project905 website is now officially down. The end of this highly disappointing event.

June 22 - The 404 pages are not what they seem [6] and [7]

Look for a DIV named ses on each page there is a encryption key:


Above from comatas.html


Above from humptydumpty.html

AS OF 6/30/2010 if you click on the blue 404 image on project905.com it will bring you to a swf site, go check it out at http://www.project905.com/final.swf (see image below)

7/20/2010 - Oversight, being the hardcore fuckwit that he is, posts 2 pictures of his newly acquired BB guns, see http://project905.com/ and http://project905.com/todaytoo.jpg

On said .swf page, when 'Showroom' is clicked the following image appears briefly File:905swf.jpg Possibly the location of a package?

      • Update

7/25/2010 I checked Project905.com and everything that may or may not have been a clue on the site ends with a 404. Not even the blue 404 image link works. BUT! They all end in the same 404 error.(The blue image, not the error that lists sites an crap.) Maybe this is Oversight telling us something. Or maybe the project really is over! YOU DECIDE!!

Pole was found. Bees were found. Site went down. Something may still be out there. Emphasis on the bees.

Allsight's Fuckery

Like Oversight, Foresight, and Cardinal before me, I set out to bring the denizens of /x/ to the light.


—Allsight !6Xyw.o7/8.

Some idiot posting on /x/ under the trip Allsight (I say idiot because the thread flopped, his trip was not secure at all, and all his first post contained was the number 1 and a picture) initiated a new game.


Hidden within the picture was a string of binary that translated to "A new game begins August 12th." (01000001 00100000 01101110 01100101 01110111 00100000 01100111 01100001 01101101 01100101 00100000 01100010 01100101 01100111 01101001 01101110 01110011 00100000 01000001 01110101 01100111 01110101 01110011 01110100 00100000 00110001 00110010 01110100 01101000 00101110) Whether or not the game pans out is to be seen; we just have to wait for an update on the 12th so we should keep our eyes peeled. The poster also has an ego the size of Texas because he went on compare himself to Oversight in his mission to "bring people to the light."

For further information head over to the original meeting place, headed up by jANUSzeal (Of the 'very first game' fame) IRC channel #falconpunch on irc.helldive.org where it's always been, and always will be.

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