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Operation Fairbridge

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Operation Fairbridge is part of the kiddie-sex scandal...
Jim'll Fix It!

Following swiftly on the heels of Operation Yewtree, its remorseless scrutinisation of Jimmy Savile and others of his ilk, Operation Fairbank was a "scoping exercise" set up by the Metropolitan Police Service in late 2012 following claims made in Parliament by Labour Party MP Tom Watson about a "powerful paedophile network linked to Parliament and No 10". A full-scale criminal investigation was then launched in early 2013 called Operation Fernbridge.

But no-one cares about the technical difference between the two ops, which is why this article is called Operation Fairbridge.

Watson referred to Peter Righton, a former consultant to the National Children's Bureau, who was convicted of importing and possessing illegal homosexual pornographic material in 1992. Watson said that files on Righton contained "clear intelligence of a widespread paedophile ring...One of its members boasts of a link to a senior aide of a former Prime Minister, who says he could smuggle indecent images of children from abroad."

With us so far? Good.

Peter and pals

Peter Righton. I'd trust him with my kids, wouldn't you?

Back in the good old days when your gran and grandpa were bouncing up and down on space-hoppers, i.e., the 1970s, the man Tom Watson named in Parliament in 2012, Peter Righton (who is now alas naught but a skellington resting in the cold, cold earth: Goodnight, sweet prince), was a member of a group of like-minded perky playfellows who together made up a formal organisation known as the Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE).

Paedo power!

In PIE leaflets, Righton (a child care expert and children's home consultant by trade) argued for reducing the age of consent to four. Amazingly some loony lefties accepted PIE's argument that peedos deserved legal equality. And (I shit you not) PIE proposed that social workers should refer to kidfuckers as "Kind People", since discriminatory language was a tool of the patriarchy, right on man.

PIE was officially affiliated with the UK's National Council for Civil Liberties (NCCL, now better known simply as "Liberty").

NCCL wanted to lower the age of consent to 14 (a compromise with PIE's proposed four years) and decriminalise wincest, stating: “We support any organisation that seeks to campaign for anything it wants within the law. They have that right.”

Paedo politics

Among NCCL's legal officers was a solicitor named Harriet Harman, later an MP and made Equalities Minister under Tony Blair

NCCL general secretary Patricia Hewitt, later an MP, was made Blair's Health Secretary.

Hatty Harperson (lol!): "It seemed like a good idea at the time..."

NCCL chairman Henry Hodge was a Labour councillor in the London borough of Islington, as was his wife Margaret.

Parliament passed the Protection of Children Act (1978) and NCCL went BAWWWWWWWWW.

NCCL's official response (signed by Harman) claimed that the new law could lead to “damaging and absurd prosecutions” and “increase censorship”, arguing that that a CP should not be considered "indecent" unless the child's suffering was proven.

Peedy Peter Hayman

But all in vain: Several PIE members (but not Righton) were V& and B&.

It was then revealed that a PIE member known as "Mr Henderson" was a former high commissioner in Canada and worked for Britain's Secret Intelligence Service (SIS, better known as MI6). He had not even been arrested, just let off with a warning.

MP Geoffrey Dickens identified "Henderson" as Sir Peter Hayman, but the Attorney General declined to prosecute Hayman for some unexplained reason.

(Remember Hayman's name: It reappears later along this merry path, just when you're likely to have forgotten all about him).

Leon Brittan hot on the trail of child sex, as usual

Dickens told newspapers that he had learned of a child-sexing ring involving "big, big names – people in positions of power, influence and responsibility" and threatened to expose them if no action was taken against PIE.

In November 1983 Dickens handed a file of evidence to Thatcher's then-Home SecretaryLeon Brittan . In return Dickens promised not to name any more VIP paedophiles.

Nothing happened.

In January 1984 dogged diddler-detective Dickens handed Sir Leon a second dossier, this time about child sex abuse in a specific children's care home and naming a prominent TV executive. Brittan assured him that his allegations would be "fully investigated."

Nothing happened.

Blahdi-blah, anyhow, Hayman was B& on an unrelated charge and PIE disbanded itself to much bawwwing from loyal fans. Sir Leon Brittan did nothing.

Paedo plots

In 1985, Jason Swift, 14, was drugged, gang-raped and then killed by Sydney Cooke and three accomplices. Swift is believed to have run away from Islington council's Conewood Street home, although the relevant files have disappeared along with many others allegedly destroyed by council officers during subsequent events.

MP Geoffrey Dickens told Parliament that his life was in danger as a result of his moral crusade against powerful pedalos:

Sadly, vast sums are exchanged for child-adult pornography. The noose around my neck grew tighter after I named a former high-flying British diplomat on the Floor of the House. Hon. Members will understand that where big money is involved and as important names came into my possession so the threats began. First, I received threatening telephone calls followed by two burglaries at my London home. Then, more seriously, my name appeared on a multi-killer's hit list. So the threats went on.


—Geoffrey Dickens MP, House of Commons speech

Smilin' Sidney Cooke esq, boy-raper to the gentry

Suddenly ... nothing happened.

In 1989 Sid Cooke, Stephen Barrell, Robert Oliver and Leslie Bailey were sent down at the Old Bailey for the manslaughter of Jason Swift, having pleaded that, while they did indeed drug him and then relentlessly bumrape him, they didn't actually mean to kill him. (Oh, and for conspiracy to commit an indecent offence).

It was reported (Daily Express, 13 May 1989) that the convicted men were...

said to be members of a massive underground paedophile network which stretches across Britain and into Europe [...] Detectives even heard allegations that a former Cabinet Minister and other MPs were involved in child-sex activities. None was questioned.


Margaret Hodge: "Paedos? In my care-homes?"

In 1990, Islington council leader Cllr Margaret Hodge – wife of NCCL chairman Henry Hodge (see above) and friend and neighbour to Labour MP Tony Blair in Islington's Richmond Crescent – received reports from social workers of a paedophile ring that was abusing children in council care homes.

Cllr Hodge didn't exactly do nothing. She accused the social workers of being ”obsessional”. But she didn't do anything else.

One of them later recalled: "We were criticised as ‘hysterical’ and told in no uncertain terms to stop interviewing children and to cease child protection conferences forthwith.”

Following up leads inn an unrelated investigation, Cambridgeshire police busted Nicholas Rabet, owner of a children's activity centre in East Sussex. They found his home was full of photographs of young boys taken without their knowledge.

Until 1980 Rabet had been deputy head of an Islington council children’s home (114 Grosvenor Avenue). He was under suspicion at the time due to his "friendship" with an emotionally-disturbed boy in the home, regularly taking him away to stay at his activity centre.

After Rabet left Islington, the boy had told Sussex police how Rabet had got him pissed and then molested him, but Rabet was never charged.

In 1992 John Rea Price quit as Islington's social services director and was made Director of the National Children’s Bureau (NCB).

Not long after his departure, a paedo ring was indeed found to be basically running Islington Council's children’s homes.

Price joined PIE's Peter Righton on the NCB steering committee to examine ways of "training staff to work with disturbed young people". HM customs officers then intercepted CP posted (from Holland) to Righton. The 5-O raided his home and found hundreds of letters between him and other peeds, describing how they had popped the cherries of numerous little boys.

Righton’s buttboy lover (a grown-up, so that's OK) actually ran New Barns School in Gloucestershire. Righton himself was a governor. It turned out that damaged kids from Islington's 12 care homes were (for some unknown reason) being transferred straight into the diddling duo's clutches.

Well, popular BBC detective series "Bergerac" was set on Jersey, wasn't it? Shame he wasn't on the Righton case, really

One Islington boy was driven to New Barns School by Nicholas Rabet himself, who regularly took other care home children on trips to Jersey, where he had begun his child services career.

Other boys somehow ended up being illegally transferred into the Channel Island state's care system.

The Gloucestershire grooming factory was closed and Righton V& with extreme prejudice.

Under questioning, Righton fingered individuals high up in society, some in positions of power. New Barns School staff were arrested, and eight ended up in court. None was convicted. The evidence concerning Righton's CP importation was so solid that even the Crown Prosecution Service agreed to try him. However ...

Appearing in court, Righton pleaded guilty. He therefore didn't have to testify and his police statements were never produced in evidence: He was harshly spanked, being given a £900 fine and a police caution, walking out of court a free man.

A detective on the case later said that the probing of Righton's ring was deep-sixed on orders 'from on high'.

Tony Blair, looking a bit like a paedophile himself. Which he's not, obviously.

Exposed in the press in 1993, Nick Rabet escaped certain arrest by fleeing to the notorious sex-tourism hotspot of Pattaya in Thailand.

In 1994, ex-Islington council leader Margaret Hodge was elected as Labour MP for Barking and co-nominated old friend Tony Blair MP as the new Labour leader.

Social workers re-examining Peter Righton's long child care career claimed to have uncovered a "nationwide child sex abuse ring".

They sent a report to the Social Services Inspectorate.

Nothing happened.

A former Islingston care home resident raped in 1978 by his home's manager, Bernie Bain, went to the police. An investigation was launched and uncovered a total of seven Islington child rape victims.

Bain fleeing Britain.

Tipped off by persons unknown, Bain fled Britain. He ended up in Morrocco, where (surprise, surprise) he carried on fiddling and was jailed.

In 2000 the newly-freed Bain joined Rabet in Pattaya and then killed himself.

In 1994 anti-peed crusader MP Geoffrey Dickens died aged just 63, convinced to the last that he had delivered the Home Office proof of a vast paedophile ring with links to Parliament, Buckingham Palace and other areas of public life.

Asked about the Dickens dossiers, the Home Office said: "Work is underway to find out what relevant documents have been archived."

In 2003, Margaret Hodge MP became Britain's first Minister for Children, under now-Prime Minister Tony Blair.

In 2006 Nicholas Rabet was arrested in Pattaya after complaints about him abusing hundreds of children. Rabet was charged and bailed, then killed himself before he could be tried.

Thus endeth the history lesson.

There matters lay until ...


... when Tom Watson MP blogged about his Parliamentary question that day concerning Righton: "The central ­allegation [relating to Peter Righton's prosecution] was that a large body of material seized in the raid on his home had not been fully investigated.

"[Watson's source] said that [a PIE-related paedophile, unnamed], who worked with children, boasted of a key aide to a former PM who could help get hold of indecent images of children.”

Mr Watson said he was not referring to the late Tory MP Sir Peter Morrison, a former Thatcher aide and deputy party chairman: Morrison was alleged (by Edwina Currie) to have got down to it with 16-year-old boys of while the age of consent was still 21.

And then ... guess what happened?

Tune in to Margaret Thatcher to find out!

Anyway, where were we?

Oh yeah. Tom Watson and Operation Fernbridge.

TL;DR: Summary

British paedos in high places a-plenty, some with apparent connections in very low places indeed, were being reported decades ago and no-one did jack shit about it ... until the Savile scandal exploded like a shit-filled balloon dropped from 30 storeys and the issue became too prominent to ignore.

The Met spoke to Watson, Watson put them in touch with his source, seven storage boxes of old evidence were exhumed from archives, witnesses and victims were identified and Operation Fairbridge was now officially in business.

Welcome to Elm Lodge

From the outside, Elm Lodge guest house at 27 Rocks Lane, Barnes, in the SW London borough of Richmond-Upon-Thames, might look like any other gingerbread cottage belonging to an evil child-eating witch. In fact, turns out that it was a VIP paedo playpen all along.

I bet the poor sods who live there now are sick of having their house photographed

A (cough) "party" (cough) at Elm Lodge was busted in 1982 and the police at the time interviewed 12 boys who stated that they had been thoroughly diddled by men on the premises.

Now redeveloped into private flats, Elm Lodge guest house was managed at the time by German-descended Mrs Carole Kasir and her Azn-born hubby Haroon, who were pulled in by the peelers, and put on trial at the Old Bailey a year later.

They were convicted of "Running a disorderly house" (i.e., a knocking-shop: Srsly, that's the legalistical name of the crime), fined £1,000 and given nine months' jailtime ... suspended for two years. So they paid up politely, walked free from court and thereafter went about their day-to-day business a bit more carefully. The allegations of abuse against children didn't make it to court for some strange reason.

Carole Kasir died an unnatural death aged 47, on 17 June 1990.

The subsequent inquest was fishy as fuck but "prominent visitors", "police harassment", "incriminating photos", "compromising positions", "unmarked cars", "injected four times in the arse", yadda yadda; verdict of "Suicide" recorded (hypoglycaemia caused by insulin overdose). Case closed, move along, nothing to see here.

Elm Lodge II: Electric Boogaloo

Remember him?

Thanks to old files from the 1982 raid, it was known that one Elm Lodge "guest" was MI6 officer Sir Peter Hayman (see above), so naturally Operation Fernbridge were very very interested to find out who else spent time there. Especially since at least three men named in old documents as Elm Lodge "guests" at the time of the 1982 raid were later convicted of multiple sexual offences against children.

A poof in the 1970s, yesterday

Originally a straightforward gay-friendly bed-and-breakfast, Elm Lodge was advertised in the gay press of the 1970s and early 80s as nothing more sinister than a place where the publicly-persecuted poof population could meet (to engage in perfectly innocent private poofery, natch). But by 1982 (at the latest) it had become something rather less salubrious and benign, to put it mildly.

The Conservative Party's now-defunct fringe Group for Homosexual Equality (which wanted the gay age of consent lowered to 16, which technically makes them yet another pro-paedophile pressure-group under the law as it stood at the time) reviewed Elm Lodge in a June 1982 newsletter and ‘strongly recommended’ it .

Pic unrelated

So it's perhaps not surprising that Elm Lodge's childfanciers included several Conservative politicians and MPs (so far unnamed). One of Kasir's incriminating photos allegedly showed a former cabinet minister in the Elm Lodge sauna with a naked boy.

A former senior Conservative cabinet minister is a rapist, according to a Fernbridge witness. A file on the individual (including a photograph and amateur film seized from a known paedophile) has been sent up to the Crown Prosecution Service. The alleged victim was over the age of consent at the time. Which of course makes it perfectly acceptable.

Three men have so far (Feb 2014) been OFFICIALLY nabbed by Fernbridge: One of them -- fancy that! -- is a Catholic priest, the second is a man understood to be connected to the Grafton Close home, and the third a 69-year-old man suspected of making CP.

  • Third man currently unknown.

In February 2013, one former Grafton Close resident (now an adult), upon whose underage person mighty mischiefs were delivered, told the Old Bill that (at the tender age of 13) he and his 12-year-old brother, both orphans in the Richmond care system, were among many pre-pubescent playthings plied with alcohol, taken across the neighbourhood and nonced up good and proper at Elm Lodge.

Prominent personages publicly alleged in the media to have been Elm Lodge visitors include:

File:Blunt and another queen.jpg
Sir Anthony Blunt with Her Majesty the Queen (God Bless Her)
  • Roly-poly Liberal Party MP Sir Cyril Smith MBE (since he is safely dead and buried, a police spokesman was able to announce: "We can confirm Cyril Smith visited the premises.")
  • An MI5 officer (unnamed so far, so possibly still alive)
  • The infamous MI5/KGB double-agent "Sir" Anthony Blunt (also safely croaked) who worked at Buckingham Palace, looking after the Queen's art collection -- oh and BTW
  • Another (unnamed) Palace staff member
  • Several (unnamed) Sinn Féin members
  • A couple of (unnamed) National Front members
  • An (unnamed) pop star
  • An (unnamed) popstar who went by the alias "Kitty" (can't find a decent sauce for his POWERWORD, but googling <Elm Lodge + Kitty> should see you all right on the boggling front, if that wasn't totally fucking self-apparent already)
  • Paedo panjandrum Peter Righton himself
  • An (unnamed) Labour MP.

Oh yeah, and -- here we go! -- the one and only ...


Jim in bed.jpg

... Sir Jimmy Savile!!!1!

(Told you it was worth the wait, didn't I?)

Sex-beast Savile has been reported to Fernbridge as a personal friend of Elm Lodge's co-manager Haroon Kasir (spousally connected in unholy matrimonials to the late Carole Kasir (see above)).

"Friends" of Haroon have told officers that he used to boast of his Savile connection, calling him his "best friend", but in later years the foul celebrity dropped out of touch, leaving Haroon feeling a bit miffed.

The same "friends" also stated that Haroon started behaving oddly when the old scumbag kicked the bucket in 2011, becoming quiet and tense.

More on this as it happens. Don't touch that dial!

Meanwhile, back to Jimmy Savile

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Story time with savile.jpg
Operation Fairbridge is part of the kiddie-sex scandal...
Jim'll Fix It!