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    Operation AstroMoot

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    Did You Know: that the race is on to get moot to the top of the US contest leaderboard?? Vote here

    Moot in the lead and the first letters of the names spelling "Challenger Accepted"

    Operation AstroMoot/Operation SpaceMoot is /b/'s latest half-assed attempt at doing something that will make headlines and bring more newfags to 4chan. The Operation centers around sending their Dear Leader moot to space, by helping him win a contest sponsored by a Deodorant company in the UK called Lynx. It was conceived Last Thursday, January of 2013, and has been causing Britfags everywhere to rage about not being able to get first place in the contest.

    After the idea to get Dear Leader moot to the top of the leaderboard was conceived, one loyal /b/tard created a Failbook account for Dear Leader moot, and signed him up for the contest with it. What the /b/tard did not realize was that he had signed moot up for the wrong country, and that he was not eligible. However, it was decided by /b/ that moot should still get top rank in order to make the other entrants more jealous of him.

    2 weeks after the first thread, another appeared in which one brave canadafag anon put forth a request to go to space as well. A. Floyd, the /b/tard in question, offered to recite "Space Sphere" from Portal 2's script and announced that he was also taking requests. Some of the requests he has taken include shitting his pants upon takeoff and floating a shoe over his head.

    It remains to be seen whether or not Dear Leader moot will actually win first place in the contest, as he is up against League of Legends professional gamer Stephen "Snoopeh" Ellis, but a /b/tard can only hope.

    Starting the first of April, another thread was made to vote moot up in the en_US campaign. Thanks to the use of automatic vote scripts moot went from rank 6 (3000 votes) to rank 1 (440000 votes) in just 4 hours. At the time moot was in the lead, /b/tards figured to spell "Challenger Accepted" with the first letter in the name of 18 candidates. Using a different script that automatically voted on all "letters" in the right order this result was achieved in another 3 hours.

    One giant step for moot, one giant leap for /b/tards everywhere.



    When both contests ended, the main screen of each featured a rant about "investigating vote fraud," despite the fact that moot rightfully won both of them. Top lel, Lynx/Axe.


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