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    File:Ma'lik Richmond and Trent Mays.jpeg
    Trent Mays and Ma'Lik Richmond were the only two found guilty.

    Template:Hashtag is an ongoing Anonymous crusade against the town of Steubenville, Ohio which is accused of slut shaming and covering up a rape. Last August, 2012, some Ohio high school football players allegedly raped some drunk slut, just like any typical Thursday in Ohio. For some reason, this shocked everybody, as when it comes to behavior when attending parties, football players are usually such paragons of temperance and virtue.

    The young lads involved in the rape of the girl in question were all members of the Big Red Football team, but amongst themselves they were also charmingly known as 'The Rape Crew' - an astoundingly clever appellation that could in no way be used in a court of law to prove intent.

    The cast of characters

    Big Red's team logo.
    Team motto - Your resistance only makes my penis harder.
    Never forget, never forgive.

    The affected parties

    Jane Doe - The victim in all of this. And probably the only un-lulzy part of this article. 16 years old and inebriated... She's the tone that sets up the rest of the cast of losers. Even if you're not a moralfag, consider the fact that because of what happened to her, the Rape Crew now becomes the ones asking for it.

    Michael Nodianos - The Head of the "Rape Crew." His videos and voicemails were the key in Anonymous' exposure of this case to the national audience. Says he was forced to drop out of The Ohio State University after receiving death threats from around the world. The University says they expelled him for his "lack of moral character." The final straw was where actual tough guys came onto campus during the Fall Semester to look for him. Not charged due to cutting a deal with the feds.

    Evan Westlake - Erstwhile member of the "Rape Crew." Believed to be there the night of the rape. Resisted all attempts to give police evidence. May be subject to moar charges.

    Trent Mays aka Bitch No. 1 - The soon to be white wife of the Booty Warrior in a jail near you. A former NORP and rich boy. Thought himself untouchable as he was the quarterback for the local handegg team. Jane Doe found herself next to him, both were naked. Convicted of rape and CP.

    Ma'lik Richmond aka Bitch No. 2 - The other new fresh meat for Fleece Johnson. Ma'lik is BAWWWWWWWing to the tune of his brain wasn't fully developed during the case. Defended by the lulzy nigger, Walter T. Madison. Convicted of aiding in a rape.

    Prinnie - The blogger who brought this case out into the interwebs. It is believed her postings spurned on KnightSec to raid and drop dox on as many people as possible. Formerly from Steubenville, Prinnie is hated by most in her hometown for ruining handegg season 2013.

    The lawyers

    Brian Duncan - Trent's lawyer. Part-owner of a group of lawyers associated with the Duncan-Simonette group. Has proven unlulzy as he refuses to say more than two sentences to the media.

    Walter T. Madison - Ma'lik's lawyer. A nigger with a law degree who represents every criminal he can in Ohio. Only requirements he has... You have to be a fellow nigger. Constantly lulzy as he pursues lawlsuits and appeals faster than he can run to KFC.

    Dennis McNamara - Michael's lawyer. So old, he doesn't even have a website. Advised Michael to "drop out" of The Ohio State University for his safety, although the University noted they expelled Michael.

    The adults

    Reno Saccoccia - The Coach of the lauded Steubenville Handegg Team. Patterned his career after Joe Paterno. Up to the Mafia like coverups and the ability to ignore CP floating around his players and coaches.

    Granny George - A twitter tough cunt. A woman who believes the handegg team can do no wrong. Does not like Prinnie or anyone else who believes that rapists need to be castrated or convicted for their crimes. Will engage in twitter wars at will. Thinks she's "troll proof."

    Connie Lulla - Granny's daughter. Was friends IRL with Prinnie, until mommy's twitter tough cunt attitude forced her to choose family over common sense. Connie rehashes everything mommy says and isn't as troll proof as the old bat thinks she is.

    Botched coverup

    Because Steubenville is a backwards little nowhere town where nothing else happens (except for the weekly gang-rape of a teenager), the only thing that the place has going for it is its high school football team, so it seemed likely that the rapists would prove untouchable. And they would have gotten away with it, if not for a meddling blogger.

    The coverup was well underway in this backwater town that nobody cares about, and it seemed to all involved that these upcoming football stars would get away with raping a chick, passing her around like a doobie, and taking video of the incident so they could remember the good times. Unfortunately, a Steubenville blogger picked up the story and coverage reached an obscure offshoot of Anonymous. The deleted tweets of those involved were recovered:

    some people deserve to be peed on #whoareyou



    You don't sleep through a wang in the butthole.


    You supposevly get raped and tweet happy shit #idontgetit #dumbbitch


    I wanna see the vid of u hitting her with your weiner.


    —A male student, not being gay at all

    She looks dead lmao.


    How dead is she?


    Leaked video

    The students, having deleted the evidence, decided to incriminate themselves by getting drunk again, and bragging about everything on video, because videos never leak onto the Internet:

    deader than Trayvon Martin


    deader than Caylee Anthony


    she is so raped her puss is about as dry as the sun right now


    Anonymous responds

    Moar info: KY Anonymous.


    things didn't start well, apparently

    Eventually, a local cell of "Anonymous" called KnightSec caught wind of this and took to YouTube and Twitter, demanding justice and causing every member of the Rape Crew to delete everything and go into hiding.

    Trial and sentencing

    Two of the offenders were actually charged, while the others were let go with no consequences. Trent Mays, 17, and Ma’Lik Richmond, 16, were found guilty of rape. Richmond was sentenced to one year for rape, but could be held in a juvenile detention facility until he turns 21, and Mays was sentenced to two years (one for rape, and another for kiddy porn), but could be held until age 21, having been found guilty of using a minor in nudity oriented material. Both will have to register as sex offenders, and this will greatly improve their chances at an NFL career. Internet commentators took note that these rapists got less jail time than weev, who was sentenced to 3.5 years for basically doing math.

    Their defense that she was totally asking for it didn't go over well at trial, and they were found guilty of fingerbanging, attempting to get a drunk chick to perform oral sex, and creating kiddy porn. EDiots theorize they will be back on the football field within a month.


    Ma'lik discovers they don't have KFC in prison.
    My life is over. No one is going to want me now.


    —Ma'lik Richmond, BAWWWWWW

    Two of the perpetrators expressed remorse at their sentencing, in hopes of a lighter sentence and a place on the starting lineup of the Oakland Raiders.

    In a statement after sentencing, Walter T. Madison proclaimed that he was seeking an appeal for Ma'lik due to the fact that his "brain was not fully developed." Seems Walter forgets that as Ma'lik is a nigger, we already knew that. The appeal is expected to be filed as soon as possible.

    Old media response

    Candy Crowley of CNN used the opportunity to troll feminists by expressing sympathy for the rapists:

    It was incredibly emotional — incredibly difficult even for an outsider like me to watch what happened as these two young men that had such promising futures, star football players, very good students, literally watched as they believe their life fell apart.




    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

    The contents of the high school coach's e-mail

    In the process of hacking everything related to the football team, Anonymous stumbled across some porn in the email of a local sports booster or coach. For some reason, Anonymous claimed that the images of veiny pendulous tits shown below somehow constitutes CP.

    Local coach likes boobs film at 11 About missing Pics
    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]


    Roseanne Barr, Nancy Grace and Anonymous were all depressed by the lack of attention the media had been giving them lately, so they decided to team up and spread rumors about a rape case that would lend viralability to all of their Twitter accounts.

    See also

    External links

    The lawyers

    The places and stories

    The major players

    • Twitter-favicon.png TrentMays_12 - Trent's abandoned twitter. Not most of his friends have also "locked their profiles."
    • Twitter-favicon.png cody_saltsman - Go ask him about how to pimp your ex-girlfriend
    • Twitter-favicon.png grannygeorge12 - Go ahead and let the old bat know how you really feel about her "school" pride.
    • Twitter-favicon.png gabsmom2001 - The old bat's daughter. Blindly follows mommy.
    • Twitter-favicon.png PoppyHarlowCNN - Blonde, vapid and apologizes for rapists.
    • Twitter-favicon.png crowleyCNN - Rape apologist twitter ahoy!
    • Twitter-favicon.png WalterMadison - A nigra lawyer? Go ask Uncle Tom about defending a rapist, and his attempt to appeal the case.

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