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Only 2 percent will be posted by the same
unfunny newfag until you like it.

Too badass to use 3%.

Using only 2 percent of your power is a recent forced meme that has taken /b/ by the power of its shit storm.

The meme got its origins from a few episodes of the Dragon Ball Z anime in which Frieza fights Goku using, of course, only 2 percent of his power level. Many would argue that using only 2% of your power level is somehow stronger than an average power level of over 9,000. However, the truth is that when using 2% of your power level, you can also simultaneously have it over 9000.

It has been agreed upon that comparing what you can do when limited to only 2 percent of your power is a badass way to compete. Whether it's by Mudkips, pr0n, impressive displays of destroying planets, or of course by posting Freiza using only 2 percent of his power, some argue that /b/tards have gained a new means with which to spread their pestilence upon the rest of the internet.

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