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    Old meme

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    An old meme is a meme that's been posted so many times that it's not funny anymore. "Old meme" was coined by insub in reference to the URL meme game (broken link) commonly played there as a way to mock those posting memes which were already in the meme database. Sometimes called "tired old jokes." Old memes are extremely popular in sites such as YTMND, Gamespot, and GameFAQs. The opposite of an old meme is NAM.

    Intentional Old Memes

    Some argue that after a meme is too old to be funny, it can again become funny by being extremely unfunny. People who make this argument are fucktards who think they invented the concept of irony. This is referred to as "intentional old meme," and is completely obnoxious. Here's an example of old memes wearing themselves thin very fast.

    It needs to be known that "intentional old meme" is itself old meme and is an asskickable offense, though using old memes to mock a Slowpoke poster is acceptable if done properly.

    Another example

    jackbos: I recently saw an amusing picture of a video game character saying "All your base are belong 
    to us".
    jackbos: Let's talk about that!
    jackbos: And you simply *have* to watch this video I just saw of a Zanger Bob singing a 
    song called "Numa Numa"
    =-=	YOU (jackbos) have been booted from #ed by hep (all ur base are belong to me)
    [INFO]	Connecting to irc://irc.encyclopediadramatica.com/ (irc://irc.encyclopediadramatica.com/)...
    ===	*** Looking up your hostname...
    =-=	User mode for jackbos is now +x
    =-=	User mode for jackbos is now +i
    -->|	YOU (jackbos) have joined #ed
    jackbos: Oh, and did you know some people say "pwn" instead of "own"?
    jackbos: Ok I'll stop
    hep: alrite then
    hep: dont let it happen again
    hep: making old meme renewmeme jokes was old meme in 2001

    File:Button oldmeme.jpg

    Forced Memes vs Old Memes

    Moar info: Forced Meme.

    A forced meme should not be confused with an old meme. A meme can be old, and still be funny. Likewise, a meme can be new (forced) and be unfunny as hell due to over-postage of said "meme". Unlike old memes, forced memes never had (and will never have) any funny "heyday" (a point in time in which they were funny, but are not anymore) simply because someone on the Internets tried to "invent" a new meme by spamming it all over the fucking place.

    A Partial List of Old Memes


    O r l y d Meme About missing Pics
    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

    Copypasta Macro


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    <img src="http://www.encyclopediadramatica.rs/File:Old-macro.jpg" 
    border="0" alt="OLD MEME">




    "The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun." (Ecclesiastes 1:9)
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