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In Oklahoma, even the dirt is red!
Typical Filthy Injun

Oklahoma is a state located in the central United States. Oklahoma is also located in Dumbfuckistan, and Jesusland. Oklahomans are renowned for their hatred of niggers and spics. Oklahoma has three different landscapes: flat, flat, and flat. If you can find a tree in Oklahoma that is larger than 10 feet tall, you would be a state hero.


Oklahomas climate shifts between unbearably hot and freez your balls off cold, with about a two day mild period in between. Our weather is as unpredectable as a 13 year old girl on her period. But there is one natural phenomenon that Oklahoma never experiences, rain.

Winter is cold and summers are hot. They split the year equally into leaving a two day period in between where the tempreture is bearable.


Oklahoma's earliest history is shrouded in mystery. however it is believed to have originally been inhabited by large talking bipedal iguanas. These natives evolved separately, but not unlike their counterparts in africa, the niggers. These early natives are now known as injuns(the casino kind, not the customer support kind). At least 100 years ago, the injuns gave their land to the kind, and gentle white people. This completely non-invasive action caused the savage injuns the revolt against the nice white people. The injuns unfairly tricking the peaceful white people out of all their money. This ignited World War I, which raged for many years and only ended last thursday. A part of the truce allowed the filthy savages to build casinos to steal money from the least intelligent of the white people.

On April 19 1995 Oklahoma City feel victim to the Oklahoma City Bombing. Timothy McYay an ex armyfag with the help of his former "Army Buddy" Terry Nichols managed to blow up the Alfread P. Murrah Federal Building in downtown OK city. 169 people were killed including 13 children who were in a daycare in the building.

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