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    File:Ohbutyouwillpet advicedog.jpg
    Looks like he followed the wise advice of Advice Dog.
    Ohbutyouwillpet shows his latest special friend a real good time.
    File:IMG 0154.JPG
    Ohbutyouwillpet practicing his baby-groping skills
    The man ambushing some kid.
    Correct image
    File:Corrected diagram.JPG
    Dallas must've flipped the pictures

    John Dallas Lockhart is a divorced 38-year-old lawyer and former Livejournal user (and father of two) who had been arrested after it was discovered that he took pictures of himself raping a four month-old infant and stored them on his computer. Visitors to his journal wondered how small his penis had to be to fit. He was listed on America's Most Wanted, and for the nonsexual love of every baby living in the world, may he die and be eaten alive by the cowboys who will rape his baby-fucking ass.

    Currently, trojanbaby thinks File:Lj-favicon.png ohbutyouwillpet is nobler for raping live babies instead of baby carcasses. 11 out of 10 people agree he should be raped in the ass then killed by Bubba.

    This guy had the audacity to post about his legal troubles regarding this case on his LiveJournal. And to make matters even better, he made quite an effort to defend himself. This resulted in the bulk of the LJ community finding out his new LJ name (created after File:Lj-favicon.png ohiocplplays), and gazillions of angry comments posted on his journal's most recent entry. This quickly spread throughout the Internets, and Dallas became the new Kevin Mitnick, another notorious baby raper. Many of the comments were extremely creative, ranging from "I'd fucking kill you with my bare hands", to "If I ever see you I'm gonna fucking kill you [with my bare hands]".

    At trial, his innovative defense strategy consisted of repeatedly clamoring, "PEDOBEAR APPROVES!" The end results were probably not quite what he was hoping for.

    As we speak, it's likely he's learning firsthand that child molesters/rapists are bottom of the rung when it comes to who is whose anal slut slave in prison. LOL GG DALLAS.

    PROTIP: John Dallas Lockhart is not to be confused with the city of Dallas, which is actually a city filled with fat basement-dwellers (there are no basements in Texas dumbass) and rednecks somewhere in Texas.

    Time Line

    • Early 2004: A fraud investigation aimed at his work's law practice in Ohio uncovers more than 100 pornographic infant/child rape photos unexpectedly. This happens when company employees search his computer for financial/business files and instead find a whole 'nother story.
    • August 2004: Lockhart flees to California from New York (he's originally from Ohio) on the account of him being charged for:

    Child Rape (3 counts), Gross Sexual Imposition (3 counts), Pandering Sexually Oriented Matter Involving A Minor (3 counts), Unlawful Flight to Avoid Prosecution. He assumes the alias Dallas Locke. The overwhelming gayness of his new moniker helped police crack the case.

    Smart Facts

    Artist's rendering of the Babyrape
    • He maintained the sex website http://www.sexetra.la site down
    • Has a naked photo of his (ex)wife on http://www.geocities.com/ohiocplplays/ site down
    • Lockhart is heavily into BDSM, sex roleplay, multiple partner sex, and is bisexual.
    • He's been diagnosed with Crohn's disease and is a fan of Tolkien. These two are clearly co-related.
    • Likes to drink tequila, Schnapps, Red Zinfandel, Pinot Grigio, Oban and Glenlivet on the rocks. He hates olives :(
    • Lived in England and traveled to Ibiza (which is a major raver place).
    • Lockhart liked to be referred to as "My Lord" during bondage play... although now it will probably be used in a different context.
    • Will be awarded a knighthood soon for his outstanding commitment and effort in the field of baby-cock relations.
    • By this point will have an asshole roughly the diameter of a large orange.
    • Babies ftw!
    • Is probably receiving it up the ass as we speak, therefore expanding said asshole to the size of a small watermelon. Note that the melon shaped anal hole will be due to a black man trying to keep alive a bit of melon in his life.

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