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    THANKS FOR YOUR CONCERN. Were you offended by what you just saw? Please scroll SLOWLY to the bottom of this page and we will be happy to rectify your situation. =)

    Oink oink.gif

    Gayshit foroffended.jpg

    Mutilated Cunt.jpg

    Ass Gone.jpg

    Cannibal Holocaust.jpg

    Necrotizing facitis 1.jpeg

    Woman face disease.jpg

    Pig anus.jpg


    LTTE Suicide bomber head of Thiagaraja Jayarani 20040707.jpg

    Naked woman saw.jpg

    Kitten on a slide.gif

    Skinned seal head.jpg

    Cow shitting guts out.jpg

    Cow ass prolapse 2.jpg

    Cow butt prolapse 3.jpg

    One eyed goat.jpg

    Dirty grease trap.jpg

    Cringe Wired-Shut Dick.jpg

    Mr potato head.jpg

    Cyclops shark.jpg

    Mawled pig mouth.jpg

    Luka Magnotta Necrophilia.png

    Luka Magnotta Necrophilia 2.png
    Luka Magnotta Necrophilia 3.png
    Luka Magnotta Necrophilia 4.png
    Luka Magnotta Necrophilia 5.png
    Luka Magnotta Necrophilia 6.png
    Luka Magnotta Necrophilia 7.png
    Luka Magnotta Necrophilia 9.png
    Luka Magnotta Necrophilia 10.png
    Luka Magnotta Necrophilia 11.png
    Luka Magnotta Necrophilia 13.png
    Luka Magnotta Necrophilia 14.png
    Luka Magnotta Necrophilia 15.png
    Luka Magnotta Necrophilia 16.png

    Dead dog.jpg

    Carcass - Reek Of Putrefaction.jpg

    File:Chasecrimescene2 reupload.PNG


    DEAD BUNNY.jpg

    Roadkill fapfapfap.jpg

    Oh shit my nut.jpg

    File:Deliciousmeat.jpg File:Butchering.jpg

    Skinned dogs.jpg

    Split open dick and balls.jpg

    Nurse with dead cow.jpeg

    Cut4bieber Dong.jpg

    Dead frozen pig smiles by Artist of Madness.jpeg

    Dead cow 2.jpg

    Jfk neck wound.jpg

    Sex change gone wrong.jpg

    Pain Series Worthy Entrails.jpg

    Sonic shit.jpg

    Shit food.jpg

    Touch fuck.jpg

    Drink bug.jpg

    Fucking ugly shit.jpg

    Cut off black dick.jpg

    Dead asshole.jpg

    Sausage bug.jpg

    Louis why.jpg

    Fatal crash 9 From Charonboat.jpg

    File:Offended.gif Offended?
    If you have been offended by Offended,
    please click here.

    Here's a safe place for you. Click this link for relaxing music.

    Article of the Nao April 14, 2011
    Preceded by
    Pool's Closed
    for beached whale removal
    Offended Succeeded by
    So i herd u liek mudkip
    Article of the Now April 27 and 28, 2013
    Preceded by
    Offended Succeeded by
    BioShock Infinite