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i think octocat is a pretty cool guy, eh finds his parents and doesn't afraid of anything.
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Octocat Adventure is an animated series on YouTube. It all began when the first video was spawned on March 13 2008, by an at least 100 year-old GOD named Randy Peters. His fantastic animation depicted the life-long struggle of Octocat, a red cat with eight tentacles, on his quest to find his parents. Since then, he has created a sequel and promises to make more. It is rumored that Octocat was born from the semen of Moot himself, but we all know that isn't true.

The Search for Octocat's Parents

Octocat is probably most famous for his quest to find his parents. He lost them at least 100 years ago (but more likely over 9000 years) and now spends the rest of his days looking.

octocat looks for his parents who are lost i hope he can find them!


—Randy Peters

Octocat's creation story

It is debated as to what extent Octocat took part in the History of the Universe, as during the film clip (13-17 seconds) there are clear references to Pandora's box where all the evil was let out and made Octocat run away in fear. There are also links to the creation of the sabbath day.

Anonymous' connections with Octocat

On the evening of March 13 2008, Anon was rolling around in its own urine and excrement as usual. However, this day, a few Anon discovered the Octocat video on YouTube in all of its shittyness awesome goodness. Figuring that it was better than simply sitting around and letting /b/ rot away with newfaggotry, they trolled the video and spammed 5-star ratings and favorites. The video very quickly gained honors and popularity, and it continues to rise at the moment. Many Anonymous consider Octocat to be the chemo that's curing /b/ and Oldfags rejoice at the original lulz-worthy content. Needless to say, the work was received very well.

Octocat, decides to go on an adventure, but finds a box that suddenly scares him, then he goes to drink some tea, and relaxes.

And when you thought it couldn't get any better, he decides that he will find his parents.

Truly, an epic masterpiece and a must see. 5/5


—Rolling Stone Magazine.

Octocat truly represents the perennial Sisyphean challenge many of face in todays quixotic world. We are presented with a dichotomy of love and angst for our betrothed, and through the euphony Octocat provides for us, we experience a synaesthetic immersion into a sensory and olfactory world of experience. Live on my archetype, and ignore the apologists.


— /b/ Transnational.

i think octocat is a pretty cool guy. eh lost parents and doesnt afraid of anything.


— Anonymous.

Faggotry Kicks In

After the many dumbass commenters that plague YouTube discovered the almighty success that Octocat was getting, they began to spam 1-star comments, resulting in many BAWWWWWS. Typical JewTube users only like gays and camwhores, anything original will get down-voted. However, this also prompted the Anons of /b/ to double the favoriting and 5-staring, as well as downvoting the top videos in order to bring Octocat to the top. You can help them by rating the video 5 stars and putting it in your favorites. You can also digg it by clicking here.

David ORLY

ORLY's crest.

On September 6th, 2008 award-winning professional Eurofag Jew David O' Reilly came forward as the original creator of Octocat.[1]

The last video underscores this claim, as at the end of the video, O' Reilly's sign is shown. Besides that, The style of octocat is very similar to O' Reilly's style in other works of art, like the following:

Well, what we can say is that we have been trolled. But on the other hand, Anonymous did keep on fighting for the recognition of the talent of this young boy, whilst being flamed by the rest of the internet. This shows Anonymous actually has a sense of art, and doesnt let itself get put down by popular views.

ORLY credits ED and 4chan

One of ORLY's other creations.
Fanart: This amazing work was found on google, ED and 4chan. If you want to be credited, let me know (use octocat at


—David 'O Reilly


On September 8, David O' Reilly finally added a news report to his site that thanks ED and 4chan for their fan art and love. 'O Reilly also tries to add an emotional statement by adding that it doesn't matter how expensive and hip animation is, as long as the story is touching. Of course nobody will take this serious.

Allthough David uploaded most of the Octocat Fanart, even the Rule 34 stuff, to his site. He didn't seem too happy with the Russian Nazi Octocat porn image.

Octocat’s journey on Youtube has officially ended, but who knows what the future will hold for him.


—David 'O Reilly, promising to make MOAR.

Octocat Adventure 2

Compelled by the cheers of Anons everywhere, Randy Peters made a sequel to the original Octocat video. Its name, eternally etched into the annals of time, was Octocat Adventure 2. It was posted on his YouTube account on March 27, 2008. In this new video, Octocat cries about missing his parents and continues to find him. He mumbles to himself and walks over a fence, which gets bigger and scares him. He runs away. He then finds 3 doors, one with a screaming self inside, another with a staring self inside and a third with another screaming self inside. He finally opens the second door again and finds a gem. The sign over it says "Dont touch! for parents". After he touches it, there's flashing lights and he freaks out. The movie then ends suddenly, leaving the touched viewer to contemplate the madness.

octocat is sad to not find his parents, he looks for them and cant find them


—Randy Peters.

The Decline Pinnacle of the Series: Octocat Adventure 3

Many fans weren't were totally as impressed with Octocat Adventure 2 as they had been with the original. They voiced concerns about this, to which Randy Peters eventually created Octocat Adventure 3. In this adventure, Octocat finds himself in a strange world after touching the colored diamond in Octocat 2. He walks over to a cliff, and beholds a floating head worthy of a goya painting. He runs away and finds some "delicious" chicken lying around uneaten. Finally he stumbles upon a gaping vag in the ground, from which springs a giant blue worm talking penis. The worm informs Octocat that he doesn't have any parents. Octocat smashes his brains in with a fucking planet. Truly epic.




Octocat Adventure 4

After a three month holiday, Randy Peters showed the world that his talent was still running strong. On the fourth of july 2008, Octocat 4 was released, and was met with raving critics. In this instalment Peters drives away from the high levels of surrealism that he so carefully reached in the first three adventures, and delves farther into the mind of our young hero. Octocat Adverture 4 shows a more raw, down to earth, Octocat, struggling with his newearned status as a muderer. He seeks the solitude of the desert, and after a long journey of katharsis, he even gets rejected by his parents. This leads to the breakdown of Octocat, leaving him with a deep feeling of despair, and nihilism. It is obvious that Peters has taken the time to mature in his three months of leave, and we should see Octocat 4 as the beginning of a new era in teh career of this young filmmaker.

octocat is lost in the desert and finds a magic hot air ballon


—Randy Peters

Octocat Adventure 5 End

In the most emotionally deep episode of the series, Peters made a brave move. On the seventh of September 2008, Octocat's adventures were even more spine-chilling than Anon had once thought. In a display of cowardice, Octocat attempts to run from the black person balloon, but when he realises his attempts are in vain, the animation takes a turn for the brutal. With the most breathtaking 3D graphics ever shown, Octocat fights the blac balloon and defeats him.

There has been much speculation whether this is the last episode of the series or not.

But all is not won, as we see Octocat walking over a snowy horizon and his parents, who are revealed to have died, look down on his display of bravery. Anon was pleased. Octocat may not have found his parents, but he has found a more important person: himself.

octocat fights the black person ballon and looks for his parents. this is the end epesode


—Randy Peters.






—Moar Anon.

Octocat Makes the Old Media

Last Thursday geek TV-channel G4 aired a two minute feature on Octocat. The short documentary focuses on the bizarre aspect of Octocat Adventure, and is centered around the question What teh Fuck?. Besides being unfunny, the presenter of the video, who talks in an extremely annoying and hyperactive voice, also completely fails to grasp the concept of Octocat. To add insult to injury, they also included a shot of the ED article without permission.

Octocat Creator actually uploaded a less faggy version of the video itself on his youtube profile: (BALEETED)

Octocat Tribute

After becoming a worldwide award-winning series, lots of fans tried to give Octocat a decent tribute... This one in particular, is the most touching tribute avaiable on Youtube... See it for yourself...

Very touching.


—Random Video Watcher/Octocat Fan.


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