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    When one becomes the lowest form of a lonely basement-dwelling otaku nerd who can only be bothered to leave the computer to take a shit, one can't help but to imagine the operating system being a hot animu girl. These fantasizations are called OS-Tans, a concept originating from Japan — especially considering the whole "combining a computer operating system with anime" — that consists of anthropomorphized characters based off of PC operating systems, such as Apple, Windows, and Linux. It's common knowledge that most hardcore wapanese you'd come across may know a thing or two about these OS-tans, and some may even have bizzare fantasies about having sex with inanimate objects — yes, even with their computer — but nobody really gives a shit. And according to Wired News, the OS-tans are rated the lamest technology mascots ever.
    Most of the OS-tans are made to look like 16 year old girls, or probably even less than six. Regardless of which, that's as far as people would go with this fandom.


    Fapping To Your Desktop About missing Pics
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    Windows XP Professional

    OSXP 12.jpg

    Known to fans as "XP Kun" or "wait, this one isn't a chick?" , Windows XP Professional is often drawn as a man because the "Professional" version was seen as the more powerful and useful version of Windows XP back in the day. His continued existence tells us what we already knew: everyone who still uses Windows XP is either gay or incapable of using any other opperating system.


    Due to the fact that Wikipedia is bursting at the seams with its wapanese population, the wikipedos there have applied this same principle to their wiki by creating a mascot of their own to jack off to. Known as Wikipe-tan, she has many variations of her own; some even have cat-ears.


    It was bad enough being the preferred browser by at least 100 million Internet users. This of course needed to be glorified with a mascot of their own, Firefox-ko.

    Encyclopedia Dramatica

    Yes, we have our own mascot as well.


    Unlike the other mascots, 4Chan's "mascot" Yotsuba wasn't created by 4Chan itself or through their fans. Instead, she originates from a manga series known as "Yotsubato!".


    Even these retarded fucks have their own animu mascot.

    See Also

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