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    OMGMarly will "kill you" if you ask about "it's" gender.

    File:Deviantart-favicon.png OMGMarly is a camwhore from DeviantART who takes high contrast FGAS pictures of herself in 'cosplay' and can't spell. Despite all her pageviews OMGMarly had very little views on most of her 'art' except a choice few pieces. She has though amassed a steadily growing fanbase who Love Her but really only watch on the off chance they will see her poon.

    OMGMarly contradicting herself, again.

    OMGMarly thinks that if you tell her to put more work into her cosplays or call her out on using other peoples ideas for her artistic photographs that you are an intolerant idiot who looks down on their lifestyles choices. Because OMGMarly is actually a dude yo, and if you don't believe her/him she/he is 'going to kill you'.

    About OMGMarly

    NOT Camwhoreing

    OMGMarly's DA History

    Before Aug 27, 2009 OMGMarly seemed to be your average tartlet cosplay camwhore. But on that date 'she' announced to DA she was actually a he, changed their gender to male and profile tag to "Hottest guy you ever saw", then proceeded to whine about it in every journal since. She/He/It even posted a Guide on how to treat crossdressers.

    Most real crossdressers who read the guide agree that it's bullshit. Leading more and more users to wonder if she is a crossdresser at all or just a weeaboo yaoifangirl attempting the attract more weeaboo yaoifangirls to her account... and succeeding.

    Look at "all the people that just can't seem to leave [him/her] alone"!

    on Sept 20, 2009 OMGMarly announced IT was leaving DA Fooorrreeevvvvaaars. The journal coming right after OMGMarly Bawwleted an 'FAQ' journal about themselves that got one comment questioning if they were actually a boy. Interestingly after deleting the 'FAQ' OMGMarly hid their gender on their profile and changed their profile tag to "Don't ask questions".

    Other then this incident OMGMarly has, surprisingly enough, never been trolled. This may be because she/he only shot up in popularity after her gender reveal or because she/he BAWWleted all journals that have been. Either way it makes her/his leaving DA announcement look more then a little retarded.

    Also IT supposedly had another account on DA before this.

    DA Gallery

    OMGMarly's deviantart gallery is full of pictures of her in cosplay. These pictures all fuzzy and of terrible quality. They are usually high contrast FGASs. Most are in taken in her bedroom or kitchen. All suck ass.

    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

    Leaving DA?! LOL NO.

    Ive had anoth i'm leaving devaint art.


    One Sept 20 2009 OMGMarly announced they were "Leaving devaint art" because "of alll the comments and all the people that just can't seem to leave me alone!" (ONE TROLL). Her whiney fanbase comprised of mostly 16-year-old girls and 13-year-old boys (all of which may be sockpuppets) came screaming to her side begging that she stay.

    Okay, i'll stay.


    OMGMarly is 'back' and of course, in true attention whore style, she didn't even wait a whole day to announce she had decided to stay on deviantart after all.

    And she's now decided to switch her gender back to female, so that "so passers by don't insult" her. It has nothing to do with the fact that OMGMarly has been lying this whole time.

    Back! And changing back to a girl kay?

    some people really. Does it really matter on what your gender is? Isn't this whole website sopposed to be about art?


    —ajshim, Missing the point

    Holy Shit Update!!!!!1!11: As of Sometime last Thursday he/she/it closed its account!

    OMGMarly - Stalk much?

    hehehe tis the Verge of stalking

    and yet even when i think i know her stats i make another discovery that points me to another one!


    —OMGMarly, Lurking ur pages

    Being the diligent little fangirl she is OMGMarly writes 'reasearch journals' about Tartlets she looks up to (I shit you not), in one of which her incredible abilty to misspell the word 'illegal' is revealed. So far she doesn't seem to have crossed the real world line OMGMarly still posts these "research" notes in her Gallery, all the while writing in them and in her artist's comments that even she/he thinks what she/he is doing is 'Stawlkerish"

    Is she a stalker? You be the judge:

    Kell jane Investigation Chp.3:

    Once again welcome to a almost ilegeal Investigation! seeming this is almost classid as stawlking! This was ment to be telling you how my experiemnt went well it didnt! It's raining and i just figured something out! Shes been around since 2004! but only did a thank you for 2000 veiws in 2008, im thinking that cant possibley be right! Well this just in it is! But that meen it took her 4 years to get 2000 wich i can not believe! hmm this calls for some snooping just when did she start uploading pictures! mabye she only really used her acount till 2008! im not sure if this is right but im trying to find her oldest pic! I think it is in 2007 november and if she did the thank you in 2008 jan that means im still pretty much on the same tracks! Oh the only reason her veiw avarage is so low is because she waited 3 years to actualy use her acount! that means that to be fair i would have to do all her stats again! starting exsactly November 2007! YES!i am right! 25 november 2007 must be kelly janes first ever devart cosplay shot! hey wait i reconize one of those names Oh its one of her best buds! Oh you think that this is how they met! wow i didnt expect to find that out ^-^! thats sad her first ever photo only ever got 174 veiws It seems odd when you think of the tens of thousands shes got for others! : D Her it only took her a month to get 1000 veiws! ^^ Oh wows seeing how well im doing now is like seeing the smoke from a volcano you know whats coming and you feel so excited! well the people would be terrifed there about to die but still! woot ^-^ *dances* Just as i thought i wasnt doing anoth this little peace of info really makes yeah happy! Wait just how pictures did she need? oh 35 so same effort and same reaction! This is amazing i wonder if anyone else has pounderd the cosplay factor! it most be real seeming that new cosplayers that try get the same reaction, so there is something to be descoverd ^^! if i really do my stuff that i can even calculate something like a timetable to show me where i should be in the progress graff. Wait so if it only REALLY took her around 2 years to get where she is now then WOFT! shes even more of a hero to me now!

    Well that ends my investigation for today but im not gonna stop looking into it! Theres tones more to be Descoverd!


    Trolling Gallery

    OMGMarly's deviantart had only ever been trolled once when the 'leaving' fiasco occurred, screen caps were taken to capture just how fucktarded OMGMarly is when dealing with people who don't lick her ass.

    Needs MOAR.

    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]


    OMGMarly's fans all seem to be 16-year old girls 13-year-old boys or pedophiles all of which are retarded fanbrats who believe she can do no wrong. When recently she has threatened to leave the site they all came out in full force trying to convince her to stay

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