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    Type Furry Steam Group/Website/Forum
    Founded 2008
    Location USA
    Key people Karadroth, StrongPawz, Zareth
    Motto Enjoying summer since 2008
    Industry Social networking
    Products Drama circlejerks and yiffing
    Website http://steamcommunity.com/groups/NuzzleFuzzle

    NuzzleFuzzle, NuzzleFuzzle, Id like to met the mother-fucker that named it "NuzzleFuzzle" and shove a broom up his ass! BITCH!

    He’s a bitch, I called him a bitch right in front of his tits!


    —Some furfag reciting Tourette's Guy

    A Mexican of NF. NuzzleFuzzle are also internet terrorists, complete with their own Spanish underground military.

    Nuzzlefuzzle is a furry community on Steam, which, unfortunately, has a userbase of over 2000 3000 furries shitting up games such as Team Fortress 2 and Left 4 Dead, flooding servers with disgusting furry shit, mostly gay porn sprays or babyfur art. It was started by two repulsive furfags known as Karadroth and StrongPawz, who were forced to ragequit from another group known as Furry Pride after banning shittons of pissed-off furries, due to oppression from a bunch of butthurt furfags. The adminship here is comparable to that of AnonTalk due to their ban-fucking-everything approach.

    The Birth of Nuzzlefuzzle

    One day back in the year of 2008, Karadroth was sitting in the group chat of Furry Pride, some lameass group devoted to spreading inner furry faggotry everywhere. After banning fucktons of furries, a huge rebellion started, with furry Nazis everywhere starting a group to remove Karadroth and StrongPawz from the group (seeing StrongPawz was one of Karadroth's closest friends). Karadroth was soon overthrown by the owner of the group following this as he was noticing Karadroth kept banning the people he wanted to yiff with.

    As a result, the Furry Pride group hosted a furry rave, followed by unbanning whoever Karadroth banned. This took a while.

    Shortly after, Karadroth, in his epic fit of rage went and created a new group devoted to furries who think different. Three years later the group grew to way too many members, thus cancering up Steam and it's games with a group of terrorists.

    Nuzzlefuzzle Group Chat

    Being in the group chat goes against one of NuzzleFuzzle's 1,495 rules.
    File:Strongpawz blisk icon.jpg
    StrongPawz's advice on what to do after being in one of NuzzleFuzzle's group chat furpiles.

    Neither am I, 100% straight. Well, with the expection of me being bi in the fur world. Though I don't yiff/pawoff to male pics. I just find some of them hot. :p


    —Some retarded furfag, in denial of his true sexuality.

    Nuzzlefuzzle's group chat is heavily moderated to stop drama from happening, though it's fully okay to typefuck in the chat, because mods will be too busy fapping to ban them. Because anyone trying to cause drama gets a ban, sometimes for literally no reason, the chat is almost void. Every time Karadroth wants someone banned from Nuzzlefuzzle, he actually has to set the group to private just to kick them out and then make it public again, even though you can just rejoin.

    Reasons to get banned from the group chat

    • Saying who died in the new Left 4 Dead 2 DLC
    • Speaking Dutch
    • Arguing for two seconds over misunderstandings. They get very salty over this no matter who you are
    • Being black
    • Claiming that furry is nothing more than fursonas and sex
    • Speaking more than two lines at once. This could spark drama
    • Causing a debate. Permanent ban if you weren't siding with an admin.
    • Refusing to let Karadroth show you pictures of his penis after he gets drunk. This actually happens, and has done this to a 14-year-old boy before, making Karadroth technically a pedophile. He also does it because he has no charm for women:

    Stray: I almost got banned from TFP from posting karadroth's dick in their chat
    Gami: wait what
    Gami: omfg he posted his dick somewhere ?
    Stray: no, he gave it to me when he tried to win me over from endeav

    These are serious offenses, and will be dealt with swiftly since it will disrupt the atmosphere of the chat room. Although, any furry who gets banned will simply claim fursecution. In fact, two group admins were banned for siding against Karadroth after he resorted to banning a member who he was yelling at for refusing to yiff with him.

    No drama-starting topics in group chat. Take it to PM or make a private group chat if you're going to have a debate.


    —Rule #4, making the chat completely unusable for furries, other than to typefuck in.

    Nuzzlefuzzle Forums

    Since Karadroth has manually deleted every single thread that could possibly cause drama and since every poster is banned, the forum is also virtually empty with the same person posting around 10 threads in hopes that people will actually respond to it. Since everyone is probably ISP banned from the forum to prevent causing dramas, it's not surprising.

    In fact, nobody posts for weeks at a time, since they are scared they may get banned.

    Usual Activities

    They have a set of typical "rules" that go completely ignored unless it causes butthurt to an admin or enough members hypocritically bitch about it. Most of which are the usual "No doing anything illicit. AKA no porn, no yiffing, no mocking other people on the internet for being different, throwing furry porn at said people, etc. They still do all of this shit and more. Scaring the living hell out of children with their yiff sprays and getting even more people to hate them.

    As like most furry groups on the internet, 90% of the registered members are actually dummy-accounts(Made for the sheer purpose of adding to numbers). The chatroom has statistically 0.39% of the actual users in it, whilst the average amount of users online at once is 8%. Karadroth must pay people with cheapgames on steam to make accounts all day and "join the group" for him so "Furry Pride" cant say that it's the equivalent of a dead forum.

    Nuzzlefuzzle's Owner

    An artist's depiction on Karadroth's reaction on seeing this article.

    Add a mind of a hypocrite, the attitude of Kimmo Alm and stuff in a ton of furry shit and you get Karadroth, aka Allen Breed, a 23-year-old bisexual furfag from America. Living in Northern Maine with his parents, Karadroth spends most of his time in his mother's basement moderating his group, usually banning other furfags for being a Jew or otherwise. Karadroth also has a "furcode", which can be simply decoded so other furries can tell what kind of a loser he is. Using 1337 h4x0r technology, one can decipher that he lives with his parents, dresses up in fursuits, is still a virgin and barks at people irl.

    Whilst not getting shouted at by his parents, Karadroth runs NuzzleFuzzle, taking care to kick anyone out for being a black person and yelling at others to vandalize this article whilst telling people how great he is. In fact, Karadroth could probably be capable of running AnonTalk, Or even a furry version.

    Male, Not having sex because I can't get any


    —Deciphered from his furcode

    I've been known to bark at friends to greet them.


    —Also from his furcode

    Don't believe him if he says his furcode is "out of date" seeing Karadroth doesn't leave his basement to get any sex. Ever. Knowing the truth will result in a BAN.

    Other notable members


    Moar info: StrongPawz.
    StrongPawz, face all red from the hot fursuit sex

    Karadroth's best friend is Sterling Hurst, aka StrongPawz, is a typical fat fursuiter and DeviantArt whore. He spends his days yiffing in his fursuit or in the NuzzleFail chat room, mostly in his basement, or sometimes going out to furmeets and doing the same, taking care to scare the public with his disgusting figure. When in the NuzzleFail chat room, StrongPawz is normally siding with Karadroth during the heated arguments that hardly happen there due to the low userbase. StrongPawz's weight and appearance is why Karadroth is still a virgin.


    Moar info: Zareth.
    Zareth the dogfucker IRL.

    Karadroth is friends with all sorts of sick fucks, such as Zareth, a 20-year-old diaper-wearing furfag from Newfoundland, Canada. Zareth is a very open babyfur, although denies his zoophilia. Zareth, aka Dillon Hawkins, has told a few friends that in the past, has sucked off a horse and had sexual relations with 3 dogs, one being a Great Dane and the other a German Shephard. Zareth posts on many different bestiality-based forums, such as BeastForums and Zetaforums asking for videos of men and women fucking snakes/dogs/cats/horses/you name it, whilst claiming he isn't a zoophile. This is really the kind of people that hang in Nuzzlefuzzle. Srsly.


    Like many stupid furfags, Karadick left their dox open to the world and uses the same nick for everything. Feel free to send them your love.

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