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    Nurse Sezwick

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    Nurse Sezwick Wins, in looking more scary bird-like than the average Otaku

    Nurse Sezwick (who also goes by "Sezzie" (Probably some bastardization of "Sexy", or what those close to her lovingly refer to her as, "Cunt") is a camwhore on Gaia with a moderate case of internet disease. She is not to be confused with an exotic bird (though, this will happen has happened from time to time).

    She's most known for her drama-sparking thread on Gaia Online, where she and her azn friend rate people on their pictures in a #/10 system.

    About Sezzie

    IRL, Sezzie is a fourteen years old liar and lives underground in her parents' basement. She claims to be hispanic, but judging by her pasty white sheen and the size of her nose, she may in fact be a Jew.

    Her fashion sense consists of lolita style clothing and excessive contrast, most likely to hide her granny-wrinkles and to entice old men with her kawaii appearance, because we all know that pedophiles have no interest in grannies.

    Also, she wears wigs. 'Nuff said.


    Last Thursday, Sezzie and her Chinese goldfarmer opened their aptly named thread "RAD CUNTS" on Gaia with the intention of rating people based on their looks. This seems to be the recipe for instant popularity, thanks to the egomaniacs that seem to infest gaya at every opportunity. The numerous posters were sorely disappointed when Sezzie started handing out rates never surpassing 0.6/10. They immediately retaliated, informing Sezzie she looked like a disease-ridden peacock. They even went so far as to write an ED page about her, although, most of the allegations that were initially listed here appear to be true.


    This section contains personal information! This information was made public domain by the subject of the article, and as such, should not be removed. (Not even under threat of lolsuit)

    Long after this page had seemingly forced her out of Gaia for good, Sezzie took to harrassing the members of certain ungrateful IRC channels. Thanks to the combined efforts of a few goons, some interesting information has come to light. Not that anyone would care, seeing as she's a comparitively smalltime failed troll.

    Name: Sinead R. Perez (Big surprise there)
    (Presumed) Mother's name: Jennifer Perez
    Date of Birth: March 19th, 1986
    Current Location: San Antonio, Texas
    Email: [email protected]

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