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    The art…it’s just so beautiful!

    Nurelli (currently known as Relloo too) is a whiny wolfaboo who thinks her art is SOO ORIGINAL AND UNIQUE that she will throw a bitchfit each time someone dares to steal her bootiful rainbow wolves. She is an asskisser to both Mirrorzan and Blueshinewolf, and her style obviously proves it, her gallery is nothing but shitty ripoffs, anatomically incorrect wolves and shitloads of vent art, since she loves begging for attention while sucking up to popular wolf artists. The best way to troll her is to tell her she is a ripoff. DO IT! YOULL HAVE LOADS OF FUN! Just remember she blocks everyone who doesn’t give her the necessary amount of asspats to stroke her massive ego. Oh, did we mention she has a comic? She sure does! And of course her fursona is the main character who is a hero AND SAVES THE DAY!

    Admire my deformed head!
    Nurelli, proving that anatomy is for the weak

    Nurelli is also well known for the common “IM LEAVING DEVIANTART!!” syndrome, running off every month to a new account because she CANT STAND people criticizing her amazing creations because clearly, they are too perfect and there is absolutely nothing wrong in them. Her past accounts were: [SaucyPop]) [Nurelli]) [Relloo]) [BloodRavenRell]) [Nurelli on Furaffinity])


    Lost son?!.

    Even if you accidentally thought about Assuva or Zan while looking at Nurelli’s fursona. THEN YOU SHOULD GET YOUR EYES CHECKED BECAUSE THEY LOOK NOTHING ALIKE! Nurelli can’t stand being called a rip-off. I mean just look at her amazing and unique character Tex, TTLY NOT CLONED. Even the green eyes like Assuva’s are coincidence, she is THAT original guyz.

    Not a ripoff, yeah right.
    I smell trouble

    Even though Nurelli clearly ripped-off Zan's style, she kissed ass hard enough for Zan to let her steal her style long enough to get over 40,000 pageviews or moar.

    And all this doesn't prevent her to accuse OTHER people of stealing HER design, I’m dead fuckin serious. Nurelli claims that her artwork is completely original and will not tolerate anyone that makes a fursona that has any wings on it's body.EVEN THOUGH SHE STOLE IT FROM ASSUVA.

    If you happen to create a slightly similar design get ready to get your ass flamed. She will proceed to write a TL;DR journal about how people are TROLLIN her and send you her entire army of fantards. This fantards consist of nothing but wolfaboos and furries.

    Drama and Trolls. and why would i want to be on a website where i am talked behind my back. Back stabbed. falmmed (sic. Yes, she actually wrote that) and all that stupid stuffff D:


    — Nurelli explaining us why she ran off to Furaffinity!: ( [bawww])


    As mentioned earlier, Nurelli’s art consists of nothing but rainbow wolves and bad anatomy. Let’s take a look at the creative and extraordinary imagination of this wolfaboo. Below is a substantial amount of evidence proving that she is nothing but a whiny, butthurt bitch.

    As you can see her art is repetitive as hell and the only purpose is so you give her attention and asspats.

    Recent Drama

    After seeing this video, her fantards threw a massive bitchfit and Nurelli baweed. Read the comments for extra lulz.

    Nurelli recently bawwed when she was flamed by Zan and was told to change Tex or Zan would NO LONGER ACCEPT ASSKISSING FROM HER. She flipped out and flooded her watchers with shitloads of vent art before running off to a new account.

    nurelli whinning to her fantards

    She immediately re-designed Tex and transformed her into a hideous beast with a metal arm ripped off of Fullmetal Alchemist. Once again proving that color balance is for the weak. Nurelli's head is so far shoved up her fucking asshole she thinks her fursona is the most beautiful creature ever. Her gallery is nothing but that shitty wolf in different poses, all with the same retarded expression on her face.

    But try telling her that and she will block your freakin ass.


    The Fanbase

    Some fanart drawn to our hero! Really now, the quality of this masterpieces surpass Nurelli’s art.


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