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The horrible results of being not racist.
Not racist either
Not racists mating
This mask is not racist.
Photographic evidence that Davis Aurini is not racist.

A common lie added to a forum or journal post to indicate that the author is about to make a mindbogglingly racist statement, or after they already did.

Not Racists

Just because I had one bad experience with a minority and judge every other person in that minority group on that experience doesn't mean I'm racist.


  • Boston cops.
    • "I would like to take this opportunity to offer fellow police officers, soldiers and citizens my sincerest apology over the controversial e-mail I authored I am not a racist. I did not intend any racial bigotry, harm or prejudice in my words. I sincerely apologize that these words have been received as such. I truly apologize to all."
  • Swedish Soldiers
  • [1] Swedish Soldier damning evidence
    • Lul later post found while trawling on Soldier of Sweden: For example, I am 100% Swedish and this makes me very proud, so while I have great respect for fellow whites, I couldn't imagine letting somebody into my family who wasn't also full Swedish. I realize that may be a bit extreme, but seeing as my family is 100% Swedish, it gives me a concrete racial identity and I love that. How do you guys feel?
  • Petition Spot
    • "I agree with the immigrant thing (and not that I'm a racist, but hell, it's mostly mexicans) so you can learn to speak english (and "would you like fries with that" does not count) or you can go back to your own shit stain of a country, simple as pie."
    • "These Goddamn diaper-headed mother fuckers, don't know who they're fucking with. They want to go back to the Stone Ages, fine we'll blow their camel-fucking asses back to where they came from. Not that I'm a racist, but fuck'em okay? Any man who is so afraid of a women that he tries to deny them an education, or humiliate them beyond belief. Maybe all the men were jealous of the women, because if you noticed, none of the men have any teeth, I'm sure they did that for a reason, so they can give better head. They don't want any women around doing it better."
  • raveneagel
    • "" the teecher wuz an old womin wit glases and an ol droopy suit. "letme see wut u can do" she said. i pointed at da ground. "fried chikin" i sed. sum fried chikin apered on da flor. she piked it up an took a bit. "yum yum" she sayed and eatted it all. "i no wut class u should go in. u shud go in da blak magic clas.""wut" i sed."dun worri, im nut rassist" she sad. "sum children r good at blak magik whil odders r wite magik.""
  • BBC Presenter(NOT Racist)
    • "I know this sounds really racist, but I'm not being ... please don't send anyone, like, you know what I mean...She's not used to Asians. She's not racist, her godparents are black."
  • Some asshole on YouTube
    • "Nigger. What, are you gonna have your 'crew busta cap up in my honkay ass'? no, i think not. Fuck those niggers and their gangs. Gangs are for pussys who have to have other people help them fight one person. Fucking bitch. No, i'm not racist."
  • Nick Griffin
  • Scott Baio is not racist

Not racist because...

File:Baboon solution.jpg
Also not racist
This comic is also not racist

A more complicated variation of "not racist," this one involves

  1. Beginning a sentence with "Anyway I can't be racist because..."
  2. appending any of these excuses:
    1. "my great grandad was from (some nigra country)"
    2. "I have a (insert minority here) friend"
    3. "my boyfriend/girlfriend is (insert minority here)"
    4. "I called him a 'nigga', not a 'nigger'"
    5. "I'm Christian"
    6. "I'm a pacifist" (no really)
    7. "I'm Irish"
    8. "I'm not even white"
    9. "as a longtime Mac user..."
    10. "as a devout Fag..."
    11. "I said so"
    12. "I'm majoring in Liberal Arts"
    13. "I admire the work of Will Smith"
    14. "that's what's so insane about this"
    15. "Libertarians are incapable of being racist"
    16. "I bought a coloured TV"
    17. "I'm 1/16 Cherokee"
    18. "I hate them for the way they smell, not because they are subhumans."
    19. "I vote Democrat" or "I voted for Obama"
    20. "I love watermelon"
    21. "I had fucked a fucktarded black person."

Remember that the more effort spent in convincing someone you are not racist, the more likely it is you are, in fact, racist.


Granted, because the loony left will often interpret the most innocent statements as racist, kneejerk liberals will sometimes use this statement to make it clear to the retarded that they are not in fact making a racist statement. They're wasting their time, of course. An example of such a conversation follows:

Guilty liberal: Sushi originated in Japan

Crazy leftard: RACIST!

Guilty liberal: Oh God I'm sorry. I'm not racist, but sushi really did originate in Japan.


Guilty liberal: Oh God, you're right! Should I sign up for sensitivity training, or just off myself right now?

Teacher Calls Student "Nigga" = Definitely NOT Racist!

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