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Not gay

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It's not gay if you're drunk.
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BGT impressario Simon Cowell is among people who are sometimes described as not gay.

Similar to not racist and the predecessor of no homo, not gay is inserted into a sentence that might otherwise reveal the homosexuality of the speaker. "Not gay" is the OL predecessor of the IRL terms "bromance" and "mancrush", proving once again that the internet makes you gay.

Popularized by a post to the defunct, where a user posted this message:

My penis is very small and smells of prawns, my friend who I experiment with (NOT GAY!) says it makes him feel sick to suck it, but his penis is nice, I like to suck that. I know I can't make my penis bigger, but I want it to stop smelling of prawns, I shower every other day and spend 5minutes with a sponge doing vigorous rubbing untill my end is sore, but no it still smells. help?


In the event that you ever open your mouth to say something that you feel needs to have "not gay" added somewhere to the end of the sentence, you're probably a faggot. For example: I get excited every time there's a stand-up routine by Dane Cook! I love him in a totally not gay way.


Totally not gay.
This too.

Most people believe that the difference between gay and not gay is that even the most debauched sex act is not gay if the participants don't touch balls. Arguing for, or against it is entirely pointless because it is so well-established. If you think about it, an asshole is an asshole, just like a mouth is a mouth. A woman's anus isn't a velvet carpeted runway either, so how's it so different from diving into a man? This is all, of course, presuming you two fags aren't rubbing nuts.

However, many closet fags also believe that any homosexual act is not gay unless you're gay. Meaning if you gay buttfuck, and neither of you are gay, then it's not really gay, even if your balls do touch.

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