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    Epic WinsWhenever it goes down
    Hanson exploitable fixed fromleft.png
    not4chan member Christopher has a friendly conversation with a child he met at the beach.
    Saber (pictured center), a not4chan user.
    SA to Saber and other pedos: DO NOT WANT!
    example of how to troll not4chan.

    Not4chan is where 4chan and pedophiles intersect. As you can imagine, these subjects overlap heavily, and it is a very popular website. While the locals at not4chan try to fool everyone else by saying they only feature manga-style drawings of characters in their teenage years from the future...DUN DUN DUNNN!!!, everyone can see the art on not4chan consists on drawings of little children.


    <video type="youtube" id="286WtAl7-8Q&start=0" width="400" frame="true" position="center"/> Cast:

    Trolling Not4chan

    The best way to troll not4chan is to accuse them of being pedophiles, as they will do everything they can to deny it. In fact, they have invented a new word for themselves to try to disguise their true sexual preferences: "lolicon", which is Japanese for "pedophile". Of course, they will deny any connection.

    Another fun thing to do on not4chan is to post pictures of actual women with breasts; Although doing so will result in comments of "EW!", "WHAT THE HELL ARE THOSE THINGS ON HER CHEST!" and "OH NO! A REAL WOMAN!".

    A third excellent and simple means of making the sick fucks at not4chan go apeshit is to post links to their site. TOW and indeed ED both contain lengthy discussions in the relevant talk pages with pleas from the pedophiles asking for the removal of links. The given justification is always the same: that the link "attracts real child porn posters". This makes total sense, because most pedophiles start their hunt for pictures of naked children with online encyclopædias, rather than sites that actually contain drawings of naked children.

    Meanwhile, IRL, the truth is that the folks at not4chan would rather have you believe that they can only be reached by taking the red pill. After all, they may be sick fucks, but they're elite, refined sick fucks.

    Post the following below to troll not4chan these image files now auto-ban you Don't be a fucking pussy, just rename, and post.

    "Anti-Lolikon Movement"

    On June 27, 2005, widespread panic erupted on Not4Chan when it was discovered that - GASP! - there is a conspiracy afoot against them!

    Hey guys, I don't know if you are all up on what is going on out there, but it looks like our CP posters are not only posting here but on other loliboards as well. Renchan and UncutLoli have been hit like we are on a daily basis. Also, Not4Chan is popping up in conversation forums everywhere, from Slashdot to Dramapedia (where an entry for this site is made with "instructions" on the best way to attack and harass this board). It also looks like the CPer's post here then go announce we have CP here and we're a bunch of pedos and that's stuff is welcome here and we should be shut down for it. This is a calculated attack wave on many fronts, and it's another attempt to cleanse the net of this lolikon by making us look bad. I don't know what we can do about, but a storm is brewing out there and people are plotting against us. Just a heads up!

    Hey buddy, how about taking your medicine and stop denying that you're a sick fuck?

    At the moment, it seems Kommandant W has taken an anti-sick fuck position and attempted to ban loli with a law stating that any artistic depictions count as bona fide child pornography (this also makes Guro the drawn equivalent of a snuff film and making it a crime punishable by death). The furfags at Fchan have also jumped on the b& wagon, removing all images and text references to underage furfag characters. Logically this should mean that say fake rape porn should get you place on the sex offenders list. How about plushy porn counts as bestiality; Or even better sex toys count as rape ((I mean they are at least as close to real people as a loli is to a real kid and the toy didn't consent))


    For a short, happy period, not4chan seemed to have disappeared from the interwebs. Pedophiles everywhere had gone back to flooding 4chan with loli and back to 420 chan. The shutdown was due to a lack of funding on part of the admins, not a government conspiracy.

    As of 30 August 2006, Not4chan has resurfaced. It was later redirected to Not4ChanServer. In early 2007 it went down (probably Party V&) Not4chan.us is also down.

    As of 11 July 2007, a spider expert tried to make sum money creating a fake not4chan at notfourchan.net and then adding a shit-ton of ads everywhere. He believes that he has a good idea, but then anonymous found that he was lying. According to this fag, he was the original owner of not4chan:

    I am the same owner as the old "not4chan.us". You might be wondering why I don't have that domain anymore, but I lost it through godaddy, so I couldn't change the nameservers or anything. >( But, none the less, we're back and hope to stay up a lot longer than before because of a server this time! Get to postin.


    —Narunetto, who is now dead.

    As of Febuary 2010 the site's content was all all removed due to the courts successfully found a man guilty for possessing lolicon without possesing any cp. Checkmate pedos.


    Not4chan.org re-incarnated itself into notfourchan.net in an attempt to escape trolling and the FBI. They still stated that CP is illegal, though it appears and it was NEVER deleted. It's gone now, but unsurprisingly, no one cares.

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