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North Carolina

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Flag of North Carolina

North Carolina or North Cackalacky if you're a retard, is a state north of Nigger Carolina and south of the Virgin State. Home of the regions beloved Carolina Black Panthers Football Team the state is well renowned for it's high volume of Rednecks.


North Carolina was one of the original 13 Colonies as such it played a crucial part of in the Freedom Fighting against Britian. After they got done raping the New England Colonies the Redcoats went down south to open another front. Unfortunately for the Bongoloids North Carolina is hot. swampy, and arid as shit. As such the locals dumb enough to adapt to this hell hole found themselves able to sneak attack the crooked teeth British.

Fast Forward to the 1860s and once again North Carolina is engaging in Freedom Fighting. This time against the oppressive Jewnited States forces who are trying to restrict their state's rights ability to own slaves. Disappointingly for the NCfags the CSA loses the Civil War and North Carolina has to be reconstructed raped.

One Jim Crow era later and North Carolina stands today as one of the Nation's "Greatest" states.

Panthers Football

Amazingly the NFL (Nigger Felon's League) took pity on the local residents and granted them a Football Team in 1995. The team is one of the best in the league having gone 15-1 in 2015 and Won Superbowl 50 promptly got beat in Superbowl 50 by Payton Manning, a guy so old he could barely hold a Football much less throw it.

But it's O.K. because the 2015 Roster had many great things for the team on like: Black Jesus Cam Newton left for New England. Top Tier Linebacker Luke Kuechly Retired. and Ron Rivera Joined the Redskins in 2020.

Well shit.


North Carolina was once a Solidy Republican state owing to it's high volume of Rednecks. And oppressive laws on Niggers Voting. After voting for W by more than 10% in 2004 the state voted for Obummer in 2008 by a narrow margin of less than 1%. Since then it's been a swing state owing to high influx of Liberal Immigrants from New York, hoping to escape the states shitty laws they voted for and will vote for in NC. In 2012 and 2016 it narrowly stayed in the GOP narrowly breaking for Mitt Romney and Donald Trump.

Great Things About North Carolina


Notable Residents

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