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    Nonuglyfats was started in the spring of 2002 by andrewpants as a parody of original ratings communities like nonuglies SUSPENDED! , and specifically after the success of the ridiculous spinoff community nonuglylesbians. It set out on the difficult and peril-fraught quest to find non-ugly fatties.

    Populated initially by most of the fat members of ljdrama and ljconfessional2, nonuglyfats ("NUF") quickly became one of the most drama-soaked ratings communities on livejournal, spawning various related trolling and drama reporting communities, as well as n_u_f_a DELETED and PURGED!, started by bleedingonyx, who consequently erased all the negative comments about herself. Her community was replaced by nufa.

    Several hundred substandard NUF spinoff communities have also been created, mostly by lj users rejected by the stringent and oftentimes cruel standards of NUF, as well as support communities for those rejected, such as rejectedchubbys (sic) and the now-deleted nonbitchyfats, created by infamous NUF reject xtin. NUF is moderated by themoonfell, emilytbm, iworshipsatin, and jameth.

    The Truth

    The truth is, there is no such thing as a non-ugly fat. While it is certainly possible to be ugly and not fat, if you are fat you are, by definition, ugly, and the only people who will sleep with you are those BBW freaks or possibly LARPers. Sorry, tubby. Go eat a pint of Ben and Jerry's, it'll make you feel better. This is a community for a pre-established group of ugly fat fucks to say mean things to other ugly fat fucks in an effort to make their poor, cholesterol-choked hearts feel better. It never works, because other than Santa, there is no such thing as a happy fat person. Not even for a minute.

    File:NUF Tara.jpg
    This is as non-ugly as you can get

    Moar Truth

    Around May, a saboteur risked their life on the frontlines and infiltrated NakedNUF, their camwhore community, to see how non-ugly these fats truly were. To no one's surprise, the majority of them were hideous mounds of cellulite, skin-folds and fail, therefore killing all of their credibility as the self-proclaimed superior whales. He escaped with an entire siterip of the community which many Bothan spies died to bring us, which then showed up on 4Chan, BBWChan and other spinoff sites because lulz at the expense of attention-whoring fatties is always fun. The gay 4Chan LiveJournal community also found it and had fun with it, especially when NUF found the entry and went to town. They somehow managed to take the siterip off every site hosting it, so you'd have to forsake all your dignity and ask around to see the unholy winrar.

    One of its wonders includes themoonfell having fat-sex with her 20 metric-ton neckbearded ex-boyfriend (urban legend is that he became an hero when he looked at her sober). He also has a gallery dedicated to his ass and Hitler is kicking himself for not discovering it first.