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Police.gif Please don't call No Bullshit fat, pigs have feelings too

Brooks Heatherly, is the fat conservatard owner of the YouTube channel No Bullshit, a channel that primarily focuses on making videos talking about how liberals are totally the worst people on the entire planet and how terrible they are, despite acting exactly like the supposed SJWs that he claims to hate, complete with blocking people that commit the unforgivable sin of disagreeing with him and sporting both a victim complex and an ego larger than his own weight. He previously ran a failed comedy channel under the handle The Brooks Show.
Like many Anti-SJW channels on YouTube, Brooks' content orbits the dead-and-buried horse of 15 year old girls and hamplanet feminists that, despite being taken seriously by literally nobody, are treated as if they hold more weight than people in actual places of power that have actually done more research about their political standpoints than parroting what Sargon of Akkad has already said or looking up basic information that's readily available to anyone that cares like the Equal Pay Act of 1963, and then passing it off as he's done any worthwhile research. Also like Sargon, NoBS talks about menial topics with an air of misplaced overconfidence which has lead to him getting humiliated in debates with retards like Destiny and Vegan Gains which his autistic fans will still try to defend him on because they can't think for themselves.


Despite knowing absolutely nothing about debating, and barely even being able to talk at all behind all of his fat, Brooks will constantly get his retarded ass into unnecessary drama with much more competent YouTubers and debaters, leading to a complete shit show where he gets mauled by his own incompetence as he tries to form coherent sentences to save face for every other word he says digging him into a deeper hole than his fat could.


Vegan Gains

On the 11th of June, 2017, Brooks entered a debate with Vegan Gains to discuss a topic he had absolutely no clue about; eating vegetables. In said debate, he made a complete fool out of himself by dodging every question asked by Richard, not knowing basic debating words and literally responding to Richard's points with a glorified version of "kys".


Prior to embarrasing himself in the debate with Vegan Gains, Destiny invited Brooks on to have a calm discussion with him on the ethics of JonTron's controversial claims. What instead transpired was a stuttering, blubbering mess try to form arguments to an autistic pedophilic manlet.

Destiny Debate 2: Electric Boogaloo

For some reason, maybe masochism or just general retardation on Brooks' part, he decided to go back onto Destiny's stream to do another debate where he again embarassed himself infront of a crowd of 100,000 people.

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