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    Add pixplzkthnx to Nitrobandicoot
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    Nitrobandicoot is an 18 year old camwhore TARTlet; whose gallery contains over 9000 worthless "arts", most being close-ups of her pasty face thrown into a Photoshop filter, or of her sparkledog characters which she couldn't be bothered to actually draw. Her sparkledogs are all delicately hand-crafted on a "Create a Wolf" flash animation hosted by Kcoyote. Her characters, just like herself, also brim with originality - with names such as "Cloud", one could speculate what she could accomplish with such prevailing talent and vision. Behind her stands a hoard of loyal weeaboos who will fight to the death for her honor, and who are willing to accept (badly written, poorly spelled) abuse from her in the process.

    Like any Mary Sue, Nitro draws herself in a grotesque vision of what she wishes to look like, and that's far from her actual appearance. Breasts magically jump cup-sizes when converted from photo to drawing on devianTART, and hers are no exception. When Nitrobandicoot isn't pumping out thousands upon thousands of sparkledog characters or dying her hair a trendy emo color, she is drawing herself having buttsecks with one of three male characters that reoccur in her gallery.

    Among her three male Mary Sues is an angsty emofag named Neo. Neo is different from every other faggy emo character on deviantart because he has black hair with a red streak, and a black shirt with a skull on it... Oh wait.

    The Neverending Contest

    Nitrobandicoot has been hosting a contest for her wolf characters for nearly 2 years now.

    Contestants are marked on "not beign lazy" (something nitro knows nothing about), and "drawing charactars dat not allot off other ppl hav drawn". Contestants are penalized on being shitty at art, coloring or drawing any wolf's markings inncorrectly, drawing two wolves that don't like eachother (because we're supposed to know, drawing less than 2 characters in each drawing, and submitting less than TEN drawings per user.

    Obviously this is just an elaborate trap to constantly lure in more fans, and thus more fan art. She has no problem letting her fans know their art is pure shit, and SO HELP YOU GOD IF YOU GET THOSE MARKINGS WRONG SHE WILL HUNT YOU DOWN, CHEW YOU UP AND SHIT YOU OUT. Amazingly, (and sadly) the contest has a staggering 65 entries. When the contest first began, the first prize was 30 drawings from Nitro herself; since then, she's substantially lowered the prize, and now the winner receives 5 drawings from her. Truly worth the wait.


    File:Nitro vs cara.png
    idk why ppl think my chars r bassd off me.. :'(
    File:Scene X Emo by nitrobandicoot.jpg
    You wouldn't like him when he's angry.

    In April of '10, a stupid weeaboo by the name of WhirlIslands made the dire mistake of drawing Nitro and emofag Neo sexing as a "gift art". As it would turn out, the fantard had mistaken her character for her, mostly due to the fact that they both had the same hair. (Hair is one of the only things that distinguishes nitrobandicoot's characters in the first place.) Although nitro appreciated the lovely gesture, she begged for the drawing to be taken down. The drawing had enraged her "loving" boyfriend Danny, to the point where he COULDN'T EVEN LOG ONTO DEVIANTART ANYMORE. He actually threatened to have their accounts deleted and call the fucking cops, for he could not bear the thought of nitro having sex with another man! :O

    "Knowing it is supposed to be me hurts Danny. Well, it doesn't hurt him as much as it

    angers him. He's really not the type of person you want angry, trust me."


    —Nitrobandicoot on her abusive boyfriend

    Bandicoot BAW'd claiming that the gift art in question didn't even look like her anyway. When The fantard refused to remove the picture, instead changing it into an 'original' character, Nitro lost her fucking shit and menstruated all over her screen; we can only assume Danny took his frustration out on her. Seeing as how DevianTART mods are not only lazy but kept hearing THEY STOLE MY CHARACTER I COPYRIGHTED THE COLOR PINK! every goddamn day, they didn't do shit. The internet police however are hot on the trail of suspect.


    "If you Want to watch me on my new account just ask for a link to it in a note .... im just avoiding B.S and having people ask rather then just through up my new DA name and get trollers again"


    —Nitrobandicoot trying to avoid 'trollers'.

    Though if you look in the journal she posted on her main account, she posted her new account in the comments. Dumbass.

    File:Deviantart-favicon.png LordMcWhiskers - clearly, a witty and original name.

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