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    Behold a perfectly well adjusted, sane person

    If you couldn't tell from the spelling of her name, Ninjustupower is another genius from deviantart. Why? Cause this charming young girl decided one day to spread her disease over the internet in the form of whiny journals, shitty art, and love of an animated character. Luckily Ninjustupower has set up her base of operation in the one place that allows her to express herself through art. But unfortunately like every drama whore on deviantart Ninjustupower can't draw for shit. That doesn't stop her though! Ninjustupower is determined to pump the internet full of her current and only obessession - an unimportant TMNT character by the name of The Ultimate Ninja A true testament to Ninjustupower's ignorance - everyone knows jews can't be ninjas, DUH!

    Behold the fastest butt hurt in the history of time

    Total Bitch

    Anything and everything will send this retard flying off the handle. People, kids, adults, teenagers, homos, jews, scientoligists, pink, yellow, brown and red. It doesn't matter what race or religion you are Ninjustupower wants you to stay the hell off HER internet. Don't express your opinion. Don't tell her what you might think. Just GTFO! She only wants her friends to comment and kiss her ass - cause everyone knows internet friends are BFF4REAL!!!! Or at least that's what this reatard believes seeing how she relies on other internet douche bags to tuck her into her hugbox every time someone IRL manages to upset her delicate and fragile ego. Some one should tell her THIS is why she has a page. As seen below:

    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

    The Ultimate Ninja

    Who?! Is the standard response to this name. The Ultimate Ninja is an unimportant plot device from the new and extra crappy TMNT cartoon. Most of the people that watch the show are just as deluded as Ninjutsupower - believing a jew can be a ninja. He's not asian, he's not badass and he doesn't wear black....how the fuck is this dildo a ninja!? Surely he has a back story but it's shit nobody cares about. The point is that the ultimate nobody is the love of Ninjutsupower's life. Now where have I heard this story before?: a lonely white female falling in love with something that isn't real and can't ever love them back....For the life of me I can't remember but be sure to go tell this asshole and the others like her to get some real dick. It ain't hard...or is it....with a face like hers I'm guessing not. There are at least a hundred of these on her page. Long story short, she wants Ultimate Ninja's squiggly cartoon cock like there's no tomorrow, but only in a totally innocent and romantic way. And before you ask, there is no such thing.

    Unfortunately even if he was real he wouldn't love her because she's got no tits. Ninjas like titties, you dumb bitch! Maybe if she had some the real boys wouldn't treat her like shit. But then again, she is batshit insane so that might be what's keeping the boys at bay. Oh well, some faggot might mistake her for a boy and then at least she'll get corn holed.

    Awesome artist

    Yes, it's true Ninjustupower is an excellent artist with lots of potential. She already knows that page views equal talent. So she does her best to fav everything done by other losers like her as well as other mediocre shitty art done by other slightly more popular people. Cause the amount of friends you have transfers to how good you are at art, DUH! But who needs actual talent when you can just trace everything in MS paint? Let Ninjustpower show you how it's done....

    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]


    It's a common reaction after seeing what Ninjustupower has to offer to the internet. It is also common to want to shoot her out of a canon into the sun after having a conversation with her. That's why the people she knows in real life avoid her like the plague. Below is an example of her awesome writing. Be warned once you see this you can't unsee it. Reading this will make you want to commit murder, rape, theft and cannibalism....it's that bad. Actually it's that bad, times over 9000

    This must never be mentioned

    Don't tell her about this page! I might make her commit suicide like that other loser and then we'll all be in trouble. No it's much more satisfying to laugh at her behind her back like she already assumes everyone does. Also don't ever congratulate her on not lusting after turtle dick like all the other Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle fans out there. But she's still an ugly, Jew nose, yankey, bitch so feel free to tell her THAT! Also heres a short list of things that you can not talk to her about:

    • Gays - of any kind. If you so much as mention someone of your same gender is cute she will damn you to hell. Duh, faggot.
    • Your God - She's Christian so of course her god is the right one. Use your brain, DUH!
    • Improving - she wants her art to stay shitty so mind your own fucking business you kike!
    • Anything other than Ultimate Ninja - She knows he's a mediocre, crappy, unimportant character with the looks of a retarded buzzard. She doesn't need you to tell her that the love of her life is NOT REAL!
    • Your opinion - It's not right. Hers is. You will never be right no matter how much older or more educated you are. You're just dumb rag head sinner in her eyes.

    Mystic Family 12345

    Upon first glance this douche bag is nothing more than one of NJP's ass licking, equally butthurt fans. She's almost as lame as Azreath: a turtle fucking tartlet that thinks she can get an ED page by talking about how interesting she is. The truth is both of these douche bags are secret lulz soldiers. While they sit on NJP's page, giving her ass pats and placing her in her hugbox they are all the while laughing behind her back and contributing to this article - writing themselves into it.

    You think you know someone? You don't. Cause it's the fucking internet you stupid cunt! And news flash, you have no friends. You have watchers - basically they watch you to see what stupid thing you will talk about next. Hate to break it to you (not really) but they don't find your art or your company good. If you ask them they'll either deny writing this article. Which is neither a lie or the truth. They contribute to NJP's stupidity which is what keeps this article alive So thanks a lot gaiz! Keep the lulz coming.

    Other contributors of stupidity

    There are others that are equally retarded but who gives a shit? The fun thing about this article is that it has caused several months worth of butthurt to NJP. She and her retard followers just can't seem to figure out why they've been the target of such slander and meanie mean-ness. The answer is because it's funny and it keeps upsetting them. It keeps them coming here and it keeps the lulzy journals just rolling.

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