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    Nikauri-susi, now known as BreakNeckViolet, is a shy artist that has been subjected to the horrors of the internetz. While her art style has been ridiculed over the years, she nevertheless continues to make new art. She prefers to color with markers, which helps give her art style its unique look.

    She later returned under the name 'BreakNeckViolet'. She now spends her time trying to improve her artwork while dealing with many pig-fuckers

    Visit her gallery to see what you think of her art style.

    Susi also happens to be a big horror fan, particular for the Saw series.

    You'll either get to know me or you won't, and I wish you well either way.


    — BreakNeckViolet on meeting new people on deviantart

    File:The Damaged one by Nikauri Susi.jpg
    Nikauri-susi used to draw more anthro characters on deviantART. The bright colors give her artwork a distinct style.

    Susi's Artwork

    Susi's confidence is so low that it needs to be higher. Currently training to be an artist, Susi's aspirations have included wanting to be a tattooist and a dog-breeder.

    She is so stuck in her own world, Susi doesn't think that people want to steal her art and claim it for their own.

    There aren't any people that will steal her characters

    Controversy with Criticism

    Unfortunately, Susi has been subjected to the horrors and the faggotry of the internetz, there have been moments when many social justice internet fags took it upon themselves to troll the living shit out of her as people on the internet have nothing better to do aside from being assholes. Even though her art has been criticized by her peers, she nevertheless continues to practice her work as a talented artist. Any negative reaction that she has given to critique was simply in response to all the insensitive bullshit from her so-called critics. Her critics are so full of shit, that they went through great lengths to make Susi look like an immature and angry little child. Fortunately for Susi, she has learned to laugh at the faggotry of the internetz, and is no longer susceptible to the bullshit she was once exposed to, and has become a stronger artist as a result. If you try to offer her a critique, keep this following quote in mind:

    I'm not as unapproachable as you might think.


    Many fags may have laughed at Susi over the years, but she has learned to overcome the harsh criticism that these dim-witted assholes say about her.


    File:Deviantart-favicon.png Susi is a professional tattoo artist. Only a few people have requested tattoo designs from her. She even designed her own tattoos, so she can be reminded of how nice her beautiful art is, as well as how beautiful she is. Here is an example of her work this.


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