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    Freddy Neet feverishly wrote against Nihilism before finally seeing the light.
    American Nihilist Underground Society

    Nihilism is the purported ideology of Anonymous and the moral framework for Encyclopedia Dramatica. A nihilistic attitude involves existentially denying the metaphysical, epistemological and, especially, ethical truth-values of everything pertaining to the world. In other words, the weakest intellectual excuse to do it for the lulz. When applied in practise, nihilism becomes the sweet philosophical nectar from which all win flows forth. Wielding this weapon of thought against one's enemy will bring much joy and will harden the hearts of any man. It is well known that women can't be nihilists because they are emotional, get easily saddened, and are thus made of disgusting fail. This is why they belong where they are most comfortable.

    So don't just sit around waiting for bad things to happen, join the process so people can hate you enough to hurt, kill & stigmatize you, thus eliminating/stigmatizing your genotype, as well as anyone similar enough to you, from both current & future generations of humanity.


    Nihilists are known for blaming everyone for not worshipping Nietzsche. They believe that Nietzsche was the postmodern reborn Jesus. Interestingly, there are people who claim that he was the antichrist.


    Every literate person's reaction when Nihilists spout their philosophical wisdom

    Nihilism is the demiurge of all philosophy, and is the engine that moves men to do great deeds. There hasn't been a raid around that didn't harness this concept to fight the scourge of unwarranted self-importance on the internets. It asserts that noone and nothing is important, and thus subject to intense ridicule whenever they get too big for their britches. So laugh at that feminazi, mock the bigots, and spit in the face of religion. You are doing the right thing, buddy.


    Although the positive factors that can be derived from nihilism are great and vast, the practice of nihilism ultimately leads to a paradox: Acknowledging one's self that nothing at all has any value whatsoever, yet continuing to live life. As a result of such mindfuckery, a nihilist will be completely open to becoming an hero, OD'ing on drugs, being butt pirates & giving each other reach arounds or any other form of unwillingness to care for oneself.

    How to converse with a Nihilist

    Your typical Nihilist, after completing the only two pages of Nietzsche he'll ever read

    Even though it is impossible to offend a nihilist, it's very easy to point out that Nihilism is the predominant philosophy of most people who an hero. Also, just because there isn't an obvious answer to the meaning of life doesn't mean one doesn't exist. Also it's fun to point out that Nietzsche, their favorite philosopher, was a complete loner who had sex once but still managed to get AIDS syphilis right before going batshit insane and eating his own shit. He also thought Nihilism is retarded.

    Much lulz can be generated this way, and it can prove an especially effective tool for starting a flame war deep within the bowels of the LGBT community. One effective way to troll a nihilist is to tell them that Nihilism is self refuting.

    Finally, make sure to point out that the only humans who have the right to exist are the Ubermensch, characterized by not being fat, ugly, virgin basement-dwellers. Further, he believed that the Übermensch should destroy the parasitic humans.

    Superior Philosophies

    The only philosophy that comes close to pwning Nihilism is Absurdism, which is like the former, only it doesn't completely rule out value or purpose; it simply suggests that searching for it is futile even though people will always be compelled to do just that, therefore rendering life & existence a Catch-22. Some argue that the whole endeavor is simply a consequence of the human brain structure.


    All this being said, one shouldn't let the prospect of a pointless, counterproductive existence hamper their ability to do anything in life, because there's a few words of advice to remember: no matter what your lot in life may be, rest assured we're all just cogs in a causal chain of events leading up to our eventual extinction, so any and all suffering one actively pursues is futile & self-righteous. Therefore, either find a way to enjoy the trip or become an hero, because you won't be alive to see the possible effects of your 'incomplete life' anyways.

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