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Shitskin Plantation

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Shitskin Plantation Logo (A.K.A Chimpout 2: Electric Jiggaboo)
The original Logo - created by some low-life with half-assed Photoshop skills.
Bananas at 20% off.


With Jews, you lose!

Shitskin Plantation (formerly known as Chimpout) is an anti-nigger forum created by an angry honky (dubbed as Admin Max) when he had his first piece of black ass, but his one night stand was thoroughly disappointed and spit his baby batter back in his face. Because of this, Max takes out his frustration on niggers for his short cummings. Shitskin Plantation is considered a hate site despite vehemently defending Azns (they really hail the Japanese as the anti-niggers), Jews [1], faggots, beaners and generally anyone they considered to have a civilization.


The term "Chimpout" is used as a name for the violent, spastic behavior displayed by niggers after becoming frustrated. The upset nigger will howl, jump, and become a threat to the innocent people around it. "Chimpout" is more commonly used as a term for a large group of frustrated niggers on a rampage, ala Planet of the Apes. Niggers will commonly gather into violent swarms when a "brother" has been assaulted or insulted, such as a criminal being killed by a police officer who happens to be white or black [2]. Niggers will justify their actions with remarks of "racism" existing against their kind, while remaining ignorant to any evidence that may support the possibility of the killed criminal being at fault. During a Chimpout, buildings are burned and looted, people are attacked, women are raped, and objects are thrown. It is best to avoid areas where a Chimpout is or may be occurring.

Last Thursday, was baleeted from the face of the internet. The gun-totting white supremacists who had lost their precious community rejoiced and formed a new consortium; the Shitskin Plantation. Their new title makes them sound moar ridiculous than they were to begin with. No one knows why this name was chosen, and frankly, no one cares, as long as there's nigger-hate amirite? Sometimes, nigger DNA can be detected in people who look otherwise normal, as seen in this educational short film.

Site terminology

The official advisory guide to Chimpouts.

Here is a glossary of ridiculous WTF-worthy terms commonly seen on the Shitskin Plantation's Forums.

Coal burner/Mudshark
A white woman who has sex with niggers.
Oil driller
A white man who has sex with a niggers.
An offspring of a nigger.
Ghetto Lobstah
Term for a young black baby boiled alive as punishment/post-birth abortion by its mother.
Term for a nigger mother.
Pappy aka Who?
Term for a nigger father.
Term for nigger family.
Gibs Muh Dat
Term for when tar babies ask for government handouts due to laziness or unwillingness to get jobs.
Nigger chick, normally fat. Combination of "she" and "baboon."
Nigger chick, normally fat.
Nigger male.
"Typical Nigger Behavior." Can be used to describe Chimpouts, "MUH DIK," rapping, and "gibs muh dat."
Term for when a nigger commits rape. Blamed on "TNB instinct."
Muh Poosie
Term for when a nigger woman flirts with a non-nigger man.
Nigger U(niversity)
Parody of "know what I'm sayin?"
I Dindu Nuffins
Common expression used by niggers when wrongly arrested.
Nigger Lotto
Attempt by jungle monkeys to gain massive sums of wealth by using methods of BAWWWWing to Jesse Jackson to expose perceived racism in Schools and Businesses . See Curtis Got Slapped By A White Teacher!
Nigger Ballet Academy / Bakkaball
Apefreaka / Da Muddaland
Detoilet / Groidtroit
Term for McDonalds
Dat be rayciss
Used when niggers complain about racism.
White people.

Any word that you can slide a racial slur into if niggers are involved, Chimpers will find a way to, even if it involves adding more syllables. Detoilet, Coonited States of America, Wiscoonsin, and District of Coonlumbia are examples of this.

Typical Black reaction to the site

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What happens when White people chimp out.

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