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Niggerdick is one of the most important forces on the internets, along with lulz and drama. It is part of a balanced e-breakfast and is a primary food staple in the countries of YouTube and MySpace (and, to a lesser extent, Facebook). Niggerdick is known for its thickness and bitter taste, as well as its contributions to charity. Niggerdick is the main force in fighting world hunger in Africa, as niggers desperately chow down on luscious niggerdick salads and Niggerdick à la carte, sometimes dipped in a light sauce that is abundant in Niggertown - a gourmet vinaigrette composed mainly of Colt 45 and Purple Drank. Niggerdick is sometimes unwittingly served with a side of jenkem, because of its position in African culture and the similarity in color, as well as the tendency of Niggerdicks to spew jenkem everywhere without warning. This is most likely caused by super AIDS.

Niggerdick chefs

Chefs who specialize in the preparation of Niggerdick are called gayniggers. The original recipe for Niggerdick was concieved by two immigrants to Niggertown, named Sir Timothy Copp and Jerry Suit, Esq. In the original recipe, a fried chicken drumstick would be forced into the urethra and insideof the Niggerdick to provide 100% guaranteed nigger enjoyment. This version of the Niggerdick was called "Nigger Turducken", as the drumstick often contained small pieces of watermelonz.

The New Niggerdick, HELLZ YEA

Following Copp's death from a jenkem overdose in 1969, Suit took over Copp's Niggerdick manufacturing corporation, then known as The Nimp Organization. Suit soon perished in a fatal lazer accident last Thursday, in which the death toll was later found to be 9,016 dead with at least 100 injured. Much lulz was had at Suit's funeral as he had a large 12-foot nigger erection rising from his open casket during the eulogy.

The Nimp Organization was then bought out by Encyclopedia Dramatica in a "deal" (read: rapehouse hostage situation) led by Tfo and Jameth. Jameth changed The Nimp Organization's slogan from "HEY EVERYONE, I'M LOOKING AT GAY PORNO" to "Niggerdick: Once you pop, you just can't stop". Also, by "stop", he meant "sacrificing children to Satan while masturbating into their collective anuses".


Aunt Jemima Enterprises soon came out with a female version of Niggerdick, with no success at all. Marketed as "Nig-gina", only 10,000 units were sold, many of which were combined with the Niggerdick to see if Niglets would be produced. Aunt Jemima later shot herself in the head at a press conference after exclaiming a prolonged "OH LAWWWWWWWWD". Jemima's corpse was then skullfucked mercilessly.

How to make Niggerdick

  1. Get 1 cup flour and 2 cups sugar (3 cups is fine too). Make sure that whenever your fingers touch brain, you are always Superfly TNT. This is very important, srsly.
  2. Retrieve 1 Niggerdick from the Dead Nigger Storage.
  3.  ?????
  4. PROFIT!

People known to be frequent consumers of Niggerdick

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