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These two fuckwads were arrested and convicted of carrying a concealed niggercock. They were sentenced to death by massive loldong.
The rare Pygmy Albino Niggercock in its natural habitat.

This should be pretty self explanatory. Nigger + Cock = Niggercock. While most Niggercocks are widely believed to be niggeroid in origin, any wang big enough to inspire fear in the men's room qualifies as a Niggercock. For example, despite being azn, Cho Seung-Hui had a niggercock, which he used as a grappling hook to swing from rafter to rafter during the Virginia Tech massacre.

Paradoxically, anyone who names themselves or otherwise purports to have a Niggercock clearly has a millimeter peter. Google reveals that many people have tried this online already, only to reveal themselves as complete and utter fucktards.


Niggercocks have various uses.

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