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    Nifty.org is an erotic literature archive, including sections for bestiality and pedos. Nifty gets around the law with a disclaimer that every character in every story is over 18, but there is some evidence to the contrary Period. The Nifty IRC is #niftywriters. Much lulz can be had at the expense of the dog fuckers and pedos that frequent the channel.


    I am 45 years old, about 6 feet tall and weigh somewhere between 190 and 200 pounds depending on how often I am able to get to the gym. I am by no means a bear but I do have some hair on my chest and groin. I was a jock in high school and continued my athletic career into college where I unfortunately injured myself and had to stop playing. This did not mean that I was not able to pass on my expertise to young boys that needed my help. This allowed me to combine to of my favorite hobbies for you see; I always knew that I secretly was a boy lover. I knew that it was wrong but I could not help myself. I always tried to hide my feelings and went on to try to live a normal life. I never imagined that I would actually do anything about those feelings, that was of course until I met 8 year old, Keith. He was a player on my youth soccer team and was the cutest boy I ever saw


    —Nifty Faggot


                                                               /\   o   /\
                                                              /  \_/^\_/  \
                                                            _/  ____|___   \_




    —Nifty's collective wisdom

    Faggotry 101

    Nifty's Information Section is filled with useful advice from this generation of pedophiles, perverts, and furries meant to guide the next generation towards success.

    Some of the most popular guides include:

    • Anal Sex Ed - The seven steps for painless anal sex. A good read.


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