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    Nick Chaleunphone

    From Encyclopedia Dramatica
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    Pussies Fighting.gif Nick Chaleunphone is in an internet sissy fight with Graeme Stephen Tucker.
    Please dig up lulz on them both.

    Emergency LULZ UPDATE!!!!:
    Graeme attacks Nick after he has Tucker's channel baleeted. AGAIN!!!11

    File:Aspergerbenice.gif This person has Assburgers Syndrome,
    so you can't say anything bad! :-(

    Be aware of that, you insensitive fuck.

    "Speshal? I shure am! SHUCKS!"

    Nick Khamhou Dethoudom Chaleunphone (aka Nicky the Bigot aka kamododragoon on YouTube) is a fat, hypocritical, Azn ladyboy and prolific blogger. This epic lolcow is a 34-year-old military brat that lives with his parents and attends Southern Connecticut State University where she's studying to be a nurse. He's never had a real girlfriend except one that he met online who faked her own death. If you thought furries were weird, then you haven't met the load-that-should-have-been-swallowed-by-his-worthless-whore-of-a-mother that is Nicky "Diaper" Chaleunphone.

    Nick's hobbies include women's underwear, writting poetry, nudism, hiking, camping, bukkake and failing at the Internets. By BAAAWWWWing about this article and trying to get it taken down he fed the trolls and saved it from its original destination: getting flushed down ED's toilet.

    I am also a writter and i write poetry books in my spare time


    —Nick Chaleunphone

    It appears that Nicky also fancies himself as a YouTube troll and managed to get himself a page on ED by winding up his YouTube nemesis Graeme Stephen Tucker (who originally shat out this totally unEDworthy {{crapstub}} on June 18th 2010). It is doubtful that their retarded Internet sissy fight is at all lulzy or dramatic enough to be of any interest to ED's readers, much less warrant an article, but since Nicky's attempts to have this page removed has piqued the interests of #wiki, there may indeed be lulz and drama in them thar hills.

    He has already informed the management that this article is a grave threat to the national security of these United States of America as his brother is a 1337 counter-terrorism Ninja in Afghanistan and is closing in on Osama bin Laden so giving his address away to Talib& spies (who lurk ED for intelligence on US troop movements) is tantamount to treason.

    So pull up a chair and a bucket of popcorn...sit back and relax and we'll see what happens.


    In his own words: "I do have some breast growth, a micro penis and yes I do get periods. I can’t reproduce and I can’t have kids, which stinks and that suits me fine. I’m also hearing impaired on my right ear. Which I can only hear in my left ear"

    On Being Flamed

    "I’m not scared or shock anymore if anyone writes anything bad or good about me, because I’m through with all the shock I’ve seen online and nothing will ever shock me or faze me ever again. It’s like being bullied and it doesn’t even bother me anymore. It just proves that society has devolved downward and not evolved to the next level. That’s why I will write on my blogs and make videos regardless what people say or think about me because I learned that It doesn’t matter what people think of me, because the only person that really matters more is me and myself."

    "I think they should set limits to that type of writing people write because if we allow that type of writing, what kind lesson are we teaching our kids about what we post online as adults?"

    November 9, 2009


    Nick has tried to DELETE FUCKING EVERYTHING about his diapers but google search always wins.

    i've been soo stressed out that sometimes i wish i can go back on to the diapers. Yes, i do wear adult diapers and it's only out of convenience and when i go out around town. I'm a lazy person when it comes to going to the bathroom. When i am out traveling, i do wear wear diaper's. What i do have to get is a plastic pants to cover up the diapers i wear.


    —Nick Chaleunphone

    Wow, cool blog. I have thought about going diapered 24/7 and I may try it sometime in the fall. I like how you kept a details about being diapered 24/7 and it's giving me hope to try it also.


    —Nick Chaleunphone

    So how is it so far wearing diapers 24/7. I have thought about going 24/7 wearing diapers and by reading your blog, i gain some insight as to if it's worth it and so far it seems worth it. I do like wearing diapers 24/7, not having to worry about going to the bathroom or having to find a bathroom when your out traveling or on the go. So what's your brand that you are using and what do u like about them


    —Nick Chaleunphone

    I gotta question, when you do mess your diaper do u go right away and change at a bathroom or wait until your home and then change. Let me know how it goes because i'm reading your blog very well and i am starting to think i should try and go diapered 24/7 just like you


    —Nick Chaleunphone

    Boasting about his micropenis

    I can push my penis inward up to 1 1/2 inches inside of me. I can push it as far in as I can feel the pubic or hip bones. I literally can finger myself the same way that women do


    —Nick Chaleunphone

    My penis size is 1 inches when soft and when it gets hard, it expands to 3 inches, about the size of a chap stick or lipstick


    —Nick Chaleunphone

    I consider my penis to be an oversized clitoris and that since it’s so small, I barely notice it being their


    —Nick Chaleunphone

    It feels like I’m finger fucking myself and feels like precum swirling around inside when I push my penis inward


    —Nick Chaleunphone

    Nick has no friends

    Nick has no real friends, he has never gone on a date and BAAWWWWW all about it.

    Like any other birthdays, I’ll just assume to be like any other day, nothing more or nothing less because, I don’t have friends to enjoy it with or a girlfriend to enjoy it with.



    nick's 31st birthday

    i really hate valentines day. i don’t have anyone in a relationship and i know this day stinks for me. Sure i wish i had a girlfriend today, but i know that will never happen for me.


    nick speaks the truth

    I know that my odds of me ever getting a girlfriend are about the same as hitting the powerball or wining the lottery. I know i never dated in middle school and high school and even in college, i never dated.


    nick failed at dating

    I’m proubly going to end up being alone, at home, sitting in front of the computer or working out in the gym alone with no one to spend time with.


    Nick predicts his future

    Nick's fake dead girlfriend

    His only "girlfriend" was online at just 31 years old they were penpals she became his girlfriend when she faked her own death so he would leave her alone!.

    Ya know, that girl that i was chatting with named Lexy. Well today i got those dreadful email from her close friends. She died last week in a car accident. It came to me as a blow and a shock.I wasn’t close to her, but as a penpal, i was getting to know her as a friend.


    Nick says they were just friends

    Well today, i feel numb and in pain because my girlfriend got cut down by a careless Drunk Driver. It was a shame that i’m never going to meet lexy in person and now that she’s gone, the only thing that i have to remind me of her is the pictures of her and her emails. She was a very sexy fine lady and one of my first girlfriends that i have ever met and layed my eyes on


    Nick talks about his "girlfriend"

    I know i cried many times over mentioning her Lexy’s name and speaking of Lexy. She was my [very first girlfriend and someone who i knew i was so in love with. I believe before she died i believe she was thinking of me and i knew i was thinking of her.


    Nick Chaleunphone

    Lexy was a one of a kind woman. She has class, she was very sexy, she was unadulterated, uninhibited and was very sexual and open for a woman of her age.


    Nick Chaleunphone

    I loved her when she made love to another women and that’s what i loved about her. I loved her when Lexy went down on Shelby and made wild passionate love. That’s why i know I’ll never find another woman like Lexy, who can please me and make wild, passionate love to another woman all at the same time.


    Nick Chaleunphone

    I know i like to have a girlfriend who can love me sexually, intimately, physically and emotionally all while she’s with her girlfriend also. It’s hard for me to find girls like that where i live because all the girls where i live are just pass their used date or not my type.



    Nick Chaleunphone

    She was my first girlfriend and she would have been my first experience with her. Boy, i would have enjoyed Lexy and Shelby’s company. I would loved to enjoy their pussy and worship them like a god.


    Nick Chaleunphone

    Her name was Lexy Mangan. She was from Seattle and she was a very beautiful blond girl. The tragic thing with Lexy was that I was never gona meet with her because, she died in a car accident with a drunk Driver. She was my first girlfriend and she was my first long distance relationship. Though the bright side of it all, I became close friends of Lexy’s girl friend. Shelby.


    Nick Chaleunphone

    After this he began to actively stalk Lady Gaga who wrote a song demanding he stop calling her.

    Stop calling, stop calling, I don't want to talk anymore


    —Lady Gaga

    Flame war Time

    Nick is in battle with Graeme Stephen Tucker over what medications they take & what medical conditions they have. The battle has lasted for years and he is now obsessed & wants to kill Graeme.

    Nick Fails at Dramatica

    Nick found out that he had a page on dramatica raged he tried deleting the page 5 times and each time User:MysteryBot pwned him, now all that's left is his memorial page User:Sas_gaz. After first failing he tried again with User:Mafiaboy and fhailed again. Finally, in a blaze of glory, he tried again as User:Latinthugs. You know the rest ...

    After he fhayled on ED he then blamed it on Graeme Stephen Tucker and proceeded to phail harder. His audio is out of sync with the video and he said he would get the FBI to lock away Graeme Stephen Tucker for making the article.

    Nick Fails at ED's Users' List


    Hash: SHA1

    My name is Nick Chaleunphone. Someone by the user Rougeonekiwi made a ED page on me and has posted personal information. The page I am talking about is http://encyclopediadramatica.com/Nick_Chaleunphone. I would like to have this page removed because it posted personal information such as my address, phone number and where I live. The user Rougeonekiwi has violated your TOS and has posted personal information such as address, and phone of the person.

    If this Page is not removed I will be going to the State Attorney Generals office and the FBI to file a complaint.

    Your current IP address is, and the block ID is #63567.
    - --
    Nick K.D Chaleunphone, FF/EMT-B
    United States Coast Guard Auxiliary, 1SR, Fl 14-24-11
    Semper Paratus, Always ready

    Honor - Respect - Devotion to Duty

    Nicky likes to claim membership in the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary but the truth is that he is a non active member. He pays annual membership dues so that he can remain a member, but he has never trained or qualified in any mission area and only rarely attends monthly Flotilla meetings. He stays in just so that he can have a uniform. His Flotilla wants nothing to do with him anymore. There is nobody in his family that serves or has ever served in the U.S. military, that's just another Nicky lie. I am a member of the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary from his Flotilla.

    Nick Writes a Book

    Nick being a serious writter he has a self published book of poems Amazon, Its a highly successful book Rank: 3,870,553.

    He wrote stole all his poems himself. Nick stole one of his poems from Dionne Warwick. He had a preview of this poem but has since deleted it, you can still see his poem preview from google that he stole. The rest of the poems are probably stolen too but no one has brought his shit so who knows?

    The poems include:

    • A Friend of mine - stolen from dionne-warwick
    • Bisexuality
    • Dip in the lake
    • The lonely one
    • The Naked Dream
    • I Love Diapers

    Nick writes 'another' fucking book

    Poetry writing to me is like therapeutic writing. To provide an a escape from all the pains of life. It's a release from all that I see and here


    —Nick, in his second book of poetry.

    Nick fails at ED IRC

    Nick was on serious business a matter of life and danger to get his page removed because its a fact terrorists hunt people down using ED

    Moar info: Nick Chaleunphone/Chat logs.
    • [00:25] <SAS> I need a wiki page removed because someone posted personal information on me
    • [00:27] <SAS> Can somone please remove it because I have family in the Military and posting it can be a security issue
    • [00:29] <SAS> Please, because I do not want some terrorist attacking my family because my brother is in the Army
    • [00:33] <SAS> I have family in the Army and serving in Afghanistan and what someone did put my whole family in danger
    • [00:33] <Fendaril> maybe he means srs business
    • [00:33] <@Lmte> danger?
    • [00:33] <NegiSpringfield> I hope a Mujahid gets lucky
    • [00:38] <SAS> I ask that that the page get's removed because someone is making a page to post personal information on where I live
    • [00:39] <SAS> How about I tell u who's on the NO fly list?
    • [00:40] <SAS> Come on
    • [00:40] <SAS> I can't joke here
    • [00:50] <SAS> http://encyclopediadramatica.com/Nick_Chaleunphone
    • [00:50] <SAS> I want this page removed
    • [00:51] <TrainOfThought> tbh I don't care about you much SAS, but the page does suck.
    • [00:53] <SAS> I know You guys at ED are the coolest thing
    • [00:53] <@Lmte> stop sucking up
    • [00:53] * SAS was kicked by Lmte (Lmte)

    Contact Information

    "See, when I was a younger person on the internet, I use to be open alot about myself and about who I am. Now since I have been stalked and harassed online by other people and people on YouTube. I don’t post my personal information anymore. I am very weary and very careful of what I post including the exact location of where I live, including my hometown and my address. I don’t even put those on my blog anymore as well. Even on my Facebook, I have made it harder for people to find me, but I will only add those who I know very well and I can trust."


    • Phone Numbers
    +1 860.538.4577
    +1 860.747.8339
    860 356-4631
    • Address
    His University address 77 Maria road Plainville, CT 06062
    Parents address 127 Roosevelt St New Britain, CT 06051-4119 (860) 827-0107
    • Email
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    • Instant messaging
    Google Talk: kamododragon
    Skype: kamododragoon
    Msn: [email protected]
    AIM: rescuerangers21
    Yahoo!: n.chaleunphone

    Nicks links

    Nick makes himself look like a cock everywhere on the internets

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