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Corky also known as Nicholas Bravo, Nick Bravo, NickBravoLives, TheRealNickBravo, or by his birth name "Ryan Fenster", is a batshit insane YouTube lolcow.
He first became eFamous on YouTube with the intro video on his ChristBravo channel. In this vid, he claimed that he had "become Jesus" through sheer force of whim. This crackpot video inspired a mocking response vid from YouTube "celeb" Coughlan666. The rest, they say, was infamy.
He also fancies himself an Activist. His "activism" consists of going to and absorbing whatever shit is posted there and rambling about it in a YouTube video or paying a public access TV channel (access Humboldt) to post his insane ramblings. Corky resembles Rootfag in 10 years in the future after his mom kicks him out of the house. Still unemployed living in a van, still in need of a dental plan, and of course still on disability. He is currently living in his van RV Park Bench and trying to become an actor in Hollywood.

Ryan Fester gained his lulzcow status in an act of unintentional trolling when running for Arcata City Council, where he discriminated himself as an “experienced occultist”. Then after specularly losing that election he got busted by the police for eating $2.50 in salami nuggets and refusing to pay. He changed his name legally to "Nicholas Bravo" after his favorite actor Nicolas Cage. The nick name Corky was given to him because his ramblings resemble those of Corky from Life Goes On, who also has Down syndrome.

Youtube History

Corky is a Ferret

SpikeBravo Overdoses on M&M's

Driving is A Right Not a Priviledge

We have a sleeping Bravo

Winning Friends & Influencing People?

After getting kicked out of yet another apartment, YouTube user HappyCabbie took pity on the little ferret and gave him a place to live and make some jew gold off YouTube by becoming a partner. However videos of Corky in his natural habitat drew only the attention of trolls. Needless to say, after HappyCabbie's health failed and Cabbie was no longer in any condition to support Corky (and Corky's EVERYTHING Habit) King Corkster was out on his ear and out on the street.
The Corkinator never forgave Cabbie for getting sick, and has made his life's ambition to avenge this "insult". Cue 10,000 videos where the CorkieMonster accuses HappyCabbie of every single possible crime and misdemeanor under the sun. HappyCabbie, being the decent upstanding human potato that he is, would effortlessly prove that Corkenstein was talking shit-covered bollocks and that Corkulas accusations were not only false, but pointlessly malicious.
Needless to say, Corkzilla was not going to stand for being proven to be both wrong and an asshat. So he would make yet another inflammatory video accusing HappyCabbie of...oh, I dunno...causing 9/11 or something. The most maddening part of this whole rigamarole is that Corky kept having all sorts of financial and tactical problems in his sad little life. Guess who kept helping him and bailing him out?
Yes: HappyCabbie.
This just made Corky look more and more like a douche and an ingrate. Because only a douche and an ingrate would keep viciously attacking the one and only person on Earth who ever tried to help him out. HappyCabbie even gave Corky a brand-new laptop, at his own expense, even when he couldn't afford the expense. Corky's way of thanking HappyCabbie? He accused Happy of filling the Laptop with spyware and rootkits and keyloggers. Happy, showing the patience of an entire monastery fulls of saints, took this ingratitude in stride; but even he had limits. After a few more times of getting burned by Corkilicious's fickle, backstabbing ways....he resolved to never help Corky again.
The end result: Corky is now living in an unemployed hobo living in a broken down van with a busted windshield and no battery. Just goes to show, it pays to swallow your pride and solemnly say "thank you" when someone helps you. Especially if you don't deserve it.

Bravo, the Censor-Happy Madman

Here's What It's Like in the People's Republic of Fenstertopia
To go along with his complete and utter hatred of facts, Bravo censors his channel with militant intolerance that makes George Orwell's 1984 look like the Bill of Right's happy place. Anyone who disagrees with him on his channel or on any of his videos will have their comments deleted and will immediately be blocked. This is, of course, not without reason. His reasons for his Stalinesque censorship are as follows:

  • Certain strings of letters, such as "I dissagree" or "you're wrong" or "stop deleting my comments!" cause him narcisstic injuries...and that cannot be allowed.
  • He hates being disagreed with, as anything that does not completely agree with him is defacto wrong.
  • He hates being proven wrong.
  • He loves saying stupid shit that is easy to prove wrong.

Therefore, like all the other censor-happy Fuckwits on Youtube, he...

  • He blocks commenters with reckless, lustful abandon.
  • Voting on his videos is occasionally disabled.
  • Even on vids where the comment section is not set to approval only, He later removes all dissent, because dissenting opinions are the work of faceless trolls. So, very quickly, a comment section on a vid goes from being an unending train of rebuttals, corrections, debunking and a vast wasteland non-sequitors usually posted by a tiny cult of sockpuppets.

If this behavior sounds strangely familiar, it is because he runs his channel the same way Cretards like VenomFangX and NephilimFree. He's not a Creatard, though...He's an Occultist. There's a difference.

For added irony, be sure to look at the name of the video being commented on in the gallery below.

Also, would it surprise you to know he loves threatening to file Lolsuits?

That's Slander! I Sue You!

Corky eventually moved out when the free food and beer dried up. Realizing what an ass he made of himself on camera, he tried filing DMCAs and lulsuits to get the videos taken down. After nobody listened to him he claimed to be filing a class action lawsuit unless the videos were removed. They're still up.

100 Days of Failure

On January 18, 2010 Corky announced his 100 day challenge to get a life with 14 points to success. Unfortunately, none of these included losing his virginity or accepting his homosexuality.

  1. Get a green screen/office to work on his crappy public access show.
  2. Go to the gym.
  3. Get his buckteeth fixed and a new hearing aid.
  4. Finish a script for a movie.
  5. "Networking," AKA not being a creepy homeless guy.
  6. Learn video editing.
  7. Get a website setup.
  8. Get an acting resume.
  9. Get the van fixed.
  10. Get a Kindle.
  11. Get into an acting school.
  12. "Learn Comedy." (not unintentional)
  13. Get a license for the van.
  14. Get a place to live (not his van).

All of which except going to the gym he still hasn't done to this day.

Lulzy IRL Corky moments

Bravo got shitcanned from his store clerk job at a Phoenix branch of Circle-K in April 2009 after refusing to serve an African American customer and calling him a “Drunken Nigger”. He remained “unemployed” in Phoenix for the remainder of the year. His free accommodation ended when his room mate YouTube Favicon.png HappyCabbie got evicted and he became “homeless”.

He conned Youtube citizens out of $1400 worth of “donations” with an outlandish e-begging scam in Christmas 2010 and has recently published a new appeal for more “donations”.

He was on the record admitting that he’d spent the $1400 on “Beer & Hookers” on his own BlogTV ; That channel was suspended after he used it to endlessly harass his former roommate YouTube Favicon.png HappyCabbie) and went on to say that one young black Phoenix hooker alone cost him $300.

His SpikeBravo Youtube channel was suspended after he issued death threats, and violated the Terms Of Service. Feckless Bravo opened a new account, ProfessorBravo, hilariously endowing himself with a Professorship lol b&.

His only video on his ProfessorBravo channel was him e-begging $249 dollars in a new scam which purports to liberate his possessions from an Arcata storage facility.

Lulzy Corky quotes

Civillians make great target practice

Ooooh lookie! A 4 year old girl holding a kitten! READY! AIM! FIRE!


—Corky Bravo

I'm writing a screenplay. It opens with the brutal slaughter of a classroom full of pre-schoolers


—Corky Bravo

I love FUCKING with people who willfully wallow in their own fecal matter


—Corky Bravo

You are completely irrationsl. You offer no proof, only heresay


—Corky Bravo

If I said

Blacks: theiving, drug addicts.


Women: Whining manipulators."


—Corky Bravo

The nanny state does not love you. It considers you as something to control. This is not a negative view, it is a realistic one


—Corky Bravo

you took 1:17 out of a 10 minute vid which you then flagged down. You are commiting fraud and I have every rigth top protect my creative work. If youtube will not deal with you in a responsible manner the legal system will, and if they don't then I will have no choice but to give you the ass kicking you desperately need and deserve you faceless fucking coward!!


—Corky Bravo

Go fuck yourself you baby murdering whore!!! Or should I make another video about you and your fake crying victim wanabee behavior!?


—Corky Bravo



—Corky Bravo hearts sheri226





Rage Quit From Youtube

"I have a serial cyber-stalker, and he has loyal friends who help him stalk me. Youtube has done nothing and I am concerned for my safety. This is why I shut down my channel and have left youtube. It was draining me psychologically and emotionally. I sincerely hope any of you who followed my channel understand why I had to do this.".


As expected Corky couldn't stay offline for more than 48 hours and returned with 3 new channels.

Corky Meets the Po-Po

Mr. Policeman would also like Corky to alert the local gubmint about his change of address. I don't think he knows that Corky's van IS his current address....and now that his battery has been stolen, his current address will stop trundling from city to city.

Now the only thing he hears in his hearing aid is a voice that repeats Insufficient Power. You Must Construct Additional Pylons

Makes me wonder, how is he going to recharge his camera to make more vids?

Corky trys to pay the rent

Winning Friends & Influencing People

<video type="youtube" id="5QlZHKBHv1c" width="640" height="360" frame="true" position="center"/>

Back before his epic leap into lulzcow infamy, raving lunatic Corky (before he declared himself Jesus) had set out to master the fine art of communication.

- Please do not try this at home - Enjoy the Lulz from the start so you are more at one with what makes this time-bomb of lunacy tick.

Update, Jan 19th 2012

Corky done broke the second laptop his estranged ex-room-mate gave him out of misplaced altruism. He immediately went running to HappyCabbie demanding a new one. Happycabbie -- still, after all the shit he got from Corky -- through gritted teeth, gave Corky the advice he needed rather than the handout he wanted. Beyond that, it appears not a single fuck was given by Cabbie.


"Let's nip this in the bud, I'm tired of dealing with it."




That was the politest "Go Fuck Yourself" I've ever heard.

Update, Jun 4th 2013

You know you've hit bottom when you are chatting with BurgerQueef and PeaceinChristAlone and THEY come off sounding sensible and reasonable compared to you.

Fail in Human Form, Updated!

This is why you keep getting suspended, Fenster.

Here's an amusing exchange that took place between myself and someone who I strongly suspect is one of Nick Bravo's sockpuppet accounts:
Note the amount of impotent butthurt that erupts when I call his sockpuppet out by his real name. He then tries to call me out, using someone elses name. It's almost as if its A-OK when he does it, but a horrible sin if someone does it to him.

[post where he drops dox on one of his trolls]
Y0UTUBEmostSUSPENDED 9 hours ago

Docdropping is one of the main reasons you keep getting suspended, Fenster.
LordCustos3 47 minutes ago

Doc dropping? you just called me FENSTER and said Doc Dropping about my posting the address a=of a trolls local police department?
Y0UTUBEmostSUSPENDED 6 minutes ago

@Y0UTUBEmostSUSPENDED just ADMITTED to being Nick Bravo, you gormless asshat!
What's even more ironic, I'm not "jamie". Pay attention to who is talking to you next time.
LordCustos3 1 minute ago

@LordCustos3 Why did you make a twat out of yourself and then delete this from ED?
I never admitted that I AM NICK BRAVO even though I am him but actually pretending to be MrSeanie who thinks HappyFlabby is a massive troll
Y0UTUBEmostSUSPENDED 10 minutes ago

I didn't remove it from ED. Another EDiot named cmdude removed it.
Oh but you admit to be pretending to be MrSeanie. So in other words, you are trying to deceive us? I guess I won't bother believing anything you say from here on out.
So....until I you make a vid where we can see your face, and hear you admit, out loud, that you are not Nick, then I'm going to assume you are Nick.
LordCustos3 9 seconds ago

So....who IS the Mysterious Y0UTUBEmostSUSPENDED? Is he Mr.Seanie? Is he one more of NickBravo's personalities? Is he actually the slippery RedSkull playing all three sides of the debate? Or is he the RedSkull real enemy, Steve Rogers, aka Captain America, playing ALL FOUR sides of this drama?
Only Uatu the Watcher knows for sure.

November Rage Quit From Youtube

I'm done with youtube. Constant harrasment is just too much and now the haters have hacked my email account. Youtube has become a mecca for cyberstalkers and bullies....I'm DONE! Seriously, I'm d one people are being contacted and told I've committed horrible crimes. Yet police and others tell me there's nothing I can do. Closed what few youtube accounts I had left. My youtube cyberstalker is continuing to effect my real life. My gmail has been hacked...


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