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New Mexico

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State Flag of NM
Typical scenery in New Mexico

New Mexico (aka Good Mexico) is a nuclear dumping ground located somewhere between Failafornia and Texass. There is absolutely nothing there except for Albuquerque, Injuns, Beaners, and an occasional alien or two. People call it New Mexico because all the uranium in the ground makes it shine like a new penny, and because OLD Mexico didn't want it anymore.


These are the most common jobs in the state

At least 100 years ago some Spaniards who thought Mexico wasn't hot and dry enough got lost and accidentally discovered New Mexico. Failing to find the lost city of gold, they promptly enslaved the local Indians (feather, not dot) due to their lack of lulz, but then Chief Popé pissed on their tortillas, went "NO U," and began a party of rape and plunder affectionately dubbed the "Pueblo Revolt." The good times would be short-lived however as Manifest Destiny ultimately permabanned the Injuns to their present-day status of casinos and side-of-the-road trinket shops. The steady influx of redneck Americunts led to a boom in meth, retirement communities, and of course the Scilon bunker with the weird crop circles which does not exist somewhere beyond the mountains in the North, and there is also not a town in the South that worships Xenu.

In recent times, New Mexico has been zerg rushed by Old Mexicans who claim to have "hecho le para los lulz." The show Breaking Bad has made New Mexico famous for another shitty reason; Meth labs and crazy ass hillbillies. After the recent murder of a homeless man, New Mexico was once again brought to international attention, adding another negative (albeit true) stereotype - Bloodthirsty Killer cops. Statistically speaking, Albuquerque cops rack up the highest kill count out of all Police departments in the entirety of the United States.

Sometime in 2014, a 13 year old boy named Mason Campbell, decided it was a good idea to steal his parent's gun, saw it off, and sneak it into his school in a guitar case. He then pulled it out, fired it at the ceiling randomly, then out of nowhere, shot some random girl instead of the bullies who fucked with him. To further add insult to injury, the dumbass used birdshot shells that do a lot less damage than normal which ensured the victim easily survived. He then got tackled and shackled because he was too much of a pussy to an hero. He will now spend his life in custody until he is 21 years of age. New Mexico sucks so much that it can't even produce any decent mass murderers, unlike it's vastly superior neighbor to the north.

In 2015, some jackass up in Colorado fucked up a mine near Silverton, which resulted in a MASSIVE mine spill that turned hundreds of miles of river orange, and displaced thousands of farmer's careers, mostly in NM. Just another generic CO douchebag putting NM down.

tl;dr - There was nothing good then, there is nothing good now.

Outstanding Policemen

"New" Mexico is known for harboring some of the greatest, socially and morally outstanding policemen in the entire nation! These brave men and women have been internationally renowned for their training and focus on peacekeeping and de-escalation tactics, as can be seen in two incidents that occurred around 2015.

New Mexico Today

New Mexican Beauty
Average NM Resident
Bury them in a shallow grave, that's what!

Being one of the few states not horribly effected by the recent recession, either because you can't bailout a ship that's been sinking for decades, or because there are enough resources to be semi-sufficient in surviving without the rest of Dumbfuckistan, their neighbors continue to see a need to troll by raising the cost of living by doing asshole things like driving into the state. Literally, just passing over the border costs the state somewhere along $54 a person, and that's not including them coming to blow their wad at Indian casinos and STILL buying up land and vacation homes for their privileged, oil-rich selves. If the insult wasn't the injury, Comcast and Qwest, in their ever-loving wisdom and h8 of places with no money, have decided to make the state's internets power level nil. Polar bears in Alaska and nigra on stolen computers in Atlantis can access their Facebook friends faster than a speeding Kenyan, but the desert must continue to suck on Comcast's digital dick waiting over 9000 hours for their Demonoid files to work from the New Mexico State University servers.

On the subject of state colleges, they BOTH SUCK. Fortunately they have voted out almost everyone from the Administration and a few even had to pay their money back to the schools. Most American students are already dirt-poor in general, but New Mexico takes it to the hole with their major loans consisting of the state lottery, Pell grants, FAFSA, FEMA, etc. If not for Terminator: Salvation, or any other movie needing a desert scene, being forced to use local students, the local burlesque shows bringing in some meager wads of lucre to community and state colleges, and also a huge rise in medical studies on new doomsday virii, the only things that would be left to fund would be football from two failure teams and the open-close political speeches of yester-year.

There was also another nationally-known hooker-killing spree: [1] [2]It's even a great time to test new technology, After all, it's not like they're going anywhere, lulz

New Mexico is was also notorious for former Governor Bill Richardson's desperate attempts to make the state technologically and economically relevant; usually this involves throwing money at companies with retardedly optimistic business plans. The companies, notably Eclipse Aviation and Tesla Motors, eventually die or pack up and leave without having sold enough products to make up for the ridiculous tax breaks the state gave them to set up shop there in the first place.

State-funded attempts to bring 1950s technology (the commuter train between Albuquerque and the capital goes about 50mph and nobody rides it except for teenagers and old people) to the state are just as financially disastrous, except that since they use tax money they can continue to lose millions for the state for as long as the government cares to keep them running.

Typical Women of New Mexico

Excuse my Beauty

Typical NM girl

Sandy Hooker

Retardese as she is spoken

Good Things About New Mexico


Bad Things About New Mexico

A typical NM girl making ends meet


To prove how shitty this state is, we've spent precious time researching shit to put into the page, as seen below.

Population Statistics

  • NM has a population of 2,100,000; of which, 99% have been convicted on drug abuse charges (meth)
  • Spics make up 50% of the population. Aryan whites are only 0.2% of the population.
  • Niggers only make up 2.1% of the state, so at least there's that.
  • Median real estate is only $160,000; one of the lowest in the nation. Still way overpriced considering how shitty 'New' Mexico is.
  • 21.3% (1/5) of NM residents are in poverty.
  • Population density per square mile is only 17.


Crime Statistics

  • The chances of being a victim of crime is 1 in 167; this rate changes to 1 in 3 if you don't live in white neighborhoods.
  • You are twice as likely to be Raped in New Mexico than in most other states.
    • The chance of being assaulted is also twice the national median, which is already high.
  • Burglary, Theft, and Vehicular theft occur at significantly higher rates here as well.
  • Apparently, New Mexico is the second most dangerous state in the nation [3]

The FBI released a compilation of crime statistics conducted for each American State. The following is data collected about New Mexico.

  • New Mexico ranks worst in burglary.
  • NM ranked 48th for forcible raep.
  • NM ranked 47th in violent crime, aggravated assault, and property crime.
  • NM has one of the highest rates of teenage drug use in the US.

New Mexico ranked in the bottom 1/5th of all states in all crime statistics available.

Sources; [4] [5]

Suicide Rate

New Mexico is so miserable that it has one of the highest suicide rates in the USA. On average, 1/5 teenagers suffer with moderate to severe depression. In 'New' Mexico, this rate is 2/3; (The other 1/3 are redneck jocks / scumbag trash who get laid with the whores).

In fact, this state is so shitty that even 14 year olds jump off the gorge to their deaths to escape this wasteland.

Education Statistics

Recent statistics; a decade ago 99% of the state was red.
NM and the southwest continue to fail at education, while the rest of the nation slightly gets better.
  • NM reached the highest graduation yet, as of 2013, at an impressive rate of 70.3%
  • In comparison to it's neighbors (and probably the entire country), New Mexico had the lowest percentage of students score at or above proficient nearly every category.
  • NM scored lower on the ACT and SAT than the american median. Big fucking surprise.
  • New Mexico has a Dropout rate 2x higher than average.
    • Some schools report that up to half of its students dropped out, such as in the case of Aztec / Farmington.
  • New Mexico ranks 49th in education.

Settlements of New Mexico

Despite being the 5th largest state, New Mexico is the 6th least densely populated. Much like in the game Fallout, you will find the majority of New Mexico to be inhospitable wasteland; only a few dozen areas are populated. Even then, these pathetic experiments of nuclear survival offer little entertainment, few job opportunities, barren, rough landscape, and savage locals, all accumulating together to institute New Mexico as the 2nd most suicidal state, unsurprisingly surpassed only by Alaska .


Expensive as hell to live in despite being full of assholes and a massive crime rate; so pretty much Denver. The C.O.P.S. TV series is banned from filming there because they always ran out of film. Has an excellent mixture of music scenes which comes in three flavors: Hardcore punk "gangs" wanting to beat the shit out of each other for no reason; Indie-ass thrust-fund Hipsters choking on the dick of Nob Hill while waiting for some nameless poker-face of an artist to come through town; and finally, Hip-Hop retarded minorities (White being the biggest) riding around town with ridiculous bass speakers and walking up and down Central like the scum of the Earth they usually are between bars and the paid parking spot they left their ugly Scion in. People from the rest of the state flock here looking for acceptance and a decent college/job, but end up being welfare problems, homeless, or a selfish prick.

  • Artesia: houses an oil refinery that makes most of the surrounding area stink of shit and rotten eggs, and the only giant pr0n shop for at least 100 miles. Then again, it's pretty much the only settlement in a 100 mile radius as it's located in the middle of FUCKING NOWHERE! The population has been pretty much the same since the 60's, because there's nothing to motivate growth in this shithole small town.
A typical Aztec teen.
  • Aztec: another obscure oil town near Farmington, consisting of welfare whores, trailer trash and roughneck scumbags, with nothing to do but abuse meth and Xbox 360. Unsurprisingly, the high school graduation rate at Aztec High School is only 42%. Speaking of AHS, common events in that shitty high school include Forcibly performing oral sex on others and drunk driving. All the good places to go like the Maiden and Chrome, Herb Shop, and the Aztec UFO Festival are gone for good, just like the rest of downtown, so there's no reason to live here anymore. On the upside, Colorado is only a 11 mile drive north, and you do realize what they made legal, right? There's also the Aztec Ruins, but it gets boring after 3 minutes. Good job traveling 500 miles into the middle of nowhere, you sorry ass tourists. Most Aztec residents make a living for themselves by flocking west to Farmington or up north to Durango for their jobs, or scatter into the ugly desert wasteland / hills near the edges of the Animas River to get to work in the oil fields. Oh, and selling a metric fuckton amount of Meth or sucking off each other. This town is so shitty that 13 year olds would rather ArchiveToday-favicon.pngblow their brains out than grow up here.
What will happen to you if you visit Belen.
  • Belen: shitty small town 35 miles south of Albuquerque. Run-down with broken houses and a high crime rate, even having Drug Cartel influence. The population is 80% Hispanic, with what remains being white people who are either trailer trash youth or retired WW2 veterans. Is it a coincidence that there's so much crime? Belen wasn't always as bad as it is now; a decade ago there was still some development, even a few thousand more people around. But the mexicunt methhead morons in charge wouldn't let the town grow and taxed the fuck out of small businesses. Now, it's practically a ghost town; average Real Estate is under $80,000! There have been a handful of notable people from this town. The Serial Killer, David Parker Ray, was from here. Some dumb bitch named Tara Calico was abducted in Belen and the case remains unsolved nearly 30 years later. Hollywood has taken interest in Belen, with over 20 movies being filmed here, mostly after 2008. This causes hordes of Californians to Zerg Rush the town in the hopes of being in a movie or sucking off some actors, often to be in said movies.
  • Bloomfield: town south of Aztec filled with slightly richer roughnecks currently experiencing a slight economic boom from the oil fields. Also features ruins from at least 100 years ago. Bloomfield made the news for typical redneck faggotry. Since 2007, they had a statue of the 10 commandments built on government property, which is a clear violation of the constitutional 101 "Separation of Church and State". Even to this day, the statue still remains. Some rednecks made threats to commit mass murder ("go Postal") should anyone try to take away their beloved statue. Chrisfags are such a loving, peaceful people.
  • Carlsbad: built around a giant hole in the ground atop mountains that are going to cave in (lol pun) one day. And yet, they have all the fun shit like a functional skate-park and nice stores, thanks to community funds and federal tourism. If you can't make the 3-4 hours to Albuquerque and live in the South/Southeast area, this is usually your Plan B.
  • Clovis: a bustling community in the east, known for its distinctive aroma. Has an airforce base that almost got closed down, but the people living there said "NO U" to the thought of becoming Roswell 2.0, and begged Massa Bush not to kill their livelihood.
  • Cuba: shitty impoverished village at the edge of a fierce mountain range, in the middle of the road from Farmington to Albuquerque. Since the mid 2000s, has been growing at a brief pace.


Generic Farmington resident

A small city near the Four Corners area (where the states of Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, and Colorado meet) that is fully supportive of gay rights, black people, pre-maritial sex, Satanism, being a furry, or whatever else your heart desires. This open attitude towards humanity is in no short thanks to their traditional Mormon values and the hard work of the community to support all sexes, creeds, and ways of life. Farmington consists solely of redneck scumbags and land-whale Navajo savages. The only jobs in the area are in the Oil fields or Trucking, and because of it's location near the Mormon Corridor, to nobody's surprise, Farmington is 85% republican. This is probably the worst place to live in the entire state, if not the nation.

Farmington is infamous for having some of the worst schools in the state, a very high (even for NM) rate of Meth addiction, lots of gang violence (at least 100 gangs in the area), and for generally being a stronghold of Methheads, Meatheads, Mormons, and Morons (See: Tautogram.) In the late spring of 2016, a Navajo girl was murdered which brought extreme butthurt to the town; it was like the area's own Columbine. Google it, bitch.

  • Hobbs: nigra EVERYWHERE, oh lawd! Has a lot of pools for people who obviously can't swim. Also may have more Mexicans than Mexico; probably more Mexicans than Nigras.
  • Los Alamos: a town at the southern end of the rocky mountains that has been a scientific research haven for over 70 years. One of the few places in New Mexico where there's a lot of whites and smart people. Only place in NM with good schools.
  • Los Lunas: A rapidly growing suburban town a dozen miles south of Albuquerque. Unlike Belen, this town didn't screw over businesses with massive taxes and high rent, so the town's population has tripled in the span of a generation.
  • Roswell: when in Roswell, be prepared to ask the locals some probing questions like "Have you ever seen lights in the sky?" and "Do you know where Area 51 is?" They'll often direct you towards the worst parts of town where you can get knifed by wetbacks when asking about aliens. Of course, this was before becoming dirt poor with the air-base being closed down and turning into one giant conspiracy-generating tourist trap. Conversely, this was also the only place you could buy beer on a Sunday outside of a bar, as the city is under dry-county laws. This was almost 40 years ago, and not much has changed, except now there's a Super-Walmart.
  • Santa Fe: the state capital and only shred of artistic faggotry for miles and miles AND MILES. It is New Mexico's answer to San Francisco, due to the oversaturation of hippies and flaming faggot degenerates polluting the city with their smug faggotry. Loretto Chapel houses the IRL Stairway to Heaven, although visitors are discouraged from setting foot due to its alleged structural instability as well as the table-flipping entrance fee. Should you be fortunate enough to ascend its spiral elegance, however, you shall indeed come face-to-face with the Almighty in an epic crash of century-old spruce wood. Srsly, do it.
  • Shiprock: town west of Farmington in the Navajo Nation, near the shiprock monument. A run-down, impoverished wasteland filled almost exclusively with navajos. High suicide and crime rate.

Famous New Mexicans

6 Million Pesos Man in action

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