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The Nevada state flag.

Nevada is a barren wasteland in the United States of America, primarily known for Las Vegas, Area 51, Aliens and its high rates of prostitution and drug trafficking. Generally, nobody gives a fuck about Nevada, other than retards who like giving their money to the Jews who run the major casinos in the Vegas megalopolis and Carson City.


Overall, Nevada is hot and dry with a few mountains on the western corners. It is a barren desert wasteland, and there is little to suggest otherwise. The environment is so inhospitable that the ground cannot even absorb water due to being rock-like, which causes any (uncommon) weather to cause floods. Whenever this occurs in Vegas, the hobos in the Vegas underground must flee or face death via drowning. The wildlife consists of bark scorpions every-fuckin'-where (one of the few scorpions deadly to humans in the world), hookers, druggies, sex tourists, UFO autists, and the occasional drifter who fell for the tourist traps.


Las Vegas

Las Vegas is basically the only thing Nevada is known for outside of the United States because it contains at least 99% of the states population. Founded by polygamists Mormons it today is a shell of it's former religious self. Known for casinos off the strips where middle aged men leave their overweight Wives on day trips to go blow thousands of dollars on the hope they'll actually win at the casinos. As if the Jews who run the place are going to allow you to leave with any money. A lot of Bachelor Parties take place here but always end up with Mike Tyson's Tiger getting stolen.


Like Vegas but smaller and shittier. Only good for people coming from California in the east and being too drunk to make it to Vegas

Carson City

State Capital and last bit of civilization

Everything Else

The main heartland of Nevada is a baron wasteland, as an example contains counties such as Lincoln which is about ten times larger than Rhode Island but contains literally less than 198 times the population (no joke). The baron wasteland does contain shit worth noting however. For instance some of these counties are the only places in the USGAY with legal prostitution. Additionally Area 51 is located somewhere in this desert. As such it is a big destination for conspiracy nuts and 40 something dorito dust fingers fatasses looking to score.

Facts about Nevada

  • Las Vegas has the highest suicide rate of any United States city. [1]
  • Nevada itself has enough suicides to rank the state as the 5th highest at suicide rate. [2]
  • Conspiracy theorists believe that an actual alien spaceship crashed here, and its body was taken to Area 51 for dissection.
  • Nevada has nice roads. Still better than California's.
  • Whatever happens in Vegas, does not stay in Vegas.
  • Area 51 does not exist. At all. It doesn't fly classified military airplanes and house advanced research projects.
  • Nevada is derived from a Spanish word, which means "snow-covered". This is a pretty big oxymoron, considering that it doesn't even fucking snow in Nevada.
  • Nevada is a barren wasteland. But you already had that figured out, eh?
  • Nevada has dirt cheap real estate.
  • Many couples get married in Vegas, but they divorce a week later because they realized that they were both drunk at the time.
  • Niggers live under the streets of Las Vegas
  • If you go hiking around in the rural Nevadan desert, you'll probably discover at least 100 dead bodies. Most of them probably died from extreme heat and dehydration; either that, or they committed suicide.


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