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    Netflix and chill

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    File:Netflix and chill.jpg
    New official logo of Netflix
    Derek knows it's a young man's game.

    Most people reading this do not know what this term really means. And that's not just because getting a Netflix subscription is Retarded due to free shit through brave piracy or streaming. It's truly a special thing to be invited to watch Netflix and chill that many reserve for later life or otherwise squander to get back at daddy. Watching Netflix and chilling is something many normal people do when they feel like it, unlike you because no one in their right mind would ever want to be in the same breathing space as you, let alone watch fucking Netflix in the same room.

    Netflix contains plenty of prime watching material making it ideal for not watching. Some retarded couples actually DO watch Netflix together, which is the leading cause of Fail and Adultery. It is well documented that cucks everywhere have or have had a Netflix subscription. Some say that Netflix was invented by Bill Cosby as a form of super-roofie that's nigh undetectable to all but the keenest of examiners. This is obviously True as any form of coercion is Rape.

    Some believe that Netflix is actually a conspiracy put in place to prevent Ethnic Minorities from breeding as there is a paywall in the way and they are all poor. This is obviously False however, as it is clearly run by Jews who's best interest is to turn our proud nation in to brown town. The true reason is simply sheckle extraction from honest white folk.

    In case you still haven't gotten it, Netflix and chill means to fuck.

    One day, Netflix will be required by law to get laid. This won't change much for you however.


    Wanna come over and watch Netflix and chill?


    Some dude, looking to get his dick wet

    Netflix and chill? ;)


    —some horny 16 year old girl looking to get laid by her o so precious bae

    Explained for retards

    Natalie Dormer Explains Netflix and chill.gif

    Many readers will kill themselves when they realize that Natalie Dormer will never want to watch Netflix with them. Nor anyone else for that matter.

    Origins of Netflix and Chill

    The whole Netflix and Chill trend started off with a non-sexual meaning, until Vine came along and decided to fuck up everything with it's shitty jokes and unfunny users. Later, a spinoff known as AM Radio and Chill was created to describe what old people used to do before Netflix.

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