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    Nerdy-chan's Face

    Nerdy-chan is a camwhore that posted on 7chan on 12/30/2007. She's a typical nerd girl (obviously, note the glasses) who eventually provided semi-epic fap material for thousands of lonely anons when her set made it to 4chan.

    Reception towards her was mixed, but the original thread on 7chan got 100 posts - high for 7chan's standards (even if 20 were Sages), and when her pics were posted in a thread on 4chan a few weeks later, there were several hundred moar. Sauce was requested many times. It was once thought that only one anon was privy to nerdy-chan's whereabouts, but that has since been disproven.


    When Nerdy-chan first posted on 7chan, lulz ensued because of a picture of Jesus and a cross hanging in the room the pics were taken in. She was criticized for having a "manly-chin" by some anons as well. The pics she posted immediately posted tits and was completely naked in most of the set. The pics started out incredibly hi-res, and later lower-res ass and vagoo shots were uploaded. After a few pics, anons swarmed in with claims of "I'd hit that" (fist of an angry god, etc) and one anon even posted a pic of a wedding ring, claiming he'd 'worship a woman like her'. Said anon was told to gb2goddessmine. A samefag was also suspected to be posting

    Later, when an anon started a thread of her stuff on 4chan the crowd was much less discriminate and much more receptive. The thread broke 400, sauce was asked for several times, and many anons fapped in unison.

    in summer '09, Nerdy-Chan was spotted again on 4chan's /b/, delivering tits and vagoo immediately - She is now a milf as well. This makes her - today - a triple threat; a camwhore, a nerd, and a milf. after many horny tards swarming to her thread, she began a tinychat that saw many viewers. witnesses say that Boxxy herself was on at the same time, joined the tinychat and began harassing Nerdy-Chan. This however has not discouraged Nerdy-Chan from spamming /b/ on a nearly weekly basis, and the anons have generally kept her threads hot thanks to her excessive delivery.


    Nerdy-Chan has begun professionally camwhoring on several sites now. She is on XTube, imLive MFC, and F4F;

    XTube = http://www.xtube.com/amateur_channels/amateur.php?u=candi_dees imLive = http://imlive.com/_/0362/515362/CandiDees6961869.htm Myfreecams = http://profiles.myfreecams.com/Candilynn Flirt4free = http://www.flirt4free.com/models/bios/candi_dees/about.php



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