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    What began as a very unremarkable article about some fat, conceited tartlet has quickly risen into e-drama and threats of the lawyers getting involved. Even though this page was previously deleted for being nothing but an attack article, it didn't stop Neomorphosis threatening to sue Encyclopedia Dramatica for every penny it's got. This decision on his behalf to complain about a deleted article months after the fact is the reason you have this newly revamped article today.

    Neomorphasis' special talent is being able to cause drama no matter where he goes because people have this ridiculous habit of not obeying his rules and his rules only. Fuck Al Gore - Neomorphasis owns the internet. He also hates Anonymous because he believes that they are a group like the Illuminati conspiring to assassinate important political figures or some other paranoid shit like that.

    The Man Himself

    Or maybe you don't have any skill?
    A fish giving her a blow job.

    Neomorphasis is a weeaboo anime devianTARTlet that draws animu pornography. Though his age is not listed, it is suspected that Neomorphasis is either a fifty year old man, or a pimple faced teenager, that wanks off to cartoon porn. Most, if not all, of his characters are constantly in sexual positions. His art lacks basic anatomy, lighting, and shading skills... hell, his art lacks any skill at all. He only draws it because it is the closest thing he can get to a woman.

    So are you fourteen, or a 40 year old pervert
    Like any weeaboo, Neomorphasis needs to BAWW! about his lack of attention to his poorly drawn art!
    File:Neo Panties.PNG
    No surprises there.
    According to Neomorphasis, there are no anime characters in this picture.

    He also has very strict terms about what is anime. If it isn't Shiny Desu, then it's western. And don't dare tell him otherwise. His favorite insult is to call one a dupe, for liking anime that is halfway decent. He will then proceed to block you from his page and call you a troll, as he gets so very butthurt when he is told otherwise. However, post artwork he usually doesn't consider anime in his thumbshare posts that contains naked women, and he forgets about his own rules. Of course, one does have to worry if he is fapping to your artwork.

    Also, don't post anything that might reveal his age... or the fact that he might be trying to pick up young girls. He will blow up, and get very defensive, calling people trolls for what was a rather innocent post.

    What? So because my personal anime style doesn't involve humongous eyes and round faces, it isn't anime? Sounds like SOMEONE needs to be more tolerant of styles that aren't identical to a million other people's style.



    It's THE definition of anime! I'm going to ask you to respectively post somewhere else if you don't like the parameters I'm asking for.

    There is nothing stopping you from starting your own thread instead of putting ME down just because I want a certain style of art posted.


    Neomorphasis - on asking for parameters that he never specified.

    Deviantart Lulz


    So many rules for a thread to push his poorly drawn porn. Trust me. If you post, you don't get much attention.
    Blocked after telling him that not all anime is shiny desu.
    Of course, even if it's shiny desu, it's still not anime if it's not underage catgirl porn.

    Neomorphasis regularly pops up in the thumbshare forums, with threads to have people share their own artwork. Most of the time, though, is to pimp out his ridiculously drawn fapping material. He never does anything other than thank you for posting, as the thread really is all about his near pornography. There are never any comments for the poster, yet he makes extensive rules in order for you to post in his threads. You might as well not even bother posting.

    He regularly bumps his own threads with stretched out posts with his crappy animu artwork.

    His rules in his threads are very vague. In his Japanimation (wut? No one uses that term anymore)/anime thread, he asks for anime. That's it. Now, we all know that anime has a wide spectrum of change, but if you don't post in the big eyes/small mouth format, he will get royally pissed at you, telling you that your artwork is not what he wanted. However, he never explains that he wants shiny desu art. If he wants shiny desu art, then maybe he should go see Ramy.

    Any time someone doesn't follow the rules, as well, it is of an artist of higher caliber than he is. If only we knew how to draw as well as he does, posting graphic images of deformed girls repainted several times! If only we knew how he occasionally raped the filters on photoshop! If only we were so great!

    Also, don't inform him that he is either wrong about his definition of anime, or "Japanimation" as he calls it. It HAS to be big eyes and small mouths. ANY variation of that definition is wrong. He obviously knows, because he has been watching anime since before one was a "little sperm seed." Also, any new anime is crap according to him. Maybe it is because it's ever changing, and much of the newer stuff now is not to his standards. You know, hentai.

    Let's just say I was watching Anime before you were a sperm seed and leave it at that!




    For those who find his retarded quotes unbelievable, please check the gallery below documented for graet justice.

    I don't have to accept anything I do not want to.

    You know it's funny- you're another girl between 18-22 from America- and it's usually that demographic that I have the most problems with here on DA. There must be something fucked up about girls your age in this country!

    For your information sweetie! I've been watching anime since you've been in DIAPERS!

    So go have your little nap now, little baby!


    —Chances are he also likes to watch anime in diapers.

    Been to your page. You're just another angry 22 year old American girl nobody can tell anything to because you think you should be able to be above any kind of rules. I've seen your kind on DA plenty of times.


    —Clearly this girl is 20 years too old for Neomorphasis to be interested in.

    Don't sit there and think you can get in my face about what anime is and is not.


    —Judging by his artwork, he invented anime.



    —To any post involving criticism.

    Fucking drama queen! go away!


    —Also to any post involving criticism.

    Disruptve post alert!


    —To - literally - ANY post involving criticism.

    Try learning how to draw REAL Anime style!


    —He said that, not anyone else.

    You're the assholes talking about my age because of your butthurt over the fact that I have posted a thread, LIKE MANY OTHERS HERE ON DA DO, and by the way, other people enforce their rules just like I'n doing-- but you're sladering me and my age and character just because of your butthurt over not being able to post whatever you want.


    —How unreasonable of them.

    "No, let's make this guy to be an unreasonable prick!"


    —Why bother? He can do it on his own.

    This site is run by a bunch of sissies who can dish it out but can't take it. Hypocrites all! I agree that they are wrong to speculate on the "future notability" of Nyrva Dragonrhyne. But they are the ops, not you and me. So let the babies have their site and leave it alone.


    —Talking about either ED, Deviantart or anywhere else on the internet.

    His "Artwork"

    Wikipedia Lulz

    With an ego as big as his, you need something that makes you look notable, right? Well, as the user Witaku, Neomorphasis posted an entire Wikipedia article on his character, Nyrva Dragonrhyne. It started off as an article about the character.... with little to no information at all about her. Nope. This was really just a ploy to get more attention to his DevianTART page. Any description was just merely a link to his deviations.

    File:Neomorph Wiki.PNG
    Complete with powerword . . .

    File:Witaku wiki.PNG
    And so the drama begins.
    Neomorphasis on Wiki

    Now, the people of Wikipedia couldn't handle such a "wondrous" article! Many members quickly marked it for deletion. Posing as Witaku, Neomorphasis threw a shit fit. As the members called out that Wikipedia was not a crystal ball, and that the character may not even see notability, Neomorphasis kept throwing about that Wikipedia sucks, and that anyone who stated that his characters may not even see notability after his creation is finished were trolls. He had also tried to remove the notices of deletion from the Wikipedia page. However, all he removed were images of notices that the discussion for deletion was going to take place.

    Your comment as follows --

    "Strong delete. Hopeless lack of sources. Google hits were entirely unreliable and useless. I don't think character will be notable even after the "book" is finished. Doctorfluffy (robe and wizard hat) 17:32, 31 July 2008 (UTC)"

    This is just a personal attack. Who are YOU to decide what the "future" notability of ANYTHING is going to be? You are a TROLL with an administrator job!

    It's one thing to cite "current notability" but who the hell are you to say what notability something will or will not have? (I think I ask a fair question.)

    You're not a fair commentator.


    —Neomorphasis, as Witaku, on Wikipedia.

    As his fight continued, Neomorphasis began to notice that his fight was pointless. The people of Wikipedia were merely "sissys" that couldn't handle the future "notability" of his work. He finally posted on his sockpuppet's page, asking Witaku/Himself to stop with his attacks. Of course, he added more attacks of his own, starting to get more butthurt that Wikipedia is not meant to predict the future (lack) of notoriety


    Dude, let this thing go already! Don't waste anymore time on this bro.

    This site is run by a bunch of sissies who can dish it out but can't take it. Hyporcites all! I agree that they are wrong to speculate on the "future notability" of Nyrva Dragonrhyne. But they are the ops, not you and me. So let the babies have their site and leave it alone.

    No more attacks on Tenpoundballs, or Dickwadfluffy, or EdwardoLoser321, or any other wimps on here.

    Just let it go bro. That's all I'm going to say on this.

    The hell with this website!

    Let's go start some cool manga website somewhere.

    'Nuff said!


    —Neomorphasis, talking to himself.

    Due to all the harassment to other members of Wikipedia, who were only upholding the rules, Neomorphasis ended up getting banned from editing on Wikipedia. He said he was very proud to be blocked for his constant harassing people that were only upholding the rules. However, he, in reality, was just butthurt. He posted in his sockpuppet's DevianTART journal, but that was later taken down. It was just a journal full of BAWWWWWWWWW, whining about how Wikipedia sucks for upholding rules.

    Metal Lulz

    Like some strange form of e-cancer, Neo infects every website and forum, slowly killing it from the inside out. Here are examples from a Christian Heavy Metal website; Neomorph is shocked to hear blasphemous messages in their music.

    The E-Lawyer

    Having faced so much harassment from various websites - particularly where the other users (and even the moderators) refuse to obey his rules - Neomorphosis has had to call in the big guns and is trying to drag the trolls down with a lawlsuit. Here is the evidence:

    Crying Wolf: "DevianTART is Corrupt!"

    In a ball of butthurt, Neomorphasis decided to try and get people banned from DeviantART, for supposedly having Encyclopedia Dramatica accounts. The fact that he himself has two sockpuppet ED accounts doesn't count. The admins probably didn't listen to him, having heard this so many times before, so BAWWING! on a news article, Neomorphasis calls the admins corrupt.

    Of course, Chix0r would have none of it. After going about harassing admins behind their back, she probably told him that if he didn't quit, he would be b&. Of course, this pissed Neo, and he quickly left dA.

    File:Neomorph Goodbye.PNG
    We'd welcome him back with open arms.

    UPDATE! Neo is showing his juicy lulz utter again.

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    (All Accounts seem to show a severe case of multiple personality disorder.)

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