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    Neo Arcane

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    Neo arcane looking sexy for the ladies. Please take into account the hairy muff when viewing this.
    File:Aspergerbenice.gif This person has Assburgers Syndrome,
    so you can't say anything bad! :-(

    Be aware of that, you insensitive fuck.

    I maybe new here, but one fact is absolute: I'll never be able to surpass you all, but can only hope to become an equal...just like you all.


    — Neo Arcane, discovering he will never really be able to draw nipples.

    I'm proud to say that I've also completed Megaman ZX, single-handedly...WITHOUT using cheats!


    —Neo Arcane, talking about the best achievement in his life.

    Neo mounting a nipple-less Starfire
    This is how Starfire should be drawn, newb. Look at the nipples.
    File:By Neo Arcane.jpg
    Love and Duty, or MONEY.?
    Neo forgot to draw a condom, so now they both have a child.

    Neo Arcane (born Jan 6th, 1982) is a retarded 27-year-old SheezyArtist with a 12-year-old kid (who can draw better than him) who still lives with his mom. His younger brother is 'str8 ganksta' and will likely kick your ass if you fuck with Neo Arcane aka El Diablo Azura-The Azure Devil. In a recent journal on SheezyArt, neo arcane claims to have gotten better in drawing. This was, of course, a lie and has been debunked by several scientists. He also has a puppy and is balding and/or dying alone.

    He is currently located at the height of English sophistication, in Bootle, a town on the outskirts of Liverpool, a city in the North West. He hails from a council house, and after - unfairly - failing at being a professional video games player and mediocre artist, he is known to be on council bennefits (haha povo lol) - as is the case with over 9000 Liverpudlians.

    Hey ladies!

    Besides been a single spunk of a man, Neo Arcane enjoys plenty of the things life has to offer. He does though have an on again off again releationship with his girlfriend Starfire.

    His favorite activities are drawing Teen Titan porn and 'crafting' wooden guitars. He also like Video games, listening to mp3 music (various), anime/manga, browsing at artwork from Deviantart & Sheezyart.

    But above all... he loves his friends at sheezyart...Joss, Nagel, Gongji & 42ing and the Transformers. Thank you all! He also has an interest in swords, namely katanas! Neo Arcane also likes to draw over video game characters and say "I invented this character." It seems that even when he tries to copy some other art or logo he can't really seem to do it right. His favourite games include Megaman and Sonic the Hedgehog. Though everybody knows anyone that likes Sonic is a furry in the making.

    People who insult me or even my friends, people who treat others like garbage, but worst of all...people who have no respect for people with autism!


    —Guess who., On their assburgers BE nice nao!

    For some reason Sheezyart also like to know your favourite food, though they usually ask people just what their favourite food is,rather then what Deviantart do and analyse your poo to find out what you eat. Neo arcane's favourite food: Pizza - Toppings: Ham, Pineapple, Chicken, Sweetcorn & Extra Cheese. Croissants, pancakes, hmmm...what else, ah whatever!

    Empire of the Rising Sun

    Bio: After a year's success within the ranks of "Outer Heaven", Neo Arcane managed to build his own empire...one that would take "Outer Heaven" to the next step & thus, make it the most powerful & influencial force across the 4 corners of the earth's

    online society...creating a whole society, one that anyone can be part of...it was meant to be the "perfect utopia"!!


    —Neo, on the creation of his empire...

    For those of you retards who didn't know - Neo Arcane is in fact ruler of an elite and "highly influential" internet society, the Empire of the Rising Sun. Where he is in fact emperor, leading his troops against the forces of evil known by their principles that 26 year old Liverpudlians (especially Liverpudlians) should not be looking at little (14 year old IRL} loli girls for their carnal pleasure. Which of cause Arcane (being arcane) does do. (See below.) However, back to the Empire!

    Furry Fanfiction

    Neo Arcane also created a whole pile of Furry Sonic fanfic Last Thursday. Yiff.

    WARNING!: The content in some or most or all of the episodes is considered lame & should be read by anyone bored at "YOUR" own risk. Since the fic contains bad language... like the word boobies eventually, as the story progresses with the pairing between Cobalt & Sonic they MAY be some graphic sexual/hentai content too! Though to be honest the graphic sexual/hentai will just be some of my nipple-less drawings depicting the yiffing action. Neo arcane and Starfire will also make a guest appearnce in a passionate Goatse like love scene where Starfire gives it to Neo up the ass with the giant dildo of death. Well i did kinda warn you this would be shit. No wait i suck dick, l mean lame.


    —NeoArcane's, disclaimer to his "graphic sexual hentai"...

    Sonic The Hedgehog - Project: Cobalt ~Prologue~ It's been a year now since the incident in Soleanna & it seems all was peaceful...until now! (G.U.N. Research Labs. 22:00HRS.)

    >Commander: How's the subject doin'? 
    >Scientist: Almost done, he should awaken any second. 
    >Commander: Good, let him out. (The capsule is drained & then opens...revealing the subject inside) 
    >Commander: Rise & shine soldier, you are now Trooper #666, Code-name: COBALT! (Cobalt slowly opens his eyes) 
    >Cobalt: What's my first mission sir? 
    >Commander: First, get some clothes on son & then gear up. You & Topaz are on a mission to locate & Retrieve all 7 Chaos Emeralds...Understand? 
    >Cobalt: Acknowledged! (5 minutes later, in the Locker Room) 
    >Topaz: So, you must be my new partner eh? Nice to meet you, I'm Topaz! (Cobalt turns to stare with a cold look in his eys, Topaz seemed shocked by his glance) 
    >Cobalt: Pleasure to meet you, ma'am! Topaz: Ehh, yeah. You too! (After gearing up, Cobalt & Topaz left...to be continued...but you wont read it after falling asleep at your keyboard anyway. Go on, go look at Lemonparty you sick fuck.

    TL;DR A pure source of anti-lulz, degraded to the point of utter lame.

    Neo arcane sure does! To bad he doesnt have a big cock.

    Adding to the drama

    To show how much of a failure he is, he gladly presents us his ultimate creation: A hand-made wooden guitar. Obviously this guy has never seen a real guitar in his life as he doesn't know how to place frets (or pickups) on it, nor how to paint it properly. He should kill himself from just making this failure and calling it a "guitar". Take that Ozzy shirt off Neo, you really are an insult to this metal artist; even he knows that a guitar has 6 or more strings, not 4. Also, next time you get a pedophilia attack on someone 15 years younger than you, try not to impress him/her with a guitar idea ripped off Gibson's Flying Vs.

    Even years later in 2016, Neo Arcane has not changed. Since then, he has a new best friend, Alessandro Riono who makes shitty traces out of hentai art. Whenever people on Deviantart try to call out Al on tracing and calling him an art theft, Neo Arcane comes to the rescue along with his dear ol' mommy to help him


    Wall of Shame

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